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Everything posted by pigeonduckthing

  1. pigeonduckthing

    oh no, i made another wad!!! (njama)

    thanks for the play, will fix all of the issues mentioned!
  2. This isn't an amazing wad but hopefully its less of a shitshow than the last two, this wad requires doom2 and was tested with gzdoom but may work with other source ports. Contains 5 maps (map05 is unfinished and the others still have a bunch of unpegged textures, also idk how to make two way teleporters). DOWNLOAD HERE:njama.zip (updated version) I'm open to any criticism and will upload an improved version soon (: fun fact: njama means conspiracy in Swahili
  3. pigeonduckthing

    my first WAD

    Nice map, i don't see too many wolfen maps nowadays, always good to see a fellow newbie!
  4. pigeonduckthing

    STACKED - Community Challenge Project

    cool, but are the maps still playable?
  5. Don't expect anything amazing, just posting so I can feel like it wasn't a complete waste of time. It runs on almost any Doom port, tested with GZDOOM and contains 3 short levels download here: Puhstus2.rar (it runs on doom 2 because I intend to add some doom 2 enemies later)
  6. pigeonduckthing

    My second attempt at WAD making (updated)

    fixed a few of the issues, this one only works with doom 2 Puhstus2.rar
  7. pigeonduckthing

    My second attempt at WAD making (updated)

    thanks for the advice, will keep in mind next time
  8. this is a single player doom wad i made for DOOM1 (works on gzdoom and zandronum), it has 8 levels and lasts for about 20 mins and has custom textures, enjoy! The wards of Gallu 1.rar
  9. pigeonduckthing

    Request Megawad suggestions.

    aliens tc (the first total conversion)
  10. pigeonduckthing

    My New Doom wad "THE WARDS OF GALLU"

    thanks for all the advice, i'm still working on it Just keep in mind that this is my first project in Doom builder.