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  1. inkoalawetrust

    Would DOOM be in the same genre as Garten of BanBan?

    I don't think these games are in the same league at all to be honest. Doom is nowhere near as good as Garten of PeakPeak.
  2. I think a purpose that both isn't a purpose with a paycheck but also puts a roof over your head are pretty mutually exclusive.
  3. Okay honestly, you seem to need actual help, like a therapist or something. I also recall you posted something about your teeth before, about how they've started hurting and how you don't trust the dentist. So uh, jesus christ go visit the damn dentist before your teeth fucking rot and it's too late, everyone else has already told you that in that thread and it's clearly still relevant. That thread was what finally pushed me over the edge and made me go to the dentist for my own teeth IMMEDIATELY, which I had planned to do eventually but ended up doing ASAP because it made me paranoid that my teeth might already be fucked, thankfully mine were just really yellowed. You should go to a dentist too before it's too late for you. Also, ask a moderator to delete that fucking post you made on the selfie thread you are a 16 year old FFS, that thread is a already a horrendous idea as is. And again, please see a goddamn therapist.
  4. inkoalawetrust

    How to program contact-damage in DECORATE?

    What version of GZDoom are you using ? Like the wiki says, I added those XF_ flags like XF_THRUSTLESS in 4.11.0, if you are targeting an older version, you can also just not use the flag, but the explosion will push actors away. As for the player not being affected, you can also try changing the explosion radius from Radius*2 to something a bit higher. That's just because of how explosions work (The victims' origin must be in radius in particular). You could set the radius to something like Radius*3 instead, and that should be enough to keep human-sized monsters like Imps inside the damage radius.
  5. inkoalawetrust

    How to program contact-damage in DECORATE?

    The simplest way you could do it in DECORATE is by having the cactus repeatedly call A_Explode with a small radius. And also maybe with the XF_THRUSTLESS flag (Which I added myself) too, so that the radius damage doesn't push away actors near the cactus. A set of parameters like these should work: A_Explode (2,Radius*2,XF_NOTMISSILE|XF_THRUSTLESS,False,Radius*2) These parameters will do 2 damage every time the function is called, any actor in the cactus' radius time 2 (i.e 50 map units in this case) will be caught by the "contact"/blast damage, the XF_ flags make sure that the attack won't be credited to the cactus' target (Like projectile damage is), and that the blast won't push away victims. The false bool is so the explosion doesn't alert anything. And the second radius*2 parameter is to make sure that there is no damage falloff with distance from the cactus.
  6. There's two ways this'll go. Either it'll be cracked in like a month and lead to a method to scrub off these watermarks. Or it'll make it basically impossible to use any type of media anymore. Looking forward to all the random innocent people getting flagged by this stupid thing as leakers when they buy a release version of some movie or game though !
  7. Well not necessarily, even if it was malware (It's not), you'd usually still need to run it too.
  8. inkoalawetrust

    Share Your Sprites!

    The UAC hologram from Realm667 doesn't spin ? That's news to me, I was the one that updated it, and one of the features I particularly had in mind when I wanted to update it, was to make it possible to make the holograms able to be changed into spinning flatsprites (Before adding other stuff like consolidating the different hologram actors into one actor). The .zip file the resource comes in (And the PK3 inside it) have a small text file that explains all the user variables that can be used to customize the singular hologram actor. For example, you can have a red modern UAC logo that spins at exactly 2.2 degrees per tic, with no dynamic lighting and particles. Also, the spinning effect needs User_2DSprite (To turn the actor into a +FLATSPRITE).
  9. inkoalawetrust

    Does Doom have AI?

    Well not generative AI, that's AI that creates media like text and images. But yes, there's lots of cases of hobbyists training machine learning algorithms to navigate video game environments and play games, though nothing as complex as training an AI (Or perhaps multiple AI's handling different things, like one for moving and another for shooting, working in unison) to play a whole FPS game. Here's an example of an AI trained on Trackmania courses. Edit: Lol, I forgot to actually write the rest of the text, so I never even specified what's "As complex as training an AI", training an AI to do what ?
  10. inkoalawetrust

    monster teleport traps trigged from an item

    You don't even need a script to do this. If you give an item a special in the editor, like a Door_Open special to open a monster closet, it'll automatically be triggered when the item is picked up. But like plums said, you should make sure it's something that the player can always pick up, or has to, like a key. Alternatively, you can also attach a special to one of the actors available on the "Sector Actions" category in the Edit Thing menu - and make a teleport trap without using a classic teleport room at all. For example, you can set up a teleport trap with these steps: Put a bunch of monsters in an out of bounds room and give them a specific tag in the Action/Tag/Misc tab (e.g tag 123). Add a teleport destination with its' own tag. (e.g 666) And another destination at the spot in the map you want them to teleport at, like outside the room the player triggered the trap in. Give that a tag too like 667. Now, attach the "Teleport Group" special on an "Actor enters sector" and turn on the "Activate once only" flag. Pass the tag of the monsters to teleport, the tag of the starting teleport destination that they'll teleport relative to, and the ending destination. Then you can also fiddle with other settings like if each monster should spawn the teleporter effect or teleport silently. When you enter the sector the Sector Action special is in, it'll trigger the teleport special and teleport all the monsters (Or any actor tagged) will teleport in the room outside, relative to the teleport destination. This method also allows for more fine control than classic teleport traps (But those are still useful if you want an enemies pouring in effect), like how it allows you to teleport the monsters in with a specific formation. Of course, this can also be done with lines too if you want.
  11. inkoalawetrust


    If you are going to be making monster models too, and want the chaingun to be a bit more realistic. Then it might be better to just redesign it into more of an actual minigun, maybe something with a top handle that the chaingunner and player grab it from and put it under their arm, firing it with an ammo pack they're carrying instead of a comically tiny magazine, which is visually how the chaingunner does it too anyway. Basically something like this, but with a much slower fire rate.
  12. inkoalawetrust

    Anyone know how to intentionally crash a game?

    Most of the ways to actually crash the game are very esoteric, in GZDoom at least, the game isn't meant to actually hard crash at all, so most crashes are the result of something in the actual engine breaking instead of the result of a mod, so the two easiest ways to "Crash" the game are to spawn an actor that goes to a state with a duration of 0 tics, like this. Class Freeze : Actor { States { Spawn: TNT1 A 0; Loop; } } This creates an infinite recursion, and should work on any ZDoom-based engine. That being said, it might caused unwanted behavior like lag potentially, though from my experience infinite recursions just clog up and stop the game, and don't cause anything else to lag. Either way, this won't actually crash, it'll just close eventually, either on its' own or by the user closing it themselves. An alternate GZDoom only method would be to just call ThrowAbortException(), this is also even more guaranteed to do what you want, it'll just cause a VM abort, which is not a crash, it just stops the level. Normally this is used to add custom VM aborts with custom messages and logs for mods, but you can also use it for this purpose.
  13. inkoalawetrust

    Advanced modding - a hell of a doubt!

    Most of the behavior you are describing, like drivable vehicles, custom weapons etc, is done in ZDoom and GZDoom mods with DECORATE (And usually ACS too for engines like Zandronum) and ZScript. The latter is GZDoom only and should be used over DECORATE for GZDoom mods. Assets are just added as part of the WAD or PK3 file, either made entirely by the modder, ripped from something else, or edited from another source etc. The ZDoom wiki also has a page on how to set up WAD and PK3 files. Vanilla Doom PWADS could only carry assets and not code, but pretty much every other source port allows for at the very least being able to ship mods with DEHACKED patches, which can do at least a few of the basic effects ZScript and DECORATE can - with much more difficulty that is. As for how the game knows how to do stuff like render voxels instead of sprites, that's because ZDoom is actually made with that being possible in mind. Yes, in the case of DECORATE, especially 2014 DECORATE like what you need to have a Zandronum mod, you are very much limited to only pre-existing functions in the engine, but ACS and especially ZScript allow you to code your own custom behavior and systems from scratch.
  14. inkoalawetrust

    A guy managed to run Doom on Notepad.

    Don't the bacteria and pregnancy tests ones also use those things as display devices though, so this use of turning the Notepad into a display device is still the same type of port.
  15. I think you need to see a psychiatrist not a Doom mod.