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  1. w M w

    Creating music

    There's this really shitty program called modplug tracker. It's the only music program I ever use and it let's you play any wav in any pitch on the chromatic, uh, spectrum.. and then organize them via a visual pattern interface into a cacophony of crap. By the way, I suspect most of you are of the metallica/guitar etc musical taste like the John's.. but since you're into doom/videogames, you might appreciate music that is about the most computationally sophisticated around today: aphex twin is one of the most popular (try "come to daddy"). But a really weird and wicked album is "8000 bc" by otto von schirach. Eccentric, complex and insane in the extreme.
  2. I'm an idiot, but I once downloaded a program simply called "filesplitter" and I remember it working well, but don't know if you would benefit from it. Please note the starting clarification of my last run-on-sentence.
  3. It's hard to think of things that would actually make this game better, but here are a few I thought of, like, with my brain or something... 1)enemy life meters, somehow made not to be too distracting. This way, say, you shoot an arachnotron among many, then circle around a building and know which one you last shot. 2)cyberdemon = "super" baron... mastermind = "super" arachnotron... so maybe in this particular hell dimension, there should be a "super" imp, "super" mancabus, cacodemon, pain elemental etc. 3)Having 1 line def be able to trigger multiple actions. I always wanted to do this in wadauthor... say, have a switch make some grand complex thing happen. Say it makes stairs go up in front, pillars lower on the sides, ceiling raise revealing enemies, and lights turn on, all at the same time. (I tried putting 2 line defs really really close together on a switch, but you're only allowed to switch one at a time). 4)Just an extra little thing.. each enemy type has a new animation and sound effect of devouring you when you die. This way, you would really feel like you got owned rather than just see your dead body surrounded by a bunch of now bored, still and purposeless imps when you die. 5)Maybe there's a way to do this with other wad makers, but not in wadauthor... it'd be fantastic to be able to select a whole bunch of sectors and simply raise/lower ALL of their ceilings/floors by any specified ammount, at the same time. This way you could make some complex thing with varying heights and raise the entire thing up. Also, the ability to flip, not just rotate sectors would be great. I also find it irritating that some actions are only triggerable by exclusively walking, or switching etc. But as was said, other software probably takes care of this. x)I was just wondering how long it took id to decide that unlike monsters should kill eachother (actually in level 22 of hell revealed masterminds kill masterminds but I wonder if that's a bug). It's obviously a crucial decision that drastically altered gameplay. I ********ly like the decision they made. It adds extra strategy and chance. There are certain things that can't be done well due to it, such as approaching a huge room of chaingunners (they'll just kill eachother). I'm also glad they made arch viles not be able to resurrect cyberdemons, masterminds and other arch viles. Maybe the "super" arch vile could (#2 above).
  4. I don't want any confusion over what's gunfire in gameplay or what's music and for this reason prefer percussion minimal music. I really like doom music. They did an excellent job with that I think, no complaints at all. I don't like hell revealed's music nearly as much... too busy and distracting.
  5. w M w

    ideas to augment classic doom gameplay?

    Great, I just downloaded doombuilder (gnu public license too which is good). That "++8" thing doesn't work in wadauthor (just tried it), so this'll be great... especially with that 3d view and stuff (I have to update direct x or something though.) I forgot about map 28 since I so rarely play it. Now that I think of it, all the bullet shooting enemies can kill like enemies, so now masterminds make more sense. That's a good idea, deathmatcher. (Just make sectors that don't belong with the rest of the map to influence the behavior sectors in the map...) I'll have to check out dehacked someday, although I suspect a somewhat steep learning curve. I didn't know a barrel exploding baron would make another baron fight him... I've been wanting to play a wad with new enemies for awhile actually. The only one with much modification I played is that weird one where the barrels are frogs... and the reverant mumbles some funny sentence, and you walk around in the sky etc. I'll see if I can get skulltag or something to work then.
  6. w M w

    Doom 1 or 2?

    What are you talking about? That's exactly what I wrote. Just read it again more carefully. ;)
  7. w M w

    ideas to augment classic doom gameplay?

    Yeah, I havn't used any of that software so maybe this topic is stupid. 4) why It wouldn't add to the gameplay, just to the feeling of being in hell. In level 23 of hell revealed for example, there are a ton of imps and when they kill you they sort of look silly just standing there... of course this is zdoom which zooms out from your body when you die, so you would see them feast on you from 3rd person, perhaps just until you turned into gibs or a skeleton, then they'd stop. A super reverant could be awesome. It'd be bigger, more decomposed and evil looking, slower perhaps, and do a sort of arch vile stance as it fires about 12 homing missiles at once. A super pain elemental would be awesome too, bigger, slower, more twisted looking but have about 8 mouths and be hard as hell to eventually kill. I suppose the total lost soul count/level would have to be limited to prevent insanity. bla bla.
  8. w M w

    How did Doom change gaming for you?

    It's the perfect blend of simplicity and complexity. It's so easily modifiable, and a non-linear (non movie like) design is very possible. It can really get you "in the zone"... each hand uses 4 keys (at least for me... most people play with a mouse probably) so you're pretty maximized in input digits (unless you start using your toes or tongue) coorelating them all into the correct complex input as quickly as your brain can transfer it through your fingers. It's fast paced. The whole concept and enemies are awesome. It can be difficult as FUCK. In some levels, like the graveyard (doom2), smash tv (snes) is sort of like a simplified 2d topview doom.
  9. w M w

    Heretic e1m6

    The first episode of heretic was awesome... but the others sort of sucked I think. As soon as they introduced that stupid slashing enemy, they used it way too much. That's supposed to be an advanced enemy but it's just like a demon or something. These episodes lack in difficulty too. I can beat them all with a wand start fairly easily.
  10. w M w

    Something I've always wondered.

    this sound was used in noise unit's "drill" album... or some front line assembly album.. I forget.
  11. w M w

    Doom 1 or 2?

    Plutonia... with pistol starts. I love the demos that play in that game too. They were the first I saw to inspire me to play differently... quicker, less methodical.
  12. I bought plutonia/tnt cd, and also the master/maximum cd. Both are excellent... but... is there some sort of protection on these wads that prevent them from being opened by zdoom? The only way I seem to be able to get them to play is through the original doom2 engine, or through that weird "doomit" interface. But of course, in addition to being of a lower resolution, there's those "you're not using dos so the whole game will be buggy, plus you don't have the right soundcard anyway bla bla" problems. Master comes with a folder and all the wads are listed there... so I drag and drop, say attack.wad from master, into zdoom... but it just opens the original normal doom2 32 level megawad instead. And I love the plutonia levels... they're some of my favorite. They have to be playable with zdoom somehow??
  13. w M w

    opening master or plutonia with zdoom

    sweet, that run trick worked... and if I'm not completely retarded, it seems to have "woken up" that folder or something so they all work. upon further inspection though, another problem that I had to troubleshoot and fix was a bit odd. I was trying to get blacktwr.wad (of master) to work, but it appeared to only go to the original doom2 iwad instead. I figured out that blacktwr replaced map 25... so I had to warp to map 25 to get there. That's weird because the other master levels replace, say, map 7... but when you load that wad in zdoom, it AUTOMATICALLY warps you to 7. You don't have to do it manually. If that iwad method for plutonia works, I'll feel like an idiot. Thanks!
  14. w M w

    disable autosave (zdoom)?

    From what I've read you're supposed to "go to console" from the game menu... then there's some sort of command: disableautosave integer:0 1. bla bla 2. bla bla 3. never I want number three so it never automatically saves. Typing "disableautosave" just makes it output "disableautosave is set to 0" or something and it keeps saving.
  15. w M w

    disable autosave (zdoom)?

    I think I figured it out. (just set it to 3) It was an "ini" extension file. This should work. Thanks.
  16. w M w

    disable autosave (zdoom)?

    Cool, thanks for the quick response. Here is the link to the "zdoom console commands page" where I found the information to do it the way I said: http://zdoom.org/wiki/wiki.phtml?title=Console_Commands The specific excerpt is quite near the bottom: "disableautosave integer: 0 Controls how frequently the game automatically saves for you. The possible settings are: Whenever you enter a new level and whenever the level requests it. Only when the level requests it. Never." However, if it can be done by altering that file you mentioned, can you tell me how maybe?
  17. w M w

    my annoying computer

    I got given this computer from someone who was going to throw it away and am currently too poor to buy anything to fix it, even if I knew how. 1) I installed netzero myself because it's cheap. At the top of every "browser" or "internet page" or whatever the hell you call it, there is spam built right into the actual top bar part you normally click to drag the window around on the right (it says "find the lowest airfares at orbitz.com"). I'll be damned if I can find a way to remove this. 2) Often when I go online, some stupid shit called "symantec automatic live update" automatically starts downloading something from somewhere (it's doing it right now. It probably has something to do with that giant virus ironically called "norton antivirus"). 3) "norton antivirus" is so freaking annoying. It prompts me for some sort of stupid update every time I restart my computer. I dont want the freaking update, stop prompting me! Eventually I used the computer's search function to find everything under "norton" and put it in the recycle bin. And the thing still kept prompting me. In addition, there is some sort of important file (system.ini?) in norton that is needed for windows to even work. (I have to start the computer in safe mode, restore norton and then restart the computer for windows to even work...) 4) let's see, what else... oh yeah, my internet has this strange disease where it will just stop loading anything. You can see the page you're currently on, but nothing new will load. BUT for some reason if you open a new browser and go to some page that you haven't been to in a long while, THEN everything will start loading again. 5) What the hell is up with this: every time I type "hotmail.com" into the address bar on the internet and try to go there, the stupid computer automatically goes to "megago.com" instead. I advise you to never go to megago.com. Doing so will probably automatically install all sorts of crazy diseased shit on your computer and prompt you for all sorts of shit you don't want. When I "accidently" go to megago.com, it prompts me if I want to set that stupid place as my home page. THEN it prompts me if I want an email account or something stupid... However I can access hotmail indirectly through google. I'm sure there are more annoying things that I've forgotten for now.
  18. w M w

    yayhooray new map!

    Well I tried it but then realized it required zdoom which I don't have and can't bother with attempting installing right now. I have an unfinished wad I made using wadauthor. The "architecture" is based on an idea I had about overlapping shapes... I placed sectors on top of eachother in interesting overlapping ways (but since they overlapped, the linedefs weren't all connected correctly, then used this as a guide to meticulously building the result (with all the small subsectors created from overlapping). Then I placed copies of this around irregularly. There's no exit and only 6 monsters (but pretty hard to kill them all). If you have something that will work on legacy we can trade for fun- contact me at iannollAThotmailDOTcom. (grr, you better write and reply to messages here quickly or the messageboard will log you out in like 5 minutes. Does that happen to everyone else?)
  19. Personally, I like to snuggle under the covers by myself, simultaneously triumphant and mortified that I am going against the entire historical evolutionary architecture of my being by not reproducing myself. Not only will my body die someday, but my genetic lineage will come to a halt as well. My genes think these are horrible fates, but my brain thinks they're the right ones. Luckily my brain is able to trick my genes into thinking my pillow is my girlfriend.
  20. w M w

    Best Way to Play Opinion

    Well I'm probably much less computer savy than most of you but I loooooooooove doom. It's the best game I've ever played... when you add the ability for an un-techsavy normal person like me to BUILD MY OWN LEVELS (!!) that makes it even better. So far I've used legacy almost always and am only vaguely familiar with using zdoom. But since I tend to suck at making anything new work properly on any computer, I tend to stick to what I've been currently using (wadauther and legacy). I'm probably doing it wrong, but I put ALL the wads, doom2 itself, final doom, legacy's launcher all in the same exact folder in a huge mess of stuff. I do this because whenever I try to seperate stuff into orderly subfolders, legacy won't seem to load the wad. It only loads wads when they're in the same folder I think... As for playing, I've read that most people use the mouse + keyboard. Well I've only ever used the keyboard exclusively. It sucks because I'm at a turning speed disadvantage. I should probably investigate the proper way to control it with the mouse. I know for a fact that I won't break any speed records because I've tried before... however the best way to play I think (I only play single player- I don't really even know how to play over a modem... not that my dial up would likely handle it..) is to try to do everything quickly and efficiently. Most of the time it's more fun but more dangerous (more challenging) to rush through chaotically. I don't like to cautiously snipe everyone off in a linear fashion normally. Plutonia by id is the best wad I've ever played. Being able to use wadauthor and being "the dungeonkeeper" is the greatest thing ever. So far I'm really enjoying creating small complex things and then copy/pasting it irregularly to create much bigger things of great detail. Either I'm not using the commands properly or wadauthor is buggy, because it seems that if I try to modify stuff (floor/ceiling height... deleting sectors etc) there's a fairly good chance that some sector adjacent to one you modified will "not be closed". When this happens, I better hope I have an earlier recent version saved because this one is considered irrepairable no matter what I do (and a sector which "isn't closed" tends to make the entire wad not work at all).
  21. I got given this used computer, so I downloaded legacy and got doom2 to run correctly on it. However, on this stupid, keyboard, it seems when you hold down too many keys, the "scroll lock" light flickers on and some keys don't respond... when playing, I try to hold down "run", back and left at the same time and the scroll-lock thing happens which makes the back key not register so the player just circles without moving back. Even right now when, depending which keys are pushed I can only hold down 3 or four before the scroll light comes on and the computer makes a small warning beep sound like I pushed too many buttons. I tried to go to "control panel" to see if there was some way to change the keyboard, but you can only change cursor blinking rate and crap. Any ideas? I have one crappier keyboard I could try but I doubt the problem is the keyboard itself.
  22. w M w

    lame legacy/keyboard problem

    no, I mean like you know "final doom" released by id software(plutonia and tnt wads)? Well there are demos that come with it and automatically play if you just watch the screen and don't start a new game. Those are the demos I'm talking about, the ones made by id. But these demos going out of sync is just a side product (I think) of the main problem which is brief music/visual slowdown/loading. It happens rarely but is still annoying when it does.
  23. w M w

    llamasoft recommendation

    I don't know if they're the same ones that did llamatron. I wish I had "open gl" to try out rRootage. As for gridrunner, I got it to play at it's correct fast intended speed on a different computer. It seems to not cooperate with this one and plays 1/3 as fast... so FUCK it, if I could clone myself into an entire army to try and figure out how to solve it 24/7, it'd take a year (probably the final solution would be to buy a different computer...) Man I hate computers... how anyone figured out how to organize an uncooperative bunch of 1's and 0's into something beautiful and fun like doom2 is way beyond me.
  24. llamasoft seems like little known game makers that focus on gameplay rather than 3-d realism etc. Try the griddrunner++ demo here: (free) http://www.medwaypvb.com/softie_games.htm also spheres of chaos is good I think.