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  1. ChaoticReverie

    Can't wait for Sigil 2!!

    SIGIL is well and good but can we talk about Blackroom? Still waiting for that to drop
  2. ChaoticReverie

    Quake II Remastered

    Quake 2 holds a special place in my gaming history. After looking at the remaster, I have to say that Nightdive truly went above and beyond for this release. Maintaining the original feel while also subtly expanding on it. Well done! And Quake 2 64? Truly didn't expect that.
  3. ChaoticReverie


    Decorate is old and no longer developed. ZScript can be thought of as a continuation of Decorate and at its most basic level is mostly the same. ZScript can be written the same way as Decorate with some minor differences. The main thing that you would want to switch over for is the ability to create new and edit existing functions. This is the main draw of ZScript in my opinion, though it can get orders of magnitude more complex than that. I learned ZScript by converting from Decorate and that's the best way I would suggest starting. You don't have to switch, but be aware that Decorate will be missing out on new features and will be far less flexible than ZScript is.
  4. If I had to pick something. It would be this one.
  5. ChaoticReverie

    Anyone got any non-famous 90s megwads for doom 2?

    I am the Sparky who is referenced in the Sparky database. This all happened about 20 or so years ago so I admit my memory is a bit fuzzy on the details. There was a collaboration effort between Jive and me to find and preserve old and/or obscure megawads. Gatebar happens to be one of the more obscure ones. Thank you for providing a mirror for this one as it would likely be lost otherwise. I can't provide more info beyond that, it was a really long time ago.
  6. So the two earlier failures of movies weren't enough? Leave Doom alone.
  7. Assuming you are familiar with decorate or zscript to a basic degree, adding the flag WEAPON.NOAUTOAIM to a weapon will disable autoaim for it.
  8. Blind UV-Max is my usual play style, but very rarely do I ever reach it. I don't even try, I just play as best I can without trying too hard to get 100%. It's not worth the stress. In any map I make, I try to do away with the legacy score mechanics that the game has. I really do think it's something that needs to be left in the past. GZdoom (and other mapinfo supported source ports?) Allow for going a step further than what this thread discusses by completely eliminating the scoreboard entirely. I will be adopting this approach in my future maps along with the ideas discussed here so that no one ever feels pressure beyond having fun.
  9. ChaoticReverie

    I make Quake maps now.

    I admit you had me for a moment, then thought that there was no way this could possibly be happening; Jimmy would never do this. Then it hit me that it was April. I suppose it's better than the tired old McDoomworld
  10. Try 86box. It's a fork of PCem that is more actively developed. It may or may not perform better. On my current hardware, I can emulate a Pentium MMX at 233mhz, 64 MB of ram, and a voodoo 3. This is overkill for doom though. I do this more for Win98 games that I can't run in DOSBox or Windows 11.
  11. ChaoticReverie

    GDoom point lights

    Point lights have a thing actor (Number 9800, I believe) that can be added to a map. UDB should have additional options for changing the color of this thing in that actors properties. From there you can set the actors position on each axis. If you're familiar with adding actors already, this should be as simple as that. Otherwise, I'd look at a tutorial that deals with that specifically. There are many types of light actors as well, info can be found here.
  12. ChaoticReverie

    so many original copies of Original Doom on archive.org

    What is the point of this thread? Aside from seemingly promoting piracy.
  13. I knew this was the case, I always thought that the reason people avoided the /idgames archive was that those guidelines were so restrictive. At least that was true way back, is that still a thing now? In fact, what are the guidelines now?
  14. ChaoticReverie

    Deadnail is dead.

    I didn't know him. but it is sad to hear of someone passing away. I feel like this will become more inevitable as much of our community is middle-aged or approaching middle age.
  15. Doom was originally going to be a score-based game. I believe they were intended to increase your score similar to gold in Wolfenstein. Soul Spheres were going to be extra lives. Why they kept them in the game after the fact, I don't know. Some mods increase their effectiveness at least.