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  1. damach17: wewsdt
    damach17: i ams teh fducking frunk
    engineerdod: oh noes
    engineerdod: strip club
    damach17: Oh OESOES
    engineerdod: lO!Lo1l
    damach17: we were supposed to go teh astrip clsup
    engineerdod: gay bar
    engineerdod: gay bar
    damach17: OH NKELSOES
    damach17: LIES
    engineerdod: *edited*
    damach17: STRAITB AR]
    damach17: its dgoatse.cx
    damach17: holy shit
    damach17: it's 2:45
    damach17: wtfwtfwtfwtfwetf
    damach17: time flies
    damach17: when your drunk
    engineerdod: and looking at *edited*
    damach17: 404
    damach17: oh noes
    engineerdod: *EDITED*
    damach17: omfg
    damach17: teh anus spreading man
    engineerdod: *Edited at request of pritch*
    damach17: you know
    damach17: yo ushoudlnt send emh stuf that requires ereading
    engineerdod: oh?
    damach17: yaseh
    engineerdod: zombo.com

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      o rly