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  1. Uh oh, I said I wouldn't, but I'm signing up for round 2!
  2. Vortale

    The Lost Magic - A Boom Mapset

    And with that, the final version of TLM is complete! If there are any problems now, tough! (There really shouldn't be but feel free to surprise me) Right now the alternate link is exactly what was posted to idgames so I will update the thread when it's up on idgames. Thank you to everyone who helped me test the past few weeks, and thank you to everyone who gave it a shot and supported the stream during the month long journey! What's next in the pipeline? We'll see, probably just a mapset!
  3. Vortale

    The Lost Magic - A Boom Mapset

    RC2 finally chucked out! Changes in the changelog on the first post. The main thing, outside of bug fixes, is that all difficulty settings are now available! If we have any HMP or ITYTD gamers who want to give it a run through, now you can! I also decided to make Default compatibility in GZDoom function just fine, so no need to force any changes, you can play how you like. Death exits are fine. I feel kinda dumb making the post about 1.5 changes given that neither map31 or 32 had the changes they were supposed to. I'm not entirely sure what happened, given every other change in 1.5 was in there. Anyway! The remaining things to do are more testing in other ports as well as making sure multiplayer shenanigans work just fine. I also don't know how to let the player skip The Sorcerer during the end screen roll call (probably a result of Dehacked changes) but that isn't all too pressing. The next release will be the final/idgames one, where I shalln't be touching it ever again. Thank you to everyone who has given this a shot and had a blast with it!
  4. Vortale

    The Lost Magic - A Boom Mapset

    Quick hotfix! I was hoping to wait until I had the chance to get to making all difficulty settings before I released the next version, but there was a few significant problems I couldn't really leave and I'm not going to be able to get to the difficulties for a little bit yet. Changes are in the changelog in the main post. Map31 did get a bit of an alteration. It was easier to shoot the targets than intended and I decided to adjust that. They should be much harder to autoaim to from the floor, but to compensate, the holes are now wider. If map31 gamers want to give it a run with the new intended route, let me know how it goes. Personally I don't think it should be that much harder, but I'd like to know so it doesn't become a D2ALL choke point. Also, despite what I just said previously, Map32 does have difficulties implemented. I've had a few people not happy with the sheer difficulty spike, and as such HMP and below have items to make the fights easier to pass through, if you just wanna practice the fights or simply get to the end. Finally, the pistol and plasma gun are the only two with changes (100% accuracy and no cooldown respectively). The only changes for the other weapons are their animation frames, the fire rate is exactly the same.
  5. Vortale

    The Lost Magic - A Boom Mapset

    I imagine it's because GZDoom's compatibility setting isn't set to Boom (Strict). That's on me for missing it during testing and not forcing the compatibility settings automatically, I'll make sure going forward that if you skip the first death wall due to compat settings, a second one will make sure you're dead. ...unless of course I'm wrong and you're not even using GZDoom. Either way it'll be fixed.
  6. Vortale

    [MBF21] Sepia

    Fun set with fun fights! Big fan of the palette too! Can't wait for more in the future!
  7. Managed to get 32 maps done in the month! This was great fun! I learned a lot and I'm happy to know that I'm able to get this much done in a month! I'm never ever doing something of this caliber again!
  8. DOWNLOAD /IDGAMES ALTERNATE LINK OLDER VERSION RC2 RC1.5 hotfix RC1 TRAILER ABOUT This mapset was produced during NaNoWADMo, where I challenged myself to get a full 32 map wad done in the month allotted. As such it contains 32 Boom (CL9) maps and uses heavy DeHackEd shenanigans (so your mods WILL probably break something. A modable version will be available in the future). This difficulty is a lot more on the softer side with a decent ramp up, so if you've just beat Doom 2 on UV, you can give this a crack! I will be updating this, but only to fix bugs or issues that arise. The level design will remain untouched, to preserve what was done in the month period. It is also important to note that UV is currently the only difficulty, and the next update will have the other difficulties sorted. Hopefully, there won't be too many bugs, but grinding out testing for every possible outcome in a month is rough! Special thanks to everyone who tuned into the stream, that watched all 30 maps getting produced live (the secret maps are secret :) ) STORY You wake up in a jail cell, with no memory of how you got there, except a vague recollection of a crystal being stolen and the world becoming imbalanced. You find no way to escape, however as you get up from your bed, a revolver is tossed at you from the window. You have no idea where or even when you are, but given they're discussing killing you soon, I think it's time you make your exit! TESTED IN - DSDA Doom 0.24.3, GZDoom on Boom (Strict) CREDITS SCREENSHOTS CHANGELOG/KNOWN ISSUES
  9. I would like to participate! Count me in!
  10. So after doing a playthrough, this is what I found in terms of things that need fixing: Broken sky for map25 Broken texture at the end fight of map10 I believe there's a missing audio track for map28, as it just goes silent once you get to the goose room. One of the cacos plugged the monster teleport closet in map29 (specifically, the 2nd set from the left of the map. The 2nd from the right got jammed for some reason, which was weird as the one on the far right was fine despite being identical). If these are known I apologise, but I figure I'd post to let people know what's happening.
  11. Nah, don't worry about reinserting them. Thankfully, the skies currently in the pack were close enough to what I had before, they just had different names, so that was the only thing I needed to change.
  12. It's come to my attention that most of the skies I've used have been removed from the textures and have defaulted to AASHITTY (which some may argue is indicative to the map itself). While the default sky is supposed to be the starry night, the other areas are busted. I figure it would be easier to adhere to the textures currently in the pack rather than ask for the other skies to be inserted, since it seems my map is the only one with this issue. Plus it gives me the opportunity to fix a couple of small oversights I've seen from testing, mostly a change in progression so that people don't wander in circles 20 times then IDCLEV18 after cursing my name. Unless something else goes horribly wrong, this should be the last time I update this. Timeandspace1.2.zip
  13. So I'm a colossal fuckup and my map starts in the completely wrong place. I've provided the fix but if you don't feel like recompiling, you can drag the player 1 start in the north BFG secret to the south-east square with the rest of the player starts, where it should be. Apologies. As for the midi, it Journey to Silius stage 03. Timeandspace1.1.zip
  14. Thanks for the feedback SCF! I will admit I forgot GZDoom existed while making this and didn't think to test the conveyers with them. The BFG secret should now be available for all! Timeandspace1.1.zip
  15. Here we are, tested quite a bit but feel free to break it: Timeandspace1.0.zip Title: Through Time & Space Music: Journey to Silius - Stage 3 Difficulty: All 3 implemented Co-op Spawns: Yes