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  1. As others have pointed out, you clearly don't know even the basics of programming yet. In fact, your lack of awareness integers even existing kind of reminds me of how I was only able to truly learn at least some coding after I was literally walking down the street one day, and came to the eureka moment of realizing that a variable is a value that stores a number. Before that no number of tutorials, examples, and explanations by others were able to help me at all. Your situation sounds pretty similar to mine.


    So to join the dogpile, I'd also recommend that you try to listen to the help everyone else is trying to give you here. And don't bother using LLMs like ChatGPT (GPT-3.5) to either give you instructions on writing ACS, or straight up writing actual ACS. The amount of information on the internet on these obscure Doom scripting languages is very little for any LLM to have any proper info on them. You could perhaps use ChatGPT to get the basics from a language people actually use like C or something, but first of all, the free ChatGPT is 3.5 and it's pretty shit, while the actually functional GPT-4 is paywalled, and every other LLM is currently pretty dogshit in comparison*, second, you'd still probably just be better off just reading a premade guide, there's literally decades of them for normal programming languages, and for ACS you can find an entire playlist guide here.



    *Frankly I'm not interested in any of these AI models until they can actually run locally as open source software, not as proprietary black boxes on some data center somewhere. Until then they are as good as useless, especially with how much these companies lobotomize them.

  2. On 10/28/2023 at 12:52 AM, Shakariki Heisenberg said:

    someone who knows how to make games make this pls 

    I can do it myself, there's already crewmate sprites and the hardest part will just be making a system for catching keyboard presses to make custom vanilla style cheats, but I'm currently busy with other stuff.

  3. On 10/28/2023 at 3:15 AM, OniriA said:

    It was IDtech 1 but just very edited. id Tech 1 was just a very flexible engine and still is to this day. Gzdoom is a form of an heavily modified idtech 1 engine aswell for example. You wouldn't imagine it being idtech 1 at it's core when looking at all the Gzdoom games made from it (the modern form of Doom Total Conversions basically).


    Selaco (If you said this was idtech 1 at its core, I would've called you insane.)


    Nah, GZDoom and other forks like it such as K8Vavoom are their own thing. Doom 64 is id Tech 1 because it's basically just another console port of the PC engine, but with some extra tricks up it's sleeve like Edward said, and even then the biggest change is just the total change in art style, which isn't really impossible with like, the Linux Doom codebase.


    But modern source ports like GZDoom and K8Vavoom have WAY WAY MORE changes and additions. Doom 64 was a slightly more sophisticated console port, GZDoom is more like the difference between Quake 1 and GoldSource.

  4. 56 minutes ago, Shakariki Heisenberg said:

    IDAMOGAS = sus

    I imagine this would replace all monsters with crewmates wandering around, and you can only win by killing all impostors, but if you kill 1-3 innocent crewmates you get ejected and lose. You have to find the impostors by either random chance or actually observing them killing someone (Who could also be you), and they will generally avoid doing it with you in sight. Getting ejected triggers an actual cutscene or scripted sequence of the player being thrown into space with the message "(Player name) was an impostor", oh, and it also changes the music to a midi of the Among Us theme.

  5. You can also create them out of raised sector floors. Which should also allow decals to actually appear on them. A few years back it even gave them proper-ish vertical collision, where you could stand on top of them (But not top flat, since like Gez said GZDoom doesn't have REAL 3D polyobjects like K8Vavoom and SRB2). But nowadays there has been some regression that causes both 3D midtexture and raised floor polyobjects to have infinitely tall collision.

  6. For complex ZScript questions like these it's better to ask in a place like the ZDoom Discord server instead. Since the questions section on Doomworld is mainly for mapping and simple DECORATE questions.


    As for the question itself, you've probably tried this. But have you tried to null check if the actual TL_Group class in that index is not null ? Something like

    If (GVars.TagLinker_Groups[TempVal1]) //Check if the index at TempVal1 is not null.
    	//If it isn't, run the other code here, like setting the value of StageName based on the iStageName of that particular class in the array.


  7. You know when finding an answer to your own question it's usually nice to say what it was so that other people can know.


    In GZDB or UDB, you can select your sector(s), right click them to go to the edit sector window, go to the surfaces tab, and change the Rotation property on whichever sector plane you want.


  8. If the class extension is part of your code, then that's probably why your game isn't starting. First of all, you can't extend the base actor class, and second is that A_HeadAttack() already exists. So just remove that.


    Also your custom projectile is called MyCacodemon as well, should probably change that, since it makes no sense and also will produce a conflict. And it should inherit from CacodemonBall instead. Then to have your Cacodemon fire it's custom projectile, use A_CustomComboAttack() instead of the hardcoded A_HeadAttack(). Passing "random[pr_headattack](1, 6) * 10" as the functions' damage parameter will also allow it to do the exact same melee damage as the Cacodemon.

  9. 6 hours ago, coderamen said:

    Jesus Christ you have no life.

    Do you work 20 hours a day or something for a 5 minute post to be a lot ? Because that's probably about how long that reply took to write. Or were you expecting to say something dumb and not get a response, or only expected Twitter-style meaningless zingers instead ?


    As for the post. Yes, the 3DO port is still terrible at the end of the day. Rebecca even admits so yadda yadda, other people have already told you that.

  10. I think Dasho said it best. Basically explaining what Fraggle's talk about free as in freedom actually means.



    The most practical reason for Freedoom to exist is that the only reason any of us are still here and prancing around with Dooms' still VERY MUCH COPYRIGHTED ART ASSETS is because id/Bethesda/ZeniMax/Microsoft doesn't care and is letting us do it.


    If any of these companies up the corporate pyramid wanted to, we could all be getting cease and desist letters tomorrow. Sure, source port developers would be fine since Carmack made the engine FOSS. But nearly every mod that isn't a total conversion would very much not be, since we are constantly using and redistributing copyrighted assets, including other media IPs like Duke Nukem.


    And it's not like there's no precedent for this, Doom is about the safest game series to mod. Other game companies like Rockstar and Nintendo are FAR more harsh. Like Nintendo putting people into indentured servitude and Rockstar suing people reverse engineering their old game executables so that they can sell shitty remasters. And they get away with it all the time. Doom's IP holders could very easily decide to do the same thing one day, and with how the video game industry is going, it might even be guaranteed that they will try something like that before the end of the decade. After all, I don't think anybody expected Unity to kill itself last week either.


    And the moment we all have the letters come in the mail, the point of Freedoom will become a lot more fucking obvious to the ones that still think it's just Doom for people who don't want to pay 5 quid or Google for 5 minutes.

  11. Well since someone decided to bring back this thread just to say something wrong. Here is how to properly change the border texture in GZDoom. It's just a MAPINFO setting. And MAPINFO's GameInfo block has a similar setting too. Which allows you to globally change the border graphic, though I think the per-map borders still take precedence.



  12. On 9/10/2023 at 3:27 PM, Stabbey said:


    No, it's not practical.


    You would need to edit the game code directly to add in support for another sound, and then having everyone play your edited version of Doom instead of the version they have.


    You're stuck with the "standard door" and "fast door" open and close options. You could, I suppose, replace the Generic Mover sound and raise and lower ceilings in a non-door way, but that's probably a bad idea.


    That's wrong, you can add specific sounds to specific doors in GZDoom with SNDSEQ. Then you just open the edit sector window, find your sound sequences' name, and select it. Like this:

    And this is what that sound sequences' definition looks like in SNDSEQ:

    Door 4
    playrepeat "door/giantdoormove"
    stopsound "door/giantdoorshut"

    The sound names are defined in SNDINFO though, so you do still need to figure out how to use SNDINFO @Skemech


    1 hour ago, Skemech said:

    so if I started writing shit in this sndinfo, even tho the "type" says text, will it still work?


    Nearly all special files in GZDoom are just text files, so yes it will work.


  13. I have definitely not seen these before, it's strange for me to even see like, lemon coke or whatever the fuck, and I've never even tasted that one. I do wonder what this would taste like though, or how the fuck it was even made. Did they ask ChatGPT to make a list of ingredients for a cola drink or something ?

  14. 1 minute ago, Rudolph said:

    The guy suddenly started talking to me as if I am actually working for a major game developer or something, all because I am not personally convinced that a game like Rage Wars is worth remastering. 

    I think he just responded like that because of you saying that a non-microtransaction multiplayer game has no place in the modern day basically.


    Plus, Doom was pretty well known for it's multiplayer, which is still at least somewhat active to this day, and would probably be more so if GZDoom had better networking.

  15. 15 hours ago, Biodegradable said:


    Ever heard of adblock, fam? I haven't seen a single ad online in the last 10 years.


    Yes I have been using uBlock for almost a decade now too. But that doesn't stop the mass surveillance (Not alone anyway), the consolidation of everything into a select few sites that use the same 2-5 web hosts. Or that actually useful information has been a lot harder to find, nor does it stop the increased tribalism. Which is what the other users in this thread have been talking about.


    Really, the ads are probably one of the few things that have stayed from yesteryears' internet.

  16. On 7/4/2023 at 4:24 PM, Biodegradable said:





    Did you guys forget that the internet is a lot more vast than just Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, Twitch and Amazon? I feel like there's so many people online today who've allowed The Big Apps to convince them that they homogeneised the internet when they haven't. Sure, it's not The Wild West of the old days anymore, but have you actually gone exploring? When was the last time you just surfed the net? Refamiliarise yourselves with your own varied interests and go exploring! Remember watching goofy Flash cartoons on Newgrounds? It still fucking exists today! You can go and watch silly cartoons and play old Flash games right now! There's still gaming forums similar to Doomworld that exist regarding Half-Life, Fallout and heaps of other old games with active modding communities. How about literature and film? You can waffle about your favourite books on Goodreads or talk movies on Letterboxd!


    There's an entire electronic universe out there for you to still discover.

    You are missing the point, the people complaining about this already understand there are still places like that on the internet, they are literally in one. But places on the internet that aren't ad infested, tribal corporate hellscapes have become rarer than unicorns next to the sites you mentioned. Interesting or non-Hell sites make up a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of Twitters' userbase alone, let alone the other ones like Facebook.

  17. On 7/15/2023 at 5:48 PM, Kan3 said:

    Sorry for the delayed answer, sometimes rl stuff hits hard x)


    Ok, the thing is quite easy, even if "advanced", though the real tricky part is to find a way to get the floor damage (way that I didn't really find yet, since I'm also interested).


    On 7/15/2023 at 5:48 PM, Kan3 said:

    Though, if you're making maps in UDMF, you can get the floor's data like this:

      			if(Owner.CurSector.damageamount > 0) { //check if the sector the item owner is in has a set damage amount property > 0

      This should work, but again, if in a map you want to kill the player with instant death sectors, this will protect the player (or maybe not...).
      You could try combining both damage types and this sector check.
      All of these are totally untested D:

    Nah, this is right. Just getting the damageamount from whichever sector you have a pointer to is enough, no need to nullify all sector damage.

    Sector damage from both the UDMF damage amount variable, and the vanilla and BOOM generalized specials, are all put in damageamount as you can see here, other data like stock damage types for the specials are also handled like this. But if UDMF damage is defined, the specials are ignored and the UDMF key takes precedence. And the instant death special is just handled by setting the sector damage to TELEFRAG_DAMAGE (1,000,000, in vanilla this was just 1,000), like all instant death stuff in (G)ZDoom is handled.


    It took me like 15 minutes of running in circles to find out how sector damage is exactly set up lol.

  18. On 7/23/2023 at 2:13 AM, RoxyRubyD said:

    Not to worry, I figured it out. Just had to take THIS line of code from the ZScript GitHub page, replace "Actor" up top with the name of the monster so it wouldn't give an error, and then changed the circled values to 60, 70 so it'd practically be an instakill. I'm planning on this taking place in a maze where you need to gather skull keys to escape, so I want the monster featured in it to be fast, frantic and dangerous in order to keep tensions high during the sequence.


    This is a pretty bad way to go about it, and I doubt you need the exact attack function Pinkies use. I'd suggest that you'd just use A_CustomMeleeAttack like indigo suggested instead. It does basically the same thing, and is actually configurable. You generally shouldn't even bother using the vanilla hardcoded functions. Even for variants of vanilla monsters, unless you want the EXACT behavior.

  19. 5 hours ago, Captain Muskrat said:

    I hear GZDoom collects some telemetry on it's users, it's one of the reasons why I dislike it.

    That's been disabled since like last year and is only turned on for some specific versions whenever Graf wants to do some stupid survey. And also explicitly asks you. It also does not create any directories. It just sends some basic PC info like what CPU you have to a server.