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  1. boatboat

    DOOM 4 VANILLA - v1.2 RELEASED: Faster weapons

    really really cool stuff, awesome job
  2. boatboat

    Top 10 MUST PLAY Non Slaughter Wads?

    interesting question, mostly because some of the best megawads i know of (for example: sunlust, scythe 2 and a couple others i cant recall the names of) have a couple individual maps that get slaughter-y so it really depends. also how vanilla and how difficult are you looking for?
  3. boatboat

    Doom Drone - a Doom remix game

    this looks cute! ill try it out a little later
  4. boatboat

    Hurt - Singleplayer map in hell

    this map is a blast! i'm having a lot of fun with it, the geometry is beautiful yet doesnt get in the way and the new monsters feel like they fit well. my only complaint is that the baby cacos are almost too cute to kill, haha