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  1. mrdna1

    The worst wads

    I'm convinced that Auferstehung is just an elaborate joke by someone with way too much time on their hands ... I refuse to believe that someone is honestly dumb enough to have multiple copies of Doom and Freedoom (among other things) scattered among the 30+ data files for their Slige-generated project and not notice. Still, hearing a crackly "DIE YOU SON OF A BITCH" every time I do anything in it makes me smile at its complete absurdity.
  2. mrdna1

    trying to find a certain mansion WAD

    I looked through a bunch of levels from the /idgames archives (pretty much anything with mansion/house in the title/description) and didn't have any luck. I kinda have the feeling it was one of the oddball maps from one of my old shovelware CDs and that I'll have to dig through those some day I have nothing better to do, but I still haven't a damn clue. are there any utilities out there for viewing the layout of Doom maps, sort of like the Windows image viewer but for WADs? I'm almost positive I could identify it from that alone (since if I'm remembering right, there'd be four or five somewhat-identical maps within one level because of the teleport-stairs).
  3. mrdna1

    trying to find a certain mansion WAD

    it's almost definitely an older wad ... probably at least three or four years old.
  4. mrdna1

    trying to find a certain mansion WAD

    The bookcases are ringing a bell, yeah.
  5. mrdna1

    trying to find a certain mansion WAD

    I'm about 75% sure ... but to be honest, I remember so little about the level aside from the fact that it was huge and mazy and houselike that anything could be possible.
  6. a while ago I came across a really cool level for Doom (not sure whether it was 1 or 2) that was this gigantic creepy mansion ... I don't remember much about the plot or such, but I do remember that it was dark, labyrinthine, filled with those teleporting staircases (the fake floor-over-floor effect), and I think most of the interior textures were either grey or green stone of some sort. A cursory glance at /idgames hasn't pulled up anything for me, so I'm hoping that someone knows what I'm talking about as I'd really like to play it again.
  7. mrdna1

    rare Doom I/II commercial add-ons

    i have the Demon Gate CD with like 3000 levels or whatever, and the only way it's worth the plastic made from is if you really enjoy bad levels. I can play through WADS full of STARTAN3 all day, hence I love it.
  8. mrdna1

    The /newstuff Chronicles #278

    what's with the resurgence in jokewads? (okay, like two in the past few weeks, but still) they're pretty cool and all (although anyone who uses JeffK-speak, ironic or not, should be slaughtered), but I'm starting to wonder if we'll see some kind of planetary collapse when someone makes an unintentionally bad jokewad.
  9. mrdna1

    The /newstuff Chronicles #273

    if I were to play Doom on acid/shrooms, I think it would look *exactly* like The New Adventure.
  10. While digging through some old CD-ROMs, I found the one that went along with my old "Tricks of the DOOM Programming Gurus" book ... since Waded always crapped out on me after a certain point in the book's tutorials, I never got to see the complete map. So for nostalgia's sake I decide to fire it up, before I remembered that I also never saw the finished product because the maps that showed the book's progress were only half-there. Is this the same for all copies, or did I just get a crappy CD?
  11. mrdna1

    doom64 tc out

    OMG U CAN STAEL CARS IN THIS LOL!!!!!11 Er ... actually, it's worked unusually well for me given that my system isn't much of a gaming machine (1.5Ghz P4, 128MB RAM, GeForce2 MX). My only question is how I managed to get 228% kills on level 2 and 117% on level 3.
  12. mrdna1

    wadpaks 5-20?

    Does anyone know where I can get those elusive WADPAK5-WADPAK20 wads, or if they even exist?