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  1. FraGMarE

    Erik Alm?

    Well tell him to come say hi in #nightmare some time. :) He's still the best sp mapper I've ever seen.
  2. Haha yea, that works too. Little bit of reverse psychology. I tried to make getting the BFG at least somewhat tricky in most of the maps in various different ways.
  3. Ahh good ole map04, Singe! Did you guys figure out how to cockblock each other from getting the BFG on that map?
  4. Haha that map is outdoors on Mars! :D They found some ancient ruins on the Cydonia region of the planet, apparently. :)
  5. FraGMarE

    /idgames Archive in read-only mode

    So I'm guessing when /idgames comes back online, the /newstuff backlog will be *massive*, huh?
  6. It is finally done! The 11 map, vanilla OS duel map pack that I've labored and nitpicked over for the past few months is finally finished! Since /idgames is currently down, here is the download link: http://fragmare.mindrec.com/amath.zip A map pack containing 11 highly polished and thoroughly tested duel maps, made for the original "vanilla" doom2.exe. This WAD strives to create an oldschool dueling experience while pushing the vanilla engine to its limit. The end result is a map pack that runs on any and all ports of DOOM II (including the original DOS doom2.exe), but looks and plays like something much more contemporary. There should be something here for everybody to enjoy. That is to say, everyone should be able to find at least one map in this WAD that they like to duel on. There is quite a bit of visual and gameplay variety between all eleven of these maps. Now for some screenshots:
  7. FraGMarE

    /idgames Archive in read-only mode

    lol screw that. i'll just upload it to my personal website until /idgames is back up.
  8. FraGMarE

    /idgames Archive in read-only mode

    Is there some other mirror or public repository I can upload a WAD to this coming Tue, Dec. 10th for DOOM's 20th anniversary? I had hoped to make this WAD's release date coincide with DOOM's birthday. :)
  9. Is anyone aware of any ENDOOM lmp editors that are capable of importing a unicode text file, or at least pasting from the main windows clipboard?
  10. Thanks, guys. I think I found something pretty foolproof. At least I've not been able to invoke the no clip bug yet by playtesting. I've got 3 linedefs, all with the same WR trigger, set up something like this: ------ -- -- -- -- - - - -
  11. Anyone have any input on the best way to avoid the "no clip" bug in vanilla, while still allowing the player to race into the linedef at max speed? I've had some moderate success by splitting the linedef in question into 3 or 4 segments and then bowing or arching the linedefs towards the direction the player would be coming from. Would a better way be to place 2 or more linedefs with the same tag/action far enough apart so they could not be passed in the same game tick? If so, what would be the minimum distance between them?
  12. I have finally compiled this and it's now beta testing on Dwango United #17 - zds:// It is also available for download at http://fragmare.mindrec.com/fmbet01y.wad There are 11 maps in this pack and it is 100% vanilla compatible, and playtested using DOSbox (so no crash back to DOS errors). Any and all feedback will be considered and appreciated! :)