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  1. CaptainMitchell

    CaptainMitchell's 2 hour creation

    Thank you for the playthrough! And believe it or not, I also hate maps that end with a boss fight. But for some reason I just couldn't think of a way to end the map so I whipped up a final fight and that was that. I was actually pretty surprised at how much I was able to do in the time I allowed myself.
  2. CaptainMitchell

    CaptainMitchell's 2 hour creation

    Basically I tried to make a map in under 2 hours. This is the result! If you would like proof of the attempt I streamed the entire thing over on my twitch Play the map however you want to play it! But if you really want to know what I tested with here you go. GZdoom is really the only requirement seeing as I don't know what functions separate gzdoom from ports such as prboom. Tested in GZDoom no coop starts no jump/crouch/freelook software/hardware lighting no mods Doom 2 IWAD The wad begins and ends on MAP01 Mitchsspeedmapattempt.zip
  3. CaptainMitchell

    SINERGY - A Vanilla Ultimate Doom Megawad - Now on idgames!

    Currently in Episode 3. My only issue is oh my GOD there are so many freaking cacodemons and lost souls. Jebus m crumbs there are so many
  4. CaptainMitchell

    Sheogouths Despair RC3

    You're fine, the change was much easier than anticipated. New map is uploaded.
  5. CaptainMitchell

    Sheogouths Despair RC3

    I can work on that. Probably a day or two and the thread will be updated with the new update with a title to reflect that. If you see the thread and it says RC3 at the end the fix should be out
  6. CaptainMitchell

    Sheogouths Despair RC3

    A streamer I enjoy watching named Deathwing_Duck did a playthrough of this wad. Here is a link to the stream, start at 00:06:50 for the start of the Wad If he creates a Highlight of the wad i'll update this link to reflect that. This is for anyone that likes to watch footage of a wad before playing it.
  7. CaptainMitchell

    Sheogouths Despair RC3

    This is what I was afraid of. Thank you! That destroyed city took forever to make so i'm glad somebody likes it :) yeeeeaaaaaahhhhh you right
  8. CaptainMitchell

    Sheogouths Despair RC3

    Sheogouths Despair is my second wad. It was inspired by John Romero's Sigil. I wanted to use some of the elements from Sigil and create a Doom II wad out of it. It took around 2 months to make this wad with hefty breaks in between edits. Originally this was going to be a 8 map wad like my previous wad Tartarus Inferno, but instead decided that I would make it one large map. I'm not a stickler for how you play so play with whatever mods you like or as vanilla as you want. With some feedback received from the very first test iteration of this map I was able to hopefully create a better version of what I wanted. I hope you enjoy the wad, please leave me feedback down below UPDATE: Added in coop player starts Made Certain Walls impassible Added a bit of decoration to latter half of the map Fixed progression near end of map Fixed teleporter sticking around after you have escaped Added bits of armor around to make things a *little* easier Added a monster closet *somewhere* TO DO: Add more secrets Change final fight so that its not skippable Fix Lighting across the entire map to be a bit darker in places Add a bit more decoration in escape portion More clearly define the exit portal so players don't accidentally exit before exploring Show players that floating rocks teleport somehow Tested with the following GZDoom No Jumping/Crouching Both with and without freelook Software and hardware rendering Vanilla and Brutal Doom Doom II: Hell on Earth IWAD The WAD Begins and Ends with MAP01 sheosdes.zip
  9. CaptainMitchell

    I need some Feedback on a new map

    Gave it a watch and thank you for the kind words at the end of the playthrough! Been taking a quick break from mapping because I felt like I ran out of ideas and its nice to hear good things about the map. I want to add more maps into the wad and I already have a map02 and part of map03, map04 created. But I think I burned myself out cause I started to REALLY slow down on map03. Have not touched it in quite a few days. Because I used so many aspects of sigil in map01, i'm now sitting here like, alright what if I made a city map that has been torn apart and has what looks like hell growing everywhere? I don't have a story for this WAD so I could just throw a random city map in there and it should be fine. The hard part is just making a map and going, Could this be a part of sigil if sigil had more maps? Most of the time its no but I still like it enough to continue on and make something out of it. It might just be better to have one or two maps be inspired by sigil and then just move on and do something else with the rest of the wad. EDIT: Also yes I agree it could be MUCH darker
  10. CaptainMitchell

    [WIP] Mark`s Inferno (3 maps demo)

    The ammo situation was pretty good, as was health, never had an issue with either during the entire playthrough, the only thing I can think of is that if you don't find the shotgun secret on map01 then it might just be a pain in the ass to kill all the imps, but I believe you should have enough ammo for it. One other small thing though, don't know if this is intended or not, but in the following picture, underneath the closest pinky in this picture there is an untextured wall, its the only one that I noticed during my playthrough. Its hard to see but its there.
  11. CaptainMitchell

    What is your favourite episode 1 level?

    E1M3 Never seems to get old. It's my favorite map of ANY episode.
  12. CaptainMitchell

    I need some Feedback on a new map

    I should probably post that I tested it without freelook but I absolutely understand what you mean about using it anyways, I recently learned how to enforce those rules and I just don't want to because I don't want to force players to play the way I play. Like I said, I only tested with those settings, but you can play it however you want! Thank you for playing the map! At the moment I am working on a Map02 for the wad but I don't know if anything will come of it. I also increased the length of MAP01 since that seems to be a common criticism.
  13. CaptainMitchell

    I need some Feedback on a new map

    I gave it a watch and I see what you mean about the ammo. I played this over and over and over again to try and balance the ammo count with the difficulty of the monsters but in the process I stopped accounting for the fact new players are not going to know they need to preserve their ammo for outdoor portion of the map. 1 or 2 more shells should do it I think. Thank you for the feedback! It's good to hear that it feels different enough to be called its own thing while still being obvious that its inspired by Sigil.
  14. CaptainMitchell

    I need some Feedback on a new map

    So here is my dilemma. I have made a new map. Here is a doom builder view of it. So what is my issue? I feel like it is TOO SIMILAR to Sigil. I basically wanted to try my hand at making something that might fit in with Sigil and I feel like it copies it too much. So i'm gonna upload the first playable version of the map. And I want peoples feedback on whether or not its just a straight rip off or an actual original work that happens to have Sigil elements in it. DOWNLOAD LINK IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POST Made in GZDoomBuilder This is my first time using custom textures and the textures I ended up using were MIDVINE1 and SKY3 from a texture pack that was a conversion from Doom 1 to Doom 2 Which you can find here https://www.realm667.com/index.php/en/texture-stock-mainmenu-152/607-doom-textures-for-doom-ii#preview Conversion: SargeBaldy Author: id Software Submitted: Tormentor667 I am currently looking into properly crediting others work as I update this. I believe there was a txt template around here somewhere. Tested with the following DOOM2 GZDoom Software Rendering No Jump No Freelook No Crouch No mods UPDATE: MAP01 has been updated and I am satisfied with how it came out. I'm going to work on adding more maps to the wad (which I now have a name for) and i'll post a proper Map Release Post once I am done. For now though i'll leave the updated MAP01 here for anyone to stumble upon and play! Here are some screenshots of the map Sheogouths Despair.zip
  15. CaptainMitchell

    Tartarus Inferno V1.03 Release

    Hey thanks for playing the wad! Currently watching the stream and have not finished the stream yet, still watching you play through map01 as I type this, but its so weird seeing someone who isn't me playing through the map. And yes, I am that streamer you keep talking about lol. You said that at a point it looks like there should be a monster where the blue key is and your right. I removed it because I felt having a cyberdemon on MAP01 was a bit overkill and because I mostly played with brutal doom, an update messed with the cyberdemon and it could no longer teleport away which is what I wanted. So now the blue key is there. The odd placements of invisibility spheres is actually for brutal doom because the invisibility spheres are replaced with marines you can have help you. Again even the criticisms are music to my ears. I sorely wanted feedback on these maps and its nice to finally have it! UPDATE: Finished the stream of the wad and ended up just mapping away while watching attempting to fix things as the stream went on. I doubt you'll give the wad another run but your criticisms were like a "OH DUH why didn't I think of that?" moment while watching and I immediately set out to make changes. Playtesting your own maps with only two other people who don't even play doom to help ends with a lot of missed things. Thank you so much for the feedback! Hopefully anyone who plays the wad in the future will enjoy it better because of the changes made due to your help. Thank you for the feedback! I'm glad people are playing my maps!