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  1. pigeonduckthing

    Request Megawad suggestions.

    aliens tc (the first total conversion)
  2. pigeonduckthing

    My New Doom wad "THE WARDS OF GALLU"

    thanks for all the advice, i'm still working on it Just keep in mind that this is my first project in Doom builder.
  3. pigeonduckthing

    My New Doom wad "THE WARDS OF GALLU"

    this is a single player doom wad i made for DOOM1 (works on gzdoom and zandronum), it has 8 levels and lasts for about 20 mins and has custom textures, enjoy! The wards of Gallu 1.rar
  4. this is my doom map pack, ive been working on it for 2 months now, plz try it out..The wards of Gallu 1.rar (needs doom 1)

    1. Misty


      How about posting maps in threads? People barely checks this side of forum. Forum threads helps for exposure. 

    2. pigeonduckthing


      food idea, will try soon. thx!