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  1. 6 hours ago, Mr. Freeze said:

    TVTropes fosters this idea that everything in fiction is quantifiable, and attempts to make every character, every work of fiction, every thing into bullet points and checklists. A guy sitting on a chair isn't a trope! 


    Cinemasins should be taken into a back alley and have the shit beaten out of him. 


    Well you are in luck then, because TV Tropes also thinks that people sitting on chairs isn't a trope !

  2. Just finished a remade sprite sheet of Brutal Doom's turret a few hours ago. The model is based off the remake of BD's turret that TommyGalano5 made last year. This time, there were also few enough sprites for me to make a full actual sprite sheet.


    Marine not included since I can only make sprites using model renders. Here are TG5's original sprites for comparison:




    And of course, here are some renders of the turret, along with the fully cropped and offsetted turret spritesAnd the Blender project file for the model itself.





    Imgur album

    This is probably the last model I'll make for now that is just a remake of something that already exists.

  3. Hello everyone, I have remade Brutal Doom's old sprite based tanks into a model that has been rendered into sprites. As practice for making my own more original vehicle models.

    I have made a full sprite sheet of the tanks' chassis moving and being destroyed, and of the turret firing it's cannon and minigun, and being destroyed.

    Here is a preview sprite sheet of some of the tank sprites I have made:




    And here are Brutal Doom's own tank sprites for reference:

    zFLFhzW.png 59DQ6Lp.png EVWXGuC.png
    This is not the complete sprite set as I have made 100 sprites for the turret alone, and adding them manually in a sheet would take forever.

    Instead, I have packaged all of the sprites in an archive, and have also made dedicated editor sprites for the tank*, and have went over and given offsets to all of them, so nobody else has to do that themselves. The archive includes a test actor with code comments inside it for modders, the comments are instructions on how to properly use the sprites in-game without rendering issues.
    In addition to the full prepared sprite sheet and instructions on how to use it, I have also made the Blender project files for the tank public.

    The downloads for both the full sprite sheet and the Blender project files can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1m8vJcHwGYLmTEdO88GilaL_4-9HtR0cl?usp=sharing

    I have also made a few renders of the tank:







    The full resolution renders can be found in this album: https://imgur.com/a/YyOAGsZ
    *The tank is meant to be used with the chassis and turret being separate actors, so only one of the two halves of the tank would appear in UDB or SLADE, so I made editor sprites of the whole tank for this purpose. Of course, you can also just put together the chassis and turret sprites, and turn the tank into a single actor if you want.

  4. Alright, the map has been updated to 1.1.5. This update basically adds all the small changes and additions I had made to the map since the last update, but that I had not made public. Such as the train honking sometimes when passing through the map. It's not too major of an update.


    But evidently enough, I wouldn't be able to make too many major additions to the map even if I wanted to anymore. Because as it turns out, gz_bigcity was MUCH closer to entirely breaking GZDoom's limits than I thought it was. As replacing the pillar in the city square with a new mini model of the city, caused the node builder to corrupt the entire map every time it tried generating nodes for it:



    So the original sector-based version of the new monument had to be converted into a 3D model. Much to my dismay, since models have such piss poor collision, and cannot have decals on them.

    Anyway, the download link to the new version of the map is here, and also in the original post, which also has the version changelog.

  5. On 4/26/2022 at 7:10 PM, Frost-Core said:

    I lost the map :( doom builder x crashed somehow and then it could not save it.

    Probably a little late for this. But DBX should've create several backups of the map in the directory it was at. Just remove the .backup1/2/3 extension from the latest backup of the map. And you're good to go.

  6. 47 minutes ago, Doomkid said:


    • having to update my machine soon and lose compatibility with 50-60% of the Doom modding tools I use daily makes me want to fart, 

    I don't think you would lose compatibility with most of your tools if you upgraded to Windows 10. From my experience, Windows' built-in compatibility options work very well since Microsoft is pretty hellbent on making everything that was in Windows like 30 years ago, still able to run today. I was even able to get an ancient build of ZDoom from 1999 to run on the latest version of Windows 10, by simply changing the compatibility mode for the program to Windows XP.

  7. On 4/5/2022 at 3:16 PM, Edward850 said:

    No. Ray tracing is not shadow mapping at all, they aren't even in the same ball park. What are you even saying?


    Shadow mapping is a stencil map built from zbuffer testing, while ray tracing is the simulation of light rays bouncing and refracting in a physical environment. Shadow mapping for example can't do native simulations of the pinhole projector effect, while it comes automatic to ray tracing, much to the unexpected discovery of the Minecraft RTX developers who stumbled upon it completely by accident.

    Well to play devils advocate, in terms of what would actually be most useful for Doom source ports at least, the proper dynamic shadows and PBR are the most useful. But both of those can be done more than well enough with normal raster graphics methods. Without requiring very powerful, and/or expensive dedicated ray tracing hardware. So in terms of actual practicality, Ketmar is pretty right.


    Also I'm pretty sure Ketmar understands what ray tracing is, and how it differs from shadow mapping.

  8. Alright, it has been pretty long since I first posted most of the good or decent textures I had made here.

    So here are most of the good textures I've made since, almost all of them were made for my gz_bigcity map that I published earlier this month. Unless stated otherwise.


    These were three different iterations of the sky texture that gz_bigcity used throughout development.


    This second version had the colors of the clouds muted, because the first skybox being used in conjunction with GZDoom's bloom, made it look like you are in heaven.

    And this is the final sky texture I ended up on, since I wanted the map to use 3D scrolling clouds located on the 3D skybox. And those would conflict with a cloudy sky texture.

    Also fun fact about gz_bigcity and its' sky. The map did not have a sky AT ALL, until I was about halfway through making the map.

    And in case nobody noticed somehow, the sky texture is a heavily modified version of Doom 2's RSKY1.


    But that's enough about skies, here are also some of the textures.

    A dark/turned off version of the GLITE08 texture from ObAddon_Textures.wad, I don't recall what I even made this for but here it is.

    Just a disabled version of the LITE4F2 texture, from the same pack as above. That I used inside the AGM office that can be found on the map.

    The staff door texture used on the supermarket. Unlike most of my other textures, this is entirely drawn from scratch. It doesn't even use any pieces of pre-existing textures.

    The elevator door texture used in the AGM office. It's actually just called "elevator" in the map files. It also may have something interesting about it in the map.

    Just a fridge texture, used in the back area of the meat and dairy section on the supermarket. It was originally made for a previous map of mine that I haven't published.


    A for sale sign used in an empty plot of land on the map, a staff only sign, and a CCTV surveillance notice. The last two are on the supermarket. And also are decals instead of middle textures, like the for sale sign is.


  9. NEW SEMI-MAJOR UPDATE RELEASED: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vrG7mhn7dsZTuRtARuFK9Dj5dkT6DyjM/view?usp=sharing

    (Can also be downloaded from the original post.)

    Version 1.1:

    • Removed unused sprites, textures, and actors. Like the broken and unusable glass I had made for the gas station.
    • Updated some code comments to match the current iteration of the code they are for.
    • Added editor keys to the grey metal barrel prop.
    • Optimized the PNG textures used by the models, not sure how I forgot to do that before releasing the map.
    • Added a new desktop that can appear on the office computers.
    • Slightly raised one of the buildings behind the supermarket.
    • Removed unused defined camera textures, originally the supermarket camera system would just be one monitor for each camera, but that was WAY too inefficient for performance, so I had to make the scripted fullscreen switchable camera instead.
    • Fixed the trash can lid so it appears again when the trash can is destroyed.
    • Added credits to Cherno for the SimSun shader my models use, I forgot to add credit because the shader was a completely last minute addition.
    • On the subject of the shader, the computer monitors no longer use it, so they appear brighter again.
    • Added FreeDoom door textures on the front doors of the AGM office. And added FreeDoom door sounds on the whole office area.
    • Added siren sounds to the police cars around the map.
    • Made a wall that could be climbed to get out of bounds impassable by players.


    Urban prop pack released:

    Besides this update and cleanup to the map. I have also decided to release the urban props I've made as a standalone pack that can be used for your maps. Besides the assets I've entirely made myself, it also includes the props whose sprites are originally from Realm667 such as the trashcans, but which I've made a lot of changes to, like new code and sprites for them. I've also added some comments explaining how to add more graphics that randomly appear on the billboard and PC models.

    However some things that only make sense and work in the context of the gz_bigcity map have been removed such as:

    • The "I am with stupid" UAC graphic doesn't appear on the billboard, since it's a joke that makes sense only in the context of the map*.
    • The easter egg desktop texture on the PC that is literally my own PCs' desktop has been removed. Since it's a joke specifically tied to me, the easter egg desktop that is a recursive screenshot of the PC model in Blender is still kept though.
    • The train model is only a static prop in the pack. Since the mechanism by which it moves in gz_bigcity is incredibly hardcoded and tied to the map itself.

    DOWNLOAD LINK:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Gp2hsd4hph2iC7iAuzs6qoxUzyibqlCK/view?usp=sharing

    Note: This also obviously doesn't include the very map specific models like the gas station roofs and mountain in the skybox.

    But all this exposition text is boring, so here are renders of the prop models that I made for the map:

    All the (relatively) small model props:
    (Full resolution render)

    The billboard model:
    (Full resolution render)

    The train model:
    (Full resolution render)

    *The UAC office building is just a bit further down the street from the AGM building.

  10. 1 hour ago, Astronomical said:

    My only 2 issues are the framerate, and that is 100% on my end, and the way the wad is bundled into 3 parts, I don't know why the wad couldn't have been 1 pk3, but I don't know anything about GZDoom Mapping, (I barely understand Boom and Vanilla mapping let alone GZdoom) so that could also be on me.

    The Voxel Vehicles pack is packaged separately because I want to avoid any conflicts or duplication issues with any other map or mod loaded along gz_bigcity, that may also use the pack. But it wouldn't be too hard to merge it with the main map PK3.

    ObAddon_Textures.wad though is just included separately because there is somehow no Doom tool to extract only the textures a certain map(set) uses. SLADE has maintenance options that include removing unused flats and textures, but those only work for WADs. Except they don't since when I put all the ObAddon textures on the maps' WAD file under TX_ markers, those maintenance options still did nothing. The only other method I have to only included the textures needed for the map, besides doing it all manually and taking forever. Is that I apparently can use MTrop's Doom tools for that, specifically WTexScan and WTexport, but when I ran the former it didn't work due to the regional format of my PC.

    So I'll have to wait until that is fixed to try again. If I can get it to work, then I'll merge all the textures to the map instead of having to include the whole resource WAD.

  11. 4 hours ago, DaxxAlabel said:

    This is a really cool map, and the amount of detail is impressive. Just wish there was things to shoot at, would make a really cool open ended combat map

    You could always duke it out with the inanimate objects on the map :p

    More seriously, you could just spawn in monsters to fight through the console, or place monsters and items on the map through a level editor like UDB.


    2 hours ago, Major Arlene said:

    all fair enough, I was kinda going off of the screenshots but yeah, Zandro UDMF is not nearly as robust so completely understandable!

    Most of the problems I could list off the top of my head had more to do with Zandronum's lack of ZScript rather than lack of mapping features.

  12. 16 minutes ago, Major Arlene said:

    A giant stretch but I'd love to see this as a Zandro compat map for Prop Hunt game modes and the like! This looks sick though, congrats on the release!

    Not really doable without hugely downgrading the map, since it uses so many GZDoom features. Just off the top of my head:

    The map uses a static portal for the parking lot under the AGM office, which in Zandronum would have to be replaced with a crappy teleport transition to the part of the map where the interior is located. Which also means that monsters wouldn't be able to get in or out at all. Nor would you be able to hear sounds that should be hearable outside the lot. Such as the train crossing.

    On the subject of the train, it uses ZScript for its custom physics, that allows it to damage things in front of it while also pushing them forward, WITHOUT being forced to slow down. Which to do in Zandronum would probably require several hundred lines of hacky ACS code, which I don't know how to write. That or the train would just have to use normal physics, and stop when it hits something on its' path, until it eventually kills or destroys it.

    The map also uses a modified version of ZDoom's sky camera, made by drPyspy and modified and made customizable by me, since nobody will ever natively implement a 3D sky camera similar to the one in Source. This modified camera can actually move around the 3D skybox relative to the players' movement. And is the reason gz_bigcity's skybox is so seamless that you don't even know where the map ends and the skybox starts, unless you look REALLY close, or cheat and start flying around.
    In Zandronum the modified sky camera would have to be replaced with an ACS solution instead. Which IS apparently possible to do, but would likely also be very hacky. And once again, I don't know how I would write that either lol.

    The thousands of trees in the forest are made lightweight enough to not turn the map in a slideshow by me simply changing their statnum to STAT_INFO, so that they do not "think" at all. This is an optimization that I know for a matter of fact is not doable in ACS at all. And just using the NoInteraction flag does not actually reduce the overhead of an actor either. So in Zandronum the forest would need to be entirely ditched and replaced with bad cardboard cutouts of trees. While in the current version of the map, the only tree line cutouts are only very far away in the skybox. Where you can barely distinguish them from the thousands of individual trees closer to the map.



    Three out of these four reasons I listed involve Zandronum not having ZScript lol.


  13. 10 minutes ago, NaturalTvventy said:

    Whenever I select "sandbox" GZDoom crashes. v g4.7.0.


    Does it crash the moment you select the Sandbox episode ? If yes then I'm not sure if that's a bug with the map, since the skill selection is supposed to come up after you select an episode.


    If it crashes after you select a skill and the map starts to load, then do you get some kind of crash log or error message that you could send me ? And what's your hardware ? I suspect this may be because the map takes about a second or two to load even on my i5-11500 for some reason.

  14. Everything I make in my maps is something that I initially feel is bad and not what I envisioned at all. So I keep it because otherwise I just wouldn't be making maps at all.

    And even when it comes to maps, I've almost never just abandoned a map that hasn't been at least finished, if not playtested*. I've made about 20-30 maps so far, and out of them I've only abandoned about 3-4 of them mid development.

    *And I definitely have a lot of maps that are finished, but that I just haven't playtested from start to finish.

  15. To make naturalistic sloped hills in UDMF, you need to draw a bunch of triangular sectors together. Which in GZDB/UDB's visual mode will make upside down pyramids appear over each vertex of the triangular sectors, like so:


    Then you can just select and move those handles up and down like you would with any sector.

    If you see any holes like this one, check the shape of the sector where the hole is, to see if it's actually triangular.


    And if you can't see any slope handles, press ALT+V, it toggles whether or not the vertex slope handles will render in visual mode.

    And here is an example map with the slopes hill from the above screenshots.

  16. Well it's not hard to figure out that the error message titles are not serious, almost all of them read like very obvious jokes like "You picked up the Random Exception." or "This function is only available in the retail version of GZDoom Builder".


    Besides, even if GZDB did ever actually delete all the files in system in any circumstance. Then you wouldn't be using it because nobody would've recommended it to you or anyone else in the first place.

  17. On 11/5/2021 at 7:39 PM, WARDUST said:

    and some new enemies

    How come all of the character and weapon sprites are of Imperial troops and weapons. But there's also a CIS droid included ? Unless they are ones repurposed by the Empire I suppose.

    On 12/16/2021 at 12:51 PM, WARDUST said:

    more movement....

    Seconding LightiningStorm here, the side walking animation looks too awkward. Not to mention that the head of the walker doesn't move at all.

  18. You don't need to use Polyobj_ExplicitLine to make a polyobject like this, it's as simple as simply using a raised floor sector instead of a void space for the polyobject.


    I attached a basic example map of such a door below.


    Also, you could use 3D middle textures to make a polyobject too, though the caveat is that you can't use the Block Hitscans flag on the polyobject lines, without having the lines block hitscans infinitely high, unlike projectiles and other actors, which are blocked as high up as the middle texture extends. The advantage they have over raised floor polyobjects though, is that they can be transparent, so you could make something like a shop entrance door with them.


  19. 14 hours ago, ketmar said:

    ah, and you also have to check dynamic lighting in k8vavoom itself, because it's light formulas are slightly different from GZDoom, so UDB 3d preview with dynlights will not exactly match what you will see in k8vavoom. it is roughly the same, but not exact.


    That shouldn't be much of an issue, to this day UDB does not cast GZDoom's crappy shadowmaps in visual mode, which is a bigger differennce between visual mode and in-game, than there would be with UDB not displaying K8Vavoom's slightly different from GZDoom, lights.