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  1. Hi, I'm New in this page, I made a sprite of a new cacodemon I called it Evacodemon, It's the first time I try to make a sprite of doom xd For now they are only rotation sprites I want to know some opinions On my twitter sometimes I upload my sprites Twitter (edit) I made an attack animation :P It also fixes a frame of the previous animation (edit 2) I've done the attack animation in another direction I also made Evacodemon baby for fun (Edit 4) I have completed evacodemon I will leave the sprites here, you can use them however you want but give credits Also fix some baby evacodemon things
  2. Aqua

    Pixel art doom style

    I tried doing doom style sprites without having to edit an original sprite I mean, I did this from 0% And this is my progress I wanted to know your opinions It's the first time I try this, so if you find any errors, let me know
  3. Aqua

    Pixel art doom style

    Thank you very much, I have examples of other sprites that I posted in the forums, like this one



    Attack animation


  5. I'm practicing pixel art and I did this trying to do something meaty I would like to know your opinions Edit: I made a atack animation
  6. Thank you very much, I will try to make an original attack animation!
  7. This is the work I did today :Pimage.png.8761be9fa23c56a7fc82afdb3e7aaf62.png

  8. Aqua

    Pixel art doom style

    Thank you very much I will have it on mind
  9. Aqua

    Classic Doomguy Cosplay

    Wow it is beautiful

    My first attempt to create something original without editingimage.png.cc249e5cc3ec76e3c88e3b54e83edb02.png

  11. Aqua

    Evacodemon Spritesheet (Free use)

    It may be an option it would be great if Evacodemon has a special behavior
  12. Aqua

    Evacodemon Spritesheet (Free use)

    "Eva" It's 1 in Greek, I named it because of the only eye that has (Edit) look like this "ένα"
  13. Aqua

    Evacodemon Spritesheet (Free use)

    Thx! The attack is a laser beam that follows the player
  14. Aqua

    Evacodemon Spritesheet (Free use)

    Thank you very much I will have it on mind
  15. Aqua

    Evacodemon Spritesheet (Free use)

    Thanks, yes, you can use them, but I do not make files.wad