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Posts posted by Aqua

  1. 2 hours ago, kb1 said:

    Your style reminds me of Adrian Carmack. In the past, I've tried to describe this rare special subset of sprite-drawing skills that really pushes sprites to a new level of clarity at low resolution, without much luck. The truth is: I don't know exactly what it is that makes some sprites look hyper-realistic and extraordinarily sharp.  Whatever that skill might be, you are one of the few artists I've seen who can pull it off. Somehow, you get more sharpness and clarity than should be possible with so few pixels. Excellent, impressive work! Do you have other examples of your work?

    Thank you very much, I have examples of other sprites that I posted in the forums, like this one


  2. Just now, elend said:

    First: It looks gorgeous. It could use some definition here and there (sharpness) but other than that, I like it very much. It looks unique while still fitting the Doom (and even Heretic / Hexen) enemy roster.


    Now I guess you have to think about an attack animation, which can make this little meaty / brainy ball really unique and not just another "Caco"-like demon. Very good work, you are pumping those out with quite some speed, very, very good.


    Thank you very much, I will try to make an original attack animation!

  3. 16 hours ago, elend said:

    First of all, I think it looks really great so far, you are very talented when it comes to pixeling. The bigger enemy lacks a bit of some definitiv, which means I don't really know what I am looking at. Where are its eyes, is it the front view, etc. Other than that, very great and keep in mind, that Doom has a different palette. Although that'd be no problem if people use your enemies in a modern source port and map format.


    If you keep this up and can make a whole sprite sheet, you'll be a valuable addition to the community. :p


    Thank you very much I will have it on mind


    I tried doing doom style sprites without having to edit an original sprite


    I mean, I did this from 0%


    And this is my progress

    I wanted to know your opinions



    It's the first time I try this, so if you find any errors, let me know



  5. 4 minutes ago, Pegleg said:


    In all fairness, that statement is true for most (if not all) of the Cacodemon family, especially the Baby Cacodemon. So the Evacodemon fits right in.



    Out of curiosity, why the name "Evacodemon?"

    "Eva" It's 1 in Greek, I named it because of the only eye that has

    (Edit) look like this "ένα"

  6. 1 hour ago, Pegleg said:

    It looks nice. I agree with Gez, that the top "lip" doesn't seem to move even though the jaw moves up slightly (judging by the teeth) during an attack. I doubt you'd really notice in the heat of battle, but it's something.


    It would also be neat if you could add some of the shadow of the side horns on the ground under it. I know it's extra work, since they would have to rotate.


    What does the evacodemon's attack look like? Is it a standard cacodemon lightning ball? Or something else?


    The attack is a laser beam that follows the player

  7. 5 hours ago, Gez said:

    Looks fun. It's still obviously a caco edit but with enough changes to give it an instantly recognizable difference in silhouette.


    The colors don't fit Doom's palette but it looks like it might work with some custom palettes, such as Eviternity's.


    I think the upper jaw needs some more work in the attack animation. It doesn't look entirely consistent with the movement it's apparently supposed to have.


    Thank you very much I will have it on mind

  8. 1 hour ago, kb1 said:

    Wow! That's awesome!


    Can I use your Evacodemon? (I would need a WAD file) The colors would have to be modified to fit the Doom palette (but it might be closer in Hexen's palette). Very nice!

    Thanks, yes, you can use them, but I do not make files.wad