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  1. Alper002

    sonic robo blast's multiplayer

    No, of course not! A "multiplayer" is in the code of the executable itself! The only potential way you can "make a multiplayer" would be making your own sourceport. If you wish for your project to use multiplayer but with much less sourceport work you can probably make it support Zandronum instead.
  2. Alper002

    sonic robo blast's multiplayer

    The multiplayer code is in the executable itself. Therefore, you can't get that information just by looking in the files containing the data that contains everything except the code. The SRB2 data files(.dta, .srb) are however just wad files in disguise. Change the extension to .wad and they're openable in SLADE.
  3. I decided to change my profile picture to something more... cute. I dare someone to figure out what it is and where it's from. That is, if they don't already know.

  4. Alper002

    Interest in mapping tutorials?

    I myself am not particularly interested in watching them, however, being able to point towards new tutorials would be absolutely great. I wouldn't have to explain that some stuff needs to be ignored, etc. It's not hard to believe that some relatively fast-paced tutorials would also make mapping far more accessible than it already is. There's already lots of maps coming out, but I don't think having more coming out would be bad at all.
  5. I've had that issue too, when texture lengths are longer than 128 and aren't a multiple of 128, they act strange like that... I don't think there's anything you can do about it except for increasing/decreasing the length of the texture, unless the text is stationary. If it's stationary, you can split it up into multiple textures.
  6. I've experimented a little with this, but you can pretty safely open a Doom-format map as a Boom-format map. The reason I think you can do this is because I remember accidentally testing my boom-format map in chocolate doom, which by all rights should crash, but doesn't. I tested it out and seemingly the only difference between the formats are the specials available for sectors and linedefs, and the pusher and puller things.
  7. Alper002

    how do i make multi-sectors? (bridges)

    First we need to consider the map format. 3D floors can only be done in doom in hexen or doom in UDMF. Also, to simply explain a dummy sector, it is a sector that exists outside of the map for miscellanious purpouses, and is not intended to be accessed by the player ever. For a good explanation there's this really old video tutorial: You can basically disregard the first part where he talks about downloading zdoom stuff and the special visual mode, this was made way back in the past. This tutorial is made for Doombuilder 2, but the interface hasn't changed much, so you can follow it with little issue today, I'd imagine. The special visual mode he talks about is integrated into GZDoombuilders regular visual mode, so you don't need to worry about that. He also goes over slopes for a short moment as well.
  8. Alper002


    So what? Just because it wasn't meant to be a puzzle, doesn't mean it isn't one. It's far too obtuse to be able to consider it anything other than one, in my opinion.
  9. Alper002


    Here's a potential player thought process for the SSG on a pillar idea: -The player sees the SSG, and obviously wants it. -Because it's on a pillar, they know they can't get it unless they do something. -The player will look around for methods to reach the SSG, wether it's hidden paths, switches, etc. -They find those methods and get the SSG. Stuff like that is what you need to think about when making puzzles methinks.
  10. Alper002


    Can I see the overhead view, please? With arrows, of course. I can't tell what's going on very well in that screenshot. I think I kind of understand it...? I'll reiterate that I haven't played the map.
  11. Alper002


    The most important part, of course, is that someone like me, who hasn't played the map yet, sees the SSG immediately being opened up after pressing the switch. Stuff like that is what I'm talking about. If you do at least that, then fine. Arrows that light up are far too subtle, IMO. Again, I'll reiterate that I haven't played the map, So I'm not judging it, just giving general advice.
  12. Alper002


    @DespairDev Y'see, the problem is people are different. Nobody is going to experience the same map the same way as someone else. The creator, of course, will know everything the map has to offer and knows immediately what to do. Someone who's completely new to the map and has never heard of or seen the map before will not know anything about the map. At all. You, as the creator, can not experience the map like everyone else. For example, A first-timer normally will see a switch, press it, and wonder what it does. You see the switch, press it, and know immediately where to go afterwards, because you made the map. However, you can make it so that the first-timer knows what they're meant to do. Some examples: Putting the thing the switch affects in view of wherever you press the switch Making the switch open up a path that leads to whatever it opened Telling the player directly(Not the best, but it works if you describe well.) Basically:What would a first-timer think if they hit a switch and nothing (that they can see) happened? They would be utterly confused. "Communicate" with your player, show them where they're meant to go next. Show what the switch they pressed just did. Otherwise they know nothing other than that they pressed a switch. This is just an example. In general, just remember that little is obvious to a first-timer. I haven't even played your maps yet, but I want to say this at least.
  13. Alper002

    The DWmegawad Club plays: SIGIL & Nihility & Back to Basics

    Since I forgot to summarize my opinion on back to basics, I'll do it here and now. I found the combat to be fun and engaging. I also liked the navigation a lot, which I can't say for NIHILITY. Whereas NIHILITY felt like a big maze sometimes, Back to Basics led you to the locked door most of the time in some way, and even when it didn't it was clear where to go. On top of that,I liked the simple aesthetics of Back to Basics slightly more than NIHILITY's dark and relatively detailed areas. I'm not sure why, but there's something charming about simplicity when compared to something more detailed. Also helps that despite the restrictions, the maps sort of look like the places they're named after. I also found that the mapset didn't drag too much, despite clearly being in Doom 1. Sure, sometimes you may need to shotgun a Baron, but most of the time there's either more to it, or it's optional to shotgun it. Overall, I enjoyed Back to Basics a major amount. In regards to its' author... It's always sad when someone dies. Due to my lack of experience in the Doom community, I never knew Espi. However, it's still sad to know that someone who has been a member of this community and has made great things passed away.
  14. Alper002

    Build a sentry gun like in Half Life

    There's very little to judge here, methinks. A thing I noticed though, shouldn't MONSTER be +MONSTER ? Other than that, the only thing that makes me raise any eyebrows is that it drops a single clip that gives 350 bullets... That's a bit much for a clip. I say, finish your turret first!
  15. Alper002

    The DWmegawad Club plays: SIGIL & Nihility & Back to Basics

    Unless the dictionary definition says otherwise, I'm pretty sure rants are very angry and incoherent. Your post was anything but those two things, in my opinion, @eulo.