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  1. Razgriz

    The Slaughter Spectrum - RC1 Release

    I like the way the maps look but I'm quite surprised at how you handled what looks like the official post of your project pk3-wise. I don't understand really how it seemed like a good idea to release almost the entire resource of another project while at the same time bloating your own. I see that you do plan on cleaning it up but that's not really something you do at the back end on situations like this - that's really what you do before you show the world your piece of work (unless it is an rc you have been showing and building from the beginning to the rc stage). I know this isn't really a built from ground up type of project resource-wise so I don't see why it had to be hastily sent out in this state when you aren't racing to a particular deadline. In any case I look forward to seeing the final release of this in a pristine shape.
  2. Razgriz

    [Released] NeonDM

    And here is the end of the road for this project, it's finally here! NeonDM in it's full glory, thank you to everyone who contributed to the project in some way, we couldn't have made it without you! First post is updated as per usual with the most updated links, hope you all enjoy the maps because I surely do!