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Status Updates posted by inkoalawetrust

  1. Why this weird name change ?

  2. Yesterday I uploaded a video showcasing a nuclear missile launcher I made using ZScript for GZDoom.
    The sprites are from the nuke launcher from Realm667.


  3. I've been feeling absolutely miserable for the past week with no forseeable end in sight. Here is a full Twitter thread I wrote about that since it would be too much to put here.


  4. Oh and also it seems that pretty much everybody has been doing this for over 5 years while i practically might as well have started yestrday in comparison.

    1. Misty


      It doesn't make your efforts less meaningful and wasted. 

  5. After looking at screenshots of other peoples' maps and the progress they've made on them and so on i've come to realize that everybody and their grandma is better at mapping than me and that if i sucked any more at mapping i wouldn't even know how to open my editor.

    1. AD_79


      All you can do is persevere and progressively improve with time. Practice is the only way to get better at something! Try to keep your outlook positive and you'll get there.

  6. Since yesterday night i've began work on a big sandbox city map. In fact it's so big that when i deleted some of the linedefs for a road it causes the rest of the road sector to have a weird glitchy line effect in visual mode and also the music eventually broke for no reason and doesn't play and there is weird light effect in a large chunk of the map where if you look at that chunk from certain angles in freelook it appears much darker than the rest of the map.


    But most importantly the map is so big that when i open in in GZDB Bugfix it causes my old office PC to lag because the editor needs to use so much memory.

  7. I've pretty much finished the map and am at the stage of placing enemies but that has lead me to getting sick of my own map because of how many times i've played it over and over and over and over again.

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      Have someone else do the enemies then, your work will turn into plain raging and you'll never get it released since you'll be progressively less and less satisfied with it the more you work on it


      Find a mapper you like, maybe a lesser known one, and DM them asking if they could do it


      It'll also be another collab map which is always nice 

    2. inkoalawetrust


      @bzzrak no need for that i managed to place enemies down and make the map beatable now im focusing on changing things like the music and trying to figure out why i can't get my custom intermission background to work

  8. Ever since i made that previous message my motivation and interest has diminished quite a lot but im still randomly spending several hours worth of time working on maps.

  9. I've been working on 2 maps at once for the last 2-3 weeks or so randomly swapping my efforts between the too.


    At least know how to make proper doors and walls now so that's good.