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  1. Jimmysteelpipe

    Where is Dr. Sleep?

    And yes he was wanted from the FBI for stock of books that were bought from E-BAY but went confronted at his house with the FBI the stock was not opened or damaged and the fbi took the stock of books. charges were dropped.
  2. Jimmysteelpipe

    Where is Dr. Sleep?

    I knew he had this really bad cough as to were he would cough so bad that he would pass out and recover short after. I did not know about the amputation I seemed to loss contact after a while. I knew about his brother and it was not good either nor his mother. He always loved his cats or kitties and he told me his brother or mother left his cats out and they got hit by a car. Also he had another addiction I will not bring up that is not the real point. I miss him and I can only remember that we would discuss if te te was male or female me I still think te te is a male. He loved his anime Stiensgate. And few others like welcome to the N.H.K And shikii. He never planned to release water of lethe he wanted to remain a legend. And yes very stern on being an atheist hahaha.
  3. We were roomates for a year and a half so I do trust this will help you in your morning :(


  4. Jimmysteelpipe

    Where is Dr. Sleep?

    This is the last Image I have of him I was his roomate in York pa in 2015. We stayed together for about a year in a half. I got him a kitty named te te. It was a struggle for john and I we went through a lot of crap as to where we lived. Do to reasons we had to part where he moved to Pittsburgh pa with his mother and his brother. I do not know if John died but I do know that moving back to pittsburg was a good idea at the time. Sincerely David Huggins