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  1. Required field

    ion fury is out

    I cant play demo version, because something with camera movement cause me dizziness and headache. Does full version have same issue? Or maybe someone here experience same things? After reading topic for some time
  2. How instantly, or almost instantly, change/select and make ready to shoot specific weapon from player tick? Copy pasting some checks in reloading states for all weapons is not a solution for me because it makes future addition of new thing to it a headache. Problem exactly with changing weapon from current to desired. Gzdoom just dont do it as I think it should do it and or lock player in undefined psprite state (you cant change weapon at all unless you drop it) or draw weapon sprite in the center of a screen.
  3. Required field

    I Want To Try Out The Original Doom 4

    What? You mean that call of duty like version from 20something?
  4. Required field

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I have a strabismus and its humiliates me. Or at least I feel so. I cant have a car license, I cant play most sports games like football or tennis (because without binocular vision, which is broken by strabismus, I cant define distance to objects in terms closer/further), people are uncomfortable in talking with me face to face (because they dont know how maintain eye contact with me) and similar. So I dont recommend have strabismus, 3/10, avoid this whenever possible.
  5. Required field

    Does anyone actually play the easier difficulties?

    For doom, no. I know it, as engine, pretty well, know what expect from it and how it handle different situations, i.e. I used to it and play on UV as maximum "legal" difficulty. Besides, there are available cheats/zscript/acs/source code so event nightmare not a problem. But in general, I try all new games on easy/medium, just to see what it can offer to me, i.e. is it worth try to playing it on higher difficulties. Spoiler, most of the games dont.
  6. Required field

    Things in modern gaming that you dislike

    In modern gaming I dont like mostly modern gaming. Reason, in short, key positions on producing games now have not "I like video games" guys but "effective" managers which thirst only for money which dont cares what they actually do in development and which do anything to get more "papers with watermarks". Same for industry as whole. For example I want to play game_name. I run steam. It firstly says "fuck you" and ten minutes load updates for steam, then five minute check for updates for every single game in you list, then download updates for every single game until you forcibly turn it off. Okay after these three circles of hell game finally launched. What? You want to play? Oh, how about five minutes of unskippable logos and DRM checks, I know you love it. And after you finally make it to the new game line of a menu all you receive is mediocre game with plot and mechanics you seen in games from 2005/1994/3422 year, with single difference, RTX support. What that, you dont have internet connection? Than you can play only in sweet, sweet victory pinball and solitaire, because without online you purchases are just a garbage, 60$ per one unit. I have embellished a little what is happening, but you get the point I think.
  7. Required field

    Excited For Eternal?

    mostl Because of "press Fatality for health/ammo/armor/pay respect/etc"?
  8. Required field

    Excited For Eternal?

    Meh, it dont have anything that I dont see in last 15-20 years. So it mostly one play game, play once and forget about it existing until next sequel.
  9. Required field

    ZeniMax shutdown Doom Remake 4

    Reason is more prosaic, mister Vasyan got too close to "quality" standards of Bethesda, and they decided to cover it up as a competitor.
  10. Any custom player class override previously defined, so decorate and/or zscript override it. It just must be "placed" after this mod to take effect.
  11. Wait wait wait... So purist mapper which fight with source port additions with righteous fervor used powers of source port additions to "cleanse" source port from source port additions?
  12. Required field

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I used such username because name which I want to use are already occupy and I dont find anything better than just copypaste "This is required field" message from site.