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  1. Hey doomers! I recently came back to classic doom cause my pc kick the bucket so i was without one for almost a year but im back now :) i was wondering what did i miss? any good recent wads? or best wads you have ever seen or played? so i can try them out :) so far i really liked Eviternity and im looking for a ton more! looking forward to see what you guys love to play!
  2. that was before the game was out i wanna know how it runs with people that beat the entire game on this card so they can tell me if itll drop or not later on in the levels ;p but let me check this video ,thanks edit: i checked the video thats doom and not eternal i want to know for doom eternal..
  3. hmm can anyone help me out that has a similar card or knows how well it will perform throughout the game before i buy it ;p
  4. i guess that's true anyway the anwser is YES haha by the looks of it :)
  5. alright will do well darn if i knew there was a topic like this i wouldnt of post it again lol my bad bro
  6. Hey i have a question, sure i could check the specs on steam but that doesnt really tell me how well the game will run tho lol so i guess ill ask here cause maybe some one has a pc similar to mine and that plays it... my specs are : Ryzen 5 1500X 3,9GHZ (4 core 8 thread) 16GB DDR4 3200MHZ GTX 1050 Ti 4GB SSD Drive 120GB (for games) whats holding me back is my gpu i know this the rest of my pc is totally fine but can the gtx 1050 ti run eternal? all i want is to run the game at low 1080p at 60fps stable, thats it ill prob turn on dynamic resolution too will it be able to hold 60 all the time? i have the game on ps4 but i really just rather play it on PC so much more fun besides i play my classics doom's on pc as well i like to keep the franchise on this system.
  7. Hey everyone, Just wanted to stop in and say hi im going to post regularly here now, im not really new i followed doomworld for many years but mainly just for wads/mods etc.. but now i want to socialize with other doom fans as well.. ill introduce my self im a 31 years old dude from amsterdam lol that loves all the doom games big fan of them... its pretty much all i play well that and sometimes rpgs's, the only game tho i did not beat is Doom 3 i was thinking of revisiting it is it even worth my time? or should i just skip it completely? anyway cool to be here and to see doom being so alive still especially the classics... i remember watching my brother play doom and wolfenstein on the pc back when i was rly young im 31 now so thats a very long time ago i still remember it very clearly too it used to scare me those demon sounds haha... anyway doom 3 bfg worth playing?
  8. DoomerNL

    gzdoom priorty stuck on low cant change why?

    oh ok then ill just leave it alone thanks hehe i dont need to do this in games anymore? cuz its kind of anoyying every time i boot up a game i do this
  9. hey guys i have a issue i think, for all my games i always do ctrl alt del and go to task manager and set the game priorty to high for better performance.. but for gzdoom it wont listen it keeps going back to low priorty why? is there a way to change it?
  10. DoomerNL

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    thanks bud
  11. DoomerNL

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    DUDE what mod is that? with damage numbers popping up? EDIT:also what weapon mod pack is that?
  12. Hey guys , As most people know by now gzdoom has a new api called vulkan but if i play doom 2 with no mods at all its pretty stable never crashes, but when i boot up project brutality or brutal doom after a bit of playing it crashes EVERYTIME why is that is mods not supported yet with vulkan?
  13. DoomerNL

    Anyone got a GTX 1050 Ti and Doom Eternal?

    48 minimum ouch not what i wanted but thats with rs off im betting with it on itll be 60 most of the time? if so then its pretty good i guess ,i guess its a buy then i mean 60 fps on average without scaling i bet with scaling itll be even better it would make sense? i hope that 48 turns into 60 ;p
  14. DoomerNL

    Anyone got a GTX 1050 Ti and Doom Eternal?

    i already did my research tho if you read my post,like i said all the benchmarks videos ive checked was only during the first level im trying to find some one here who completed the entire game with this card then that person can tell me if it will drop later on or not, you know what i mean? the game is 60euro i dont wanna spend it and then having it lag ya know? edit: also usually the first couple of levels are not demanding at all cause the game teaches you and takes it easy on you this doesnt tell me how master levels and crazy fights will play out,i guess i could ask on steam as well maybe some one there has a gtx 1050 ti and completed it
  15. DoomerNL

    Anyone got a GTX 1050 Ti and Doom Eternal?

    i dont mind having it on low couple people told me this game looks great on low i just want a stable 60fps that is all... im not struggling but i do like mouse and keyboard for my dooms =/ also i did check that santiago video with scaling on it was holding 60fps as you can see but thats only the first level with very few enemies what about master levels or big big fights? i want to know if its still holding 60 then =/ because on the ps4 pro theres like almost NO drops at all only drops for a second when you freeze bunch of enemies but that last litterly less than a second