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  1. Lucky me I havent begun importing them by hand yet! Even better, thx mate :)
  2. Thanks! That actually helps alot thou it affords a bit of work beforehand. Well, thats what CMD's dirprint-function was made for :D
  3. Greetings everyone, as anyone might know, in GZDoombuilder (2) are texture classes when you open the texture browser, eg. Doors, Flats, Switches ... My question now is: how does GZDoombuilder know that? And how do i have to add new textures via slade with keeping this function? Its pretty tedious when you have a texture-wad with thousands of different textures and cannod browse through "doors only" for example. Thanks for your advices :)
  4. DJMadMax

    Post your Doom textures!

    @elend FYI there's a seperate thread especially for sprites :)
  5. DJMadMax

    Post your Doom textures!

    I actually wanted to play around a little bit with SLADE and therefore I made some textures myself. Yes, i kinda like TEKGREN as a base texture :)
  6. This means I can design my level so far but when it comes to finalizing, I should probably run a map-check (F4 as you mentioned) and add all the missing textures (when I remove the additionally used WAD/PK3 ressources) manually into my map-WAD. Thanks alot :)
  7. But still i will have to do this with every single texture, dont i? For example, if i want to use the waterfall texture from plutonia.wad, do i have to extract and re-import it manually or is there any way that GZ Doom Builder can do this on its own by checking which textures arent in the doom2.wad for example?
  8. Hi there dear DooM-folks, maybe it's been asked a thousand times before but since i'm pretty new to the "modern" ways of mapping and editing of DooM, I will just ask another time :) I'm getting used to GZ DooM Builder and so far everything works fine. My question now is, when i'm using another ressource-WAD, for example with additional textures, is there any way that i can save those "in my level"-used textures automatically into my map-WAD or do I have to do it manually with - for example - Slade for every additionally used texture in my map? That might be a lot of work. Another solution would be to supply all those additionally used WAD-files with my map but i dont think that this is very "plug and play". As always, thanks in advance for your answers :)
  9. DJMadMax

    Tried out a "modern" iwad and it blew me away!

    Thank you so much for your great replies. Just watched a little video on youtuberegarding "portals" sectors. Oh my gosh! GZ Doom Builder already running and trying out some stuff by myself. I also took a look at your mentions and "Total Chaos" is pretty impressive. I'll read a bit and consume more tutorials on youtube, thanks again for your help! :) EDIT: I just made some sloped sectors for testing my newly acquired knowledge ^^
  10. Greetings everyone, I'm from Germany (so hopefully my english's sufficent ^^) and a (Classic) DooM-fan from the beginning in the 90s when it was first released. Normally i stick to the original iWADs from id Software or Team TNT and focus on source ports such as jDooM or (G)ZDoom as well as mapping a little bit myself. I'm pretty used to Doom Builder and so far there's nothing in the original DooM(1+2) Series that you wouldnt be able to do with this map editor. But now, just out of curiosity, i tried the new v21 Brutal DooM with its already equipped "Hell on Mars" mission and it just blew me away! How's that possible? Conveyor belts moving items around, sectors above sectors, wall textures as floors (with transparent gaps between them) and so on and so forth! Wow, from a technical pov that is so darn impressive for me, who was always stuck to classic doom levels (for personal reasons). And just as I thought it couldnt get any better, i saw a youtube video of "Doomslayer Chronicles" with radiant fog and crazy triggering actions! What I want do know is: how the frick can I myself map such levels? It's obviosly impossible with DooM Builder, so what would be your suggestion, or is there even some tutorial out there? Thanks in advance and greetings to all Doom-fans all over the world!