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  1. <olochimaru> [GT]engineer, see topic.
    <[GT]engineer> olochimaru, see *edited*
    <fraggle> uhhh what
    <fraggle> do you mean goatse.cx
    <[GT]engineer> nop
    <[GT]engineer> goat.cx
    <olochimaru> that one works too
    <xooz98> wow
    <liam> amazering
    <fraggle> The goatse.cx lawyer has informed us that we need a warning!
    <fraggle> right
    <olochimaru> which, if you've read any one of his last 500 blogs, you'd have known
    <liam> congratulations you just goatsed all of #zdoom

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    2. Draconio


      engineer said:

      I love you too. Buttsex?

      For some reason that reminds me of this.

    3. engineer
    4. Ultraviolet


      Congratulations on goatse'ing #zdoom.
      *goes off in search of more goatse mirrors to link to to surprise people*