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  1. I have released a new version [2.0] via Google Drive. this was a rushed release so there may be sound issues. feel free to report a problem or make any suggestions. This version changes the following: Archvile attack dialogs have been improved. Cacodemon makes small comments when launching attacks from him. and dies with confused comments or large comedy blows. BaronOfHell & HellKnight have their sound distance increased and now die screaming. BaronOfHell Idle dialogs have been improved.
  2. I uploaded some videos of XD-M11 version 1.0. I will continue to improve the project.
  3. new version [1.0] available! the activation distance of the sounds is much smaller (maybe it is too short) Demon & Spectre now trigger death and talk voices when attacking. DoomIMP now speaks small dialog when throwing fireballs and claiming victory in Melee. BaronOfHell now speaks in growls while walking and laughs if he fights someone. Arachnotron makes some comments when walks/idle. Archvile & Revenant die with more Doppler.
  4. (all games, logos and sounds are property of their repective owners) "XD_Muertes" is a FREE compilation of more than 3000 voices and sounds obtained from different Video Games which replaces several Doom sounds. the purpose of "XD-M" is to be funny by mixing and randomly playing some of the thousands of sounds present in its database. this Sound pack was built primarily for the Source Port: Zandronum although it can also work in GZDoom with some differences. the shared XD-M11 2.0 has improved its Doom sound replacements. but there are still many categories of sound to be defined. especially in Hexen. Download the audio pack version [2.0] with this link: (make sure to give it the highest priority when running it with other Maps or Mods) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fUCtHdH_Qm2IpK1bAcVzKRaMh0kIC5qY/view?usp=sharing ATTENTION: EXTREMELY LOUD SOUNDS Here are some Gameplay Videos: TNT Evilution IWAD + Complex Doom with XD_Muertes: Doom2 in Deathmatch Mode with XD_Muertes + XD-M Sprites: Doom iwad with XD_Muertes only: DETAILS: Now, the large database is organized into several folders that could be separated into 3 huge groups. VOICES: Friendly Friendly Female Enemy Enemy Female SOUNDS: Powers Effects IWADS: DOOM HEXEN STRIFE "VOICES:" this group contains a large number of voice clips from different games, of which the following stand out: Black, Tekken, Gundam, Shinobido, WWE 2006, and Area51. These voices are divided into 5 parts: TAUNT – Sounds usually heard when characters roam/idle ATTACK: launch of blows and very aggressive dialogues PAIN: Short duration death sounds and soft pain. KILL: mostly long funny death screams. DOPPLER: Pre-recorded sounds of doppler shift effect. Also, many of the voice folders are marked with the (ALLY) tag. because only "allied" characters as Player/Doomguy will activate them. and finally there are also female voices. these are destined to be activated only by players of gender "female". "SOUNDS:" this audio group is only sound effects. there are several sub categories like: Hits, Defeat, Comedy, Metal, Cutting and Gore. there are also POWERS sounds that are mostly activated by the Archvile. "IWADS:" although DOOM is the most complete, this group of sounds aims to replace all the main sounds of each IWAD Doom is the one that stands out with unique voices for each enemy they stand out from MBFhelperdog, Revenant & Archvile. Also included is an optional .wad containing custom Sprites for all of Doom's weapons, some enemies and some New Graphics for menu. "Loquendo TTS" is also included in the form of an announcer. but this speaks only in Spanish. XD_Muertes-G11 - SOUND CREDITS:
  5. awesome, if my computer supports it i will use it in my gameplay videos.

    sLAUGHter weapons and XD_Muertes LAUGHs

    During these days, I dedicated myself to creating some new enemies and making many adjustments to the new: sLAUGHter Weapons-G4. In these 2 long and relatively old videos, I started to improve the enemy "Respawn" system. Now, in this Mod the Respawn is used mainly to help the enemies to be more challenging and it serves to give a feeling of game type (Invasion) that is an infinite survival of enemies. Previously in Slaughter_Weapons-G3, only KINETIC ammunition and ExtremeBFG could block Respawn. What in high difficulties caused an absolute preference towards these weapons. Now that all the difficulties will use the Respawn of enemies, I am creating new tactics and specific actions so that all weapons can counter the Respawn of enemies in their own style.

    [Doom 2] Intergalactic Xenology 2

    I liked the maps. :) My favorite is: map03: around de world in 8k years the music on this map is very nice. maybe I did something wrong, but it seems that it has no end after map 5 and then it reaches the next map (doom2 the crusher)

    sLAUGHter weapons and XD_Muertes LAUGHs

    these are videos of the Secret: sLAUGHter_Weapons-G4. More videos of this version will appear on my YouTube channel. mainly to show the progress of the new: XD_Muertes-G10 with more than 3200 sounds and voices. I hope to have it ready next August. 3D weapons will be included in: sLAUGHter-5 which will be an absolute rebuild instead of an expansion and correction of features as is the version 4. Many thanks to: Captain J for allowing me to use many of his excellent Sprites. please visit their forum: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=37556

    sLAUGHter weapons and XD_Muertes LAUGHs

    I'm going at a snail's pace, but this pistol (Jericho 9mm.41) is very close to completing its modeling phase. then it will only be necessary to paint/texturize it with static lighting so that it is compatible with Zandronum. This modified handgun will use: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/FN_5.7×28mm small rifle cartridges much more effective than the original 9mm.

    sLAUGHter weapons and XD_Muertes LAUGHs

    There have been a lot of problems with the 3D weapons. 1- I have long since lost my enthusiasm for firearms. And unlike airplanes, rebuilding 3D weapons was very daunting. 2- I always had the feeling that I was missing something or was making a design mistake. so I would always suddenly stop 3D construction to search for more information or find some design idea. 3- there are thousands of calibers and types of bullets. many of which have arbitrary decimal measurements and sizes. and the fact that there are the same bullets but measured with "mm / inch / gauge / bore" are causing a lot of confusion when choosing some type of ammunition or creating a new standard for my 3D weapons. 4- Unlike ammunition, it is very difficult to find reliable comparative sizes between weapons. many times I found images of pistols and submachine guns larger than assault rifles or shoulder rocket launchers. This last issue has forced me to create my own ammunition and weapon size comparison chart. I am currently guessing the size of each weapon by means of the ammunition they fire since this method seems to be the most approximate and the only one available.

    sLAUGHter weapons and XD_Muertes LAUGHs

    These days I was expanding the amount of data that the new version of my sound pack (XD_Muertes) will have. It will be approximately 10Mb bigger than the previous version and there will be big expansions for: PS2 Black (all voice samples) Marvel vs Capcom (melee sounds) Shinobido way of the ninja (melee sounds) Ace Combat 4 & X (radio voices) XD_Muertes-G10.pk3 is still under construction and will later have to undergo extensive performance testing and sound management. I hope I can handle the infinite audio channel problem that has plagued all of its predecessors. Because I was improving XDM, I couldn't have time to work on the 3D weapons.

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    I also support this idea. :) but perhaps this will cause the indirect creation of a third bronze version. Practically all sports, Olympic or virtual Video games have the 3 metal scales and even a higher one called platinum.

    sLAUGHter weapons and XD_Muertes LAUGHs

    I hope that doesn't happen. have fun :) if you have any opinion or found a bug, feel free to comment!

    sLAUGHter weapons and XD_Muertes LAUGHs

    A few days ago, I wanted to add the Assault Rifle (Heckler & Koch - G11) to this project but I couldn't find Sprites that met my expectations. so I tried to capture some YouTube videos to transform them into Sprites, but the work required for each frame and the end result was a disaster. so I decided to create 3D models of all the weapons that are in the project to add them directly in (.MD3) format. I will first start with (G11) and for its design, I am based mainly on an old prototype and not on the version that everyone knows. Years ago I wanted to make a Mod with 3D weapons, but the development of my flight simulator (3D_ACE) caused this idea to be completely abandoned. The process of creating 3D objects is quite slow but with each improvement, I will be updating the forum with screenshots of the models every time I can connect.

    sLAUGHter weapons and XD_Muertes LAUGHs

    I think I would be in serious trouble if I sold the Mod. but it is totally Free. so I think there are no risks.