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  1. The once warm and happy world turned into a pure mess of cold unpleasantries. as if the innocence slowly was sucked from the core and destroyed.


    nothing left but a grey land. soulless as the beings that walk the land, nothing thriving.. even the world before had struggle, but the struggle lead to greatness. The world now has no struggle, but it leads to nothing as the beings who roam, in which they live only to die, and not to improve. they gain nothing, nothing is gained from the land as it becomes grey and dull, and they are dull. The creatures, which used to smile, used to think. do not think or smile. they only see the world in a one view door.

    1. Boomslang


      There is no more dreaming, nights are dreamless, starless and dark. the days are bleached and dry.

      human thought, lives only as a memory, such as the flowers and fauna. 


      You are.. a Savant dreamer. built from the memories of the heart and soul, love and hatred, you have the dreams, the only thing now. is to liberate the world and give it it soul.