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  1. Has there ever been any music wads containing music from the disco era? or music from the 1970s or 80s?
  2. I know I seen it on here but apparently it is a program for linux based on the doom source code that displays all the processes, and you can kill them but one has to make sure not to kill the wrong process or the whole system can go down. I think it was like a task manager thing.
  3. I would pick Dead Simple as my map, I should use the 3d drafting program, do a layout and make a awesome living space with it
  4. But as graphic as Kill Bill, Sin City and Doom 3 are in the violence catagory it would be awesome, In Kill Bill using samurai swords lobbing off limbs and heads in Sin City you to pretty much do the same things cept a lot of the scenes are in B&W and you get to do some mild torturing. I seen a star wars mod coming up, now that would be interesting
  5. I see, it would be a cool idea but I can't picture it happening, esp. the Kill Bill one, it would be cool to see really gory using a sword etc.
  6. I think I am, I am going to start downloading it in a few minutes.
  7. With mods and stuff I am not requesting anyone make it because it would probably be nearly impossible but I would like to see A Kill Bill Doom 3 mod or a Sin City Doom 3 mod. Think those would be great ideas for a doom 3 TC or just mediocre ?
  8. I don't know why I am thinking this was a Doom TC it was based on the PSX doom levels. But was it a real TC? Or just a few of the levels were created from the PSX version as a episode?
  9. is it a double barrel ?
  10. no i havent tried it in co-operative mode
  11. did the guy who made bnbeyond.wad make any more doom levels ? cause bnbeyond.wad was a really good level
  12. hmm how about where theres a maze and a monster like an imp is around the corner, especially when you think the coast is clear then you hear the imp noise, a classic example is the small maze of E1M4 before the 2nd last room
  13. hmm... when i need a change from the doom music i would get midis from because theres alot of music to choose from , however for sounds its much more tougher...
  14. one would have to play this map strategicly talking major monsters out one by one