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  1. inkoalawetrust

    arena.wad (My first map)

    On the thread i made for my third ever map i said that sooner or later i'd upload my first ever serious attempt at a map. Now it's been nearly a month since i made the thread for Lab Infestation and here is my first working map. The map is an arena map (Duh) surrounded by a giant lake of lava and with the exit so far away that you cannot reach it alive unless you get a radsuit. This map was made at least 2 months ago in vanilla doom format and also includes two seperate versions one of which is a BD version that has extra BD assets to it* and the other is a CO-OP version that has both players start at the same start point as the SP version but with double the starting items for each player. It should also be kept in mind that this was my first ever succesful map that worked properly and that it was made at a time when i didn't know to make walls out of voids** or how to make working doors*** and that now i do know how to do those things so you should consider that if you are going to criticise this map. Requirements: Only doom2.wad is needed (And BD for the BD version*) Constant sprinting (Or turning CL_Run on) is also needed to reach the end before the radsuit runs out Since the map is vanilla format any limit removing port will probably do fine DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1T_1f05EMqBE1ESNGXNr95g5S0WZ4Cjan *Im pretty sure i don't need to explain this but if you want to play that version properly you'll obviously need Brutal Doom. **However i replaced the sector walls with proper void walls in the main version of the map. ***Also if you open the .wad in a map editor and look at the edges of the lava lake you'll notice that i had put raised floor walls all around the map too for some reason despite it being unnecesary.
  2. inkoalawetrust

    Let's Be Revealing

    Favorite Movie Genre: None, it's pretty random what films i watch and actually like Favorite Food: Fast food and junk food Favorite Holiday: Any holiday that allows me to not have to go anywhere or do anything and just stay home Favorite Memory: None that i remember Worst Memory: I'd rather not say since there are too many anyway Age: I'd rather not say again Favorite Outift: As long as it covers my body and protects me from low temperatures during the winter i don't care what it looks like Favorite Genre Of Music: None, it's basically completely random what i like and don't like though i lean towards electronic music usually Most Hated Genre Of Music: Nothing specific but the majority of the time i hate anything with lyrics Left Or Right Handed: I use both of my hands for different things Worst Injury: When i was young i fell on the side of a wooden table from a bed and cracked my skull and bled around a liter of blood before being sent to the emergency room and having my skull stitched back together like i was Frankensteins' monster Favorite Hobby: Nothing Your Definition Of Success: Having unlimited access to junk and fast food and having a high end computer
  3. inkoalawetrust

    Win 7 users, what's your plan come end of the year?

    I have way too much stuff that i can't move to another machine on my Windows 7 installation and from my experience Windows 10 is absolute garbage in every conceivable way from how dull and lifeless the GUI looks to the constant unnecesary forced updates, ads and bloatware to how much said unnecesary trash makes PCs slow down so when Windows 7 support ends i'll just keep using the OS. After all i don't even think that my Windows 7 has updated in months anyway.
  4. inkoalawetrust

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    At least week ago i decided to stop working on my sandbox city map since i got tired of working on it and instead began working on another map instead. This time im trying to make it more gameplay focused with level layouts that don't really make sense instead of making the map semi-realistic and while i've made quite a bit of progress on the map, my biggest achievement so far has been managing to at least vaguely comprehend how DECORATE works so i could make a custom boss using sprites i made myself and it actually turned out decent with the exception of weird sprite rotations (And i don't really know how to fix that issue.). Oh also making the 20-30 lines of code the actor consists of took me 2 HOURS and im pretty sure anyone who knew what they were doing could not only do it 5 minutes but they could also do it better than me. This is pretty much the first time i've ever done any programming and wrote any code ever though. I also managed to make a truck out of sectors and managed to do as good of a job at it as it can be done without resorting to 3D floors, and i managed to get a truck 3D model i had made to work without crashing my game or causing extreme lag after somebody cleaned up the model in Blender and sent the cleaned up version to me The custom boss i made: The sector truck and truck 3D model: Two screenshots from the rest of the level:
  5. inkoalawetrust

    DOOM 4 VANILLA - v1.2 RELEASED: Faster weapons

    I just downloaded the .rar file you linked on your thread and it seems to be corrupted since when i tried opening it it says that the file is either in an unknown format or destroyed. Edit: The reupload you linked above is broken too.
  6. inkoalawetrust

    DOOM 4 VANILLA - v1.2 RELEASED: Faster weapons

    3 of the 4 images on the main thread seem to be missing. @Noiser You should probably fix this.
  7. inkoalawetrust

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I've never went past the first 1-3 levels of Doom 1 or 2 and have no interest in either games. I don't even play on normal difficulty, instead playing on Hey Not Too Rough since im absolutely terrible at the game. I haven't played any vanilla source ports like Chocolate Doom and after testing out Eternity i think i'll just stick with ZDoom and it's derivatives. Those are the ones i can think of for now at least.
  8. inkoalawetrust

    Lab Infestation (My third map)

    After a month of back and forth work and motivation on this i have finally finished it and decided that this is the first map i should upload here.* A month or so ago i had made a map simply called lab.wad, i finished it and was fine with it and started working on another map, but eventually i started getting multiple ideas for a map and since they fit the theme of lab.wad i decided that instead of making a new map from scratch, i should just expand upon lab.wad** and room by room idea by idea the current final version of lab extended.wad came to be. The map definitely works with GZDoom and i don't see any reason for why it wouldn't work on other ZDoom based ports like Zandronum since i don't think i used any GZDoom specific features in it. Edit: I made a second version with some small improvements: An extra step on the portal in the final room so you don't have to jump on it Clarification on what you need to do to in the final room Buffed the chainsaw zombies Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=10tUKHcmrgatUWldgina8NXjc8__Q_m3H (I couldn't get the archive to upload on the forum.) Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/XZOYYGR (Sorry that i don't know how to embed imgur albums) The Orginal lab.wad The original map is a pretty small map i had made after watching several long gameplay videos of mods like brutal doom and project brutality and thinking to myself " I should try making a map like those cool maps these channels record videos of". The map is about 5-13 minutes of gameplay or maybe even less. *I'll upload my very first serious working map sooner or later along with my second one. **And because i didn't even know where to start with a new map
  9. inkoalawetrust

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    For the last 2 days or so i've been working on a sandbox style city map similar to gm_bigcity but i haven't made much progress considering that the map is going to be 24576x24576 MP across because im making enterable buildings like a fast food to make it a little more complex.. Here's some screenshots from my progress so far:
  10. inkoalawetrust

    What's everyone's opinion of SLADE?

    It crashes all the time for me even by something as simple as trying to close it so i avoid using it and instead use pk3 files, because i can edit those with something like WinRAR which doesn't constantly crash. But when there's something like a doom format graphic or audio file i can only really use SLADE to see it. Plus i obviouly still need SLADE if i want to look into or extract something from a .wad but besides that i avoid using it.
  11. Since yesterday night i've began work on a big sandbox city map. In fact it's so big that when i deleted some of the linedefs for a road it causes the rest of the road sector to have a weird glitchy line effect in visual mode and also the music eventually broke for no reason and doesn't play and there is weird light effect in a large chunk of the map where if you look at that chunk from certain angles in freelook it appears much darker than the rest of the map.


    But most importantly the map is so big that when i open in in GZDB Bugfix it causes my old office PC to lag because the editor needs to use so much memory.

  12. inkoalawetrust

    Lab Infestation (My third map)

    I should've probably made it more obvious that in the final room you need to kill all the monsters in the excavation site and cave for the bars to lower. Also yes i accidentally made the steps too big to simply walk up to and i may end up making a minor update on the map eventually with some changes. In the hangar bay there is a bunch of ammunition on top of the ship that you need to jump over the rails to get but i presume you took the highest platform and launched yourself on top of the ship by sprinting instead. The way to get to the desert section is hidden inside the final room and requires you to climb something and jump on it until you can see the trigger to go to the secret desert section. And also that desert section is 100% a Serious Sam reference complete with almost the exact small opening text of the first level in The First Encounter.
  13. inkoalawetrust

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Im not sure about this but that kind of thing probably wasn't even technically feasible or would be too hard to implement at the time Doom or Doom 2 were released. But what you are describing sounds like a feature straight out of Brutal Doom or Project Brutality and likely one of the two mods has something so you could try getting both mods an seeing if there's anything like it in them.
  14. I've pretty much finished the map and am at the stage of placing enemies but that has lead me to getting sick of my own map because of how many times i've played it over and over and over and over again.

    1. bzzrak


      Have someone else do the enemies then, your work will turn into plain raging and you'll never get it released since you'll be progressively less and less satisfied with it the more you work on it


      Find a mapper you like, maybe a lesser known one, and DM them asking if they could do it


      It'll also be another collab map which is always nice 

    2. inkoalawetrust


      @bzzrak no need for that i managed to place enemies down and make the map beatable now im focusing on changing things like the music and trying to figure out why i can't get my custom intermission background to work

  15. Ever since i made that previous message my motivation and interest has diminished quite a lot but im still randomly spending several hours worth of time working on maps.

  16. inkoalawetrust

    What is your hobby?

    I have no consistent hobbies but for the last month or so i have been making Doom maps and while i've made several maps my interest on it has become inconsistent meaning that some days (Like this whole day) i won't do any work on my maps while some days i spent several hours working on it (Like i did yesterday) but a few weeks i go i made maps and messed around with things when i ran out of things to do like watching youtube videos (Which was pretty often). So far i've made like 3-4 finished maps and just two weeks ago or so i was working on two maps at once however since my interest has diminished im currently only working on one of the two maps which is an extended version of a map i've already finished because i considered the original version to be too short.
  17. I've been working on 2 maps at once for the last 2-3 weeks or so randomly swapping my efforts between the too.


    At least know how to make proper doors and walls now so that's good.

  18. inkoalawetrust

    Walls do not block projectiles

    So im making a custom WAD on Doom Builder 2 but an issue that i keep encountering and that i don't know how to fix is that the walls i make cannot block non-hitscan projectiles (e.g the ones Imps throw) and im lost on what to do since im pretty sure i have tried everything to fix this. Note: Originally the walls i made couldn't block hitscans either but i found a thread explaining what to do to fix that and i just had to turned off the "Double Sided" option.
  19. inkoalawetrust

    Walls do not block projectiles

    I only tried building walls from a single linedef the first day (AKA yesterday) i started using Doom Bulder. This time i had used two linedefs before finally figuring out that i can make walls by lowering/raising sectors just 10-20 minutes ago.
  20. inkoalawetrust

    Walls do not block projectiles

    I don't need to now since i figured out how to make the walls block projectiles now. I just made the area i wanna have a wall into a sector and then lowered it down and made a proper wall that way (Although hits don't leave burn marks) but i had to texture every angle because in-game the walls would be see through if i did not.
  21. inkoalawetrust

    Walls do not block projectiles

    On what ? How i made the walls ? If you mean how i made the walls then i can't explain that because i don't know how too and if you mean an example of how i made the building i don't know that either so i can't make an example map either.
  22. inkoalawetrust

    GZDoom won't play custom WADs

    @Edward850Sorry for not responding for so long, the forum wouldn't let me post anything else yesterday. I tried what you told me and i can load most levels most of the time now.
  23. inkoalawetrust

    GZDoom won't play custom WADs

    So since last night i've tried to get GZDoom to play several custom WADs that i made with Oblige but none of them work. When i try just opening one of the the generated WADs with Doom1.wad on the same directory i get this while when i attempt to open the custom WAD without Doom1 in the GZDoom directory too i get this instead. If it isn't already obvious i have no real experience with anything Doom and/or modding related.
  24. inkoalawetrust

    GZDoom won't play custom WADs

    Well I'll see if it works when i'm back home in a few hours.
  25. inkoalawetrust

    GZDoom won't play custom WADs

    So since i use Doom 2 through the generators' settings I'll need to load both the custom .wad and the .wad for doom 2 for it to work properly ?