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  1. dr_qui

    Music to Doom to..

    Best music ? Rob Zombie of course
  2. dr_qui

    alternative hud weapons ?

    Anyone out there know of decent alternative hud weapons for doom 1/2 ? I know about the abbspack stuff and the like but i'm really looking for something more life like.
  3. dr_qui

    Favorite Quake Weapon

    Super nailgun also . To me it fells like the only weapon with the right "weight". (i.e. feels good to wield in a tight situation).
  4. dr_qui


    Yeah sure, i'll play your new level when it's out. It's always good to see someone out there still making stuff for vanilla doom.
  5. dr_qui

    Strife/Heretic Problem

    For heretic use the doomsday engine (jheretic), and as for strife - don't bother it's cack.
  6. dr_qui


    Favourite f.p.s.? doom all the way, but for a change of speed try kingpin. Okay it's getting on a bit now but it still holds up a lot of challenges on the harder skill levels and it looks nice i.e urban and gritty. And lets not forget that it has a serious flame thrower which looks awesome even now. Worth a play I reckon.
  7. dr_qui

    Dennis Quaid as Doom Guy

    Awesome idea. If we must have an actor how about Bruce Campbell or maybe Vin Diesel in a wig. (then again, maybe not)
  8. dr_qui

    will we see crash ?

    If people are not supposed to add to older threads , then why don't you close them when youv'e had enough ? Not all of us have been on this forum for long (in fact i've never been on one before - guess it shows) and we don't all know the proceedures that you adhere to. I know that I will get flamed for this but iv'e just got to know where dumb f**kers like me stand. It's easy to criticize an idiot. Compassion is all that's needed to guide us to understanding.
  9. dr_qui

    quake2 or Half Life add-on?

    Tenebrae is good for quake 1 - sweet looking. Also look at poke 646 mod for halflife, it's brilliant and shows you what can be acheived with time and effort. Quake 2 - never saw a mod that did it justice, so perhaps that's the way to go.
  10. dr_qui


    Like the way your'e thinking DSM. I just hope if they do that,then it had better be as good as half life's radiation ideas.
  11. dr_qui

    will we see crash ?

    After all ,she is supposed to be the doom dude's teacher. What do you guys think ?
  12. dr_qui


    An alien vs predator film looks likely. I trust you all saw the alien skull in the trophy room of the predator spaceship at the end of predator 2 ? It's the smallest detail that will give it away. If they do, I hope the ending is better than alien 4.
  13. dr_qui

    Infamous serial killers

    Don't have a favorite real killer, but I think in fiction it's got to be Francis Dollarhyde , the "tooth fairy" from "red dragon / manhunter". Good films both if you haven't seen them.
  14. dr_qui

    Terminator 3

    The film will be fine if not great and I want some csm-101 glasses like off the cover to the first film. They would go well with my bike (gsx 1400)
  15. dr_qui

    XBox Doom III

    He's right you know. That article was a wind up.