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  1. Modding your case is the same as ricing a car. It's that simple.

    Painting it black is one thing, but adding blue/red/periwinkle LED's everywhere, see-thru sides and a thermometer the size of a tissue box on your PC case is about the same as putting stickers, dual exaust and bookshelf wings on a honda.

    Nothing makes me lose brain cells more than seeing some retard post "OMG MY NUU CASE PWNS IT LOOKS LIKE A BONG! CHECK IT OUT: http://engy.tgkb.net/RO635render1.gif " all over IRC (not #zdoom mind you, gamesnet channels like #redorchestra) and acting like he's the biggest shit around because his computer looks like a ricer.

    I honestly think ricecop.com should cover these abomonations alongside cars.


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    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Ah, riced Doom Guns.

    3. Ultraviolet


      I'd mod my case if I had the money. I don't mind having something that looks like a sci-fi prop sitting on my desk, just as long as the modifications don't negatively affect its functionality.

    4. engineer


      ^_______________________^ SAMUS RUSH KEKEKEKEKE