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  1. Here we are, tested quite a bit but feel free to break it: Timeandspace1.0.zip Title: Through Time & Space Music: Journey to Silius - Stage 3 Difficulty: All 3 implemented Co-op Spawns: Yes
  2. Count me in! I very much enjoyed Spendo's mapset and wouldn't mind contributing to this concept!
  3. So I've decided to create a version of J.A.M. that will work with your weapon/monster mods! Similar to Valiant's vaccination, it removes all the dehacked elements, but I've also removed the super cool super secrets. If you want those, you'll need to load up the original. You can download it here! It's been tested with a variety of things, including Brutal Doom, Guncaster, Roguelike Arsenal, Supercharged, Corruption Cards, Final Doomer+, and a little bit of Hideous Destructor. But I can't test literally everything. If people find issues with any mods they're running, lemme know and I will update the link. I'll likely not put this up on /idgames as it might get updated frequently, plus it isn't the main project. (Please note: Some mods that produce random elements such as Corruption Cards might cause issues that I can't do much about). I also need to give multiplayer a proper whirl with it, and perhaps do rebalancing. Finally, speedrunners (okay it's literally just @Master Medi right now) have ran into a couple of minor bugs, and knowing speedrunners, will run into more. I'll list them in the known issues page, and they will be dealt with by the time episode 2 & 3 are done. It's a tad annoying that I missed anything given the nature of this mapset and it's secrets, but they thankfully don't totally break the maps too much (though you might get a little stuck). This'll be the last time I update this thread about the wad. I figure I should put my head down and get to finishing Just A Megawad before 2022 is done!
  4. Vortale

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Compiling...

    Name: Routine Checkup Modes: Singleplayer Format: Boom Testing: dsda-doom Skill Levels: Yes (1-5) Jump/Crouch: No (disabled) Music: Fire Hive by Jimmy/Lost in Place by Lippeth Textures: cc4-tex required Description: Dropped down to check up on what's been happening in a UAC base. Lo and behold, they've opened another portal to Heckers. It's time to leave. But wait, some imp stole the thruster key for absolutely no reason and now no-one can leave until it's returned. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tKSzQUJd_ctmyoyY2huALsfXn1D3CstA
  5. Despite RC2 fixing all issues from RC1, it somehow grew bigger blemishes than the previous iteration. But now everything should be complete and the final version has been posted! Currently in the process of getting it up on /idgames, which will replace the current link above when that occurs. At this point, if any new issues are found - providing they aren't completely game breaking - they'll be left in until the full set is finished in a year or two (hopefully). File size was also greatly reduced, that's on me for not cleaning up the pile of OTEX sitting inside. Thank you to everyone who has played it so far and had a good time, and for finding bugs here and there that escaped under my radar! Also, if you found any skips, don't worry, they've been kept in! Finally, do not worry about the numbers right now. Please carry on! :^)
  6. Thanks for the kind words folks! I'm glad people are enjoying it so far! RC2 has been released, and if all goes well, will be the last RC before the final submission to idgames. I feel pretty much everything has been ironed out, but there might be something that slipped through the cracks! Changes can be found in the changelog on the first post. For the file size, I feel quite a chunk of that is OTEX. I've crunched it down a bit more, but I'll need to crunch it down even further before the final. As for the music, map01's choice is deliberate and I don't really mind map02 personally. If I change any track, it might be map08, if I can find something I consider suitable.
  7. Episode 1 /IDGAMES LINK ALTERNATE LINK Wanna play with your monster/weapon mods? Get the nerfed version here DOWNLOAD WITHOUT COOL STUFF FOR YOUR MOD NEEDS ABOUT J.A.M: Episode 1 is a Boom (-complevel 9) ´╗┐mapset, containing 11 (+1) maps, with heavy usage of DeHackEd (so mods are highly likely to break it). Primarily uses OTEX textures (yep another one!) All difficulty settings are available and balanced for them, but this is intended for those who have beaten Plutonia on UV at least. Story? It's just a mapset. There's nothing strange or unusual happening underneath, honest. :^) This is my first submission to the public. This originally started as a small collection of maps I've worked on since around 2018, however, once I had more free time on my hands, it expanded into something much greater. A full 32-map megawad is actually planned out on paper, but that is far off from now. TESTED IN: PrBoom+, DSDA-Doom, Eternity, GZDoom CREDITS SCREENSHOTS MAPS CHANGELOG/KNOWN ISSUES Any issues? Complaints? Vitriol? Feel free to lemme know!
  8. Vortale

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2021 - Compiling...

    Sign me up, chief! I should be able to get a map done before the end of Summer.