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  1. Basically, Doom 2's MAP07 was hardcoded to be the only map where killing all the mancubi and arachnotrons did something. Basically every mapset used this once it was found out because MAP07 was the only opportunity to do so in a mapset. Now it's the most overused map troupe and people just want it to die.
  2. Alper002

    Another repository / Not realm667

    Oh, ok. I just assumed there was something you wanted that didn't exist, since you said there were too few things in R667.
  3. Alper002

    Another repository / Not realm667

    If R667 doesn't have any of the monsters or weapons you want, then you're better off asking someone to make said monsters and weapons. You could also try and make stuff yourself, but I'm not able to help you with that. All of this to basically say that there aren't any other repositories, that I know of. Just out of curiosity, what is it exactly that you want that you cannot find?
  4. I've already joined on the discord, but I should probably also mention here that I will also participate in this! With a Hexen wad!
  5. Alper002

    Putting multiple doors on the same wall

    Doors open up to the nearest ceiling height available(minus 8). This means that if any of the sectors next to a door have too low ceilings, the door won't work properly.
  6. Alper002

    How to turn IWAD into PWAD?

    To add on to this, the point of a PWAD is to replace content in the IWAD when loaded. Therefore, you only need your PWAD to contain the bare minimum, not everything the IWAD has with the difference of a few resources.
  7. Alper002

    You have 30 minutes to make a map - post your results!

    I feel so stupid and guilty for not having said anything in response to that message. I could've done much better, sorry... I should've said something, but I didn't. You're completely in the right about that, my bad. The feedback was appreciated, but I should've actually said something, but like the absolute idiot I am I say nothing and then forget about it. After getting the feedback I started getting bored of making the map, which resulted in me forgetting the project in the first place.
  8. Alper002

    You have 30 minutes to make a map - post your results!

    Demon textures? What are you referring to with that? I don't think I put any specifically demonic textures anywhere except maybe the teleporter exit...
  9. Alper002

    You have 30 minutes to make a map - post your results!

    Quick tech... That was the name. Doesn't evoke much tech at all, though, does it? I made the map in less than 30 minutes. I don't exactly know how much since I used a half-hour hourglass for this, and lost some time to something unexpected. The sky comes from box O skies, and I put it in the wad before I even started mapping. The map is for boom-compatible source ports. Here's a download link! In regards to Base Of Dang, I like the pinky trap a lot. It punishes you somewhat for rushing through without a care thanks to the darkness, and the monsters that appear in your way after that also help with making rushing through somewhat difficult. That hell knight at the end could somewhat easily be run past, although it can be risky with their damage output.
  10. All putting a second player start does is create a Voodoo doll, So it sure as hell is not that.
  11. Alper002


    Prboom+ and gzdoom are the only two ports you should need to test when making boom-compatible or limit-removing maps. Prboom+ is near the vanilla end of the source-port spectrum, while gzdoom is on the other end. Either of them can have minor problems if you only test for the other port. Also worth noting that Skulltag and Zandronum are based on zdoom, so it won't help much to test with those ports. Edit:specifity
  12. If you make a ZMAPINFO, then GZDoom should completely ignore any other MAPINFO variant, so there should be no conflicts with UMAPINFO then.
  13. If you're bothering with compatability with chocolate or vanilla doom, then you can't, sadly. If it's specifically an ending you're making that's before the 30th map, you could make an ending map to signify that you've reached the end and house the text there. However, a special version of PRBoom+(And also GZDoom) supports something called UMAPINFO, which allows you to put text screens and/or make the game end after any map, among other things. This is your only option if you want to have a text screen ending before or after MAP30 and have it be playable in something that's close to vanilla.
  14. Alper002

    Zandronum settings keep resetting.

    Where did you install Zandronum? I've found this happens when you install it in program files or program files(x86), so you'll need to uninstall and reinstall in a regular folder in that case. Otherwise I have no idea either.
  15. Question is how you'd divide those maps, since you'd be cannibalizing other maps to have multiple separate playable deathmatch chunks, or making a deathmatch version of the wad. Although at that point you might as well just make a mapset that's designed for deathmatch only. That final question's answer is probably a yes, I wouldn't be surprised if that's been in done in a lot of deathmatch wads already, to be honest. How well it'll work depends on the size of that large area. Something to remember is that a lot of maps and mapsets get tested by other people before they are fully released. A map that has been playtested by other people and polished from the feedback usually feels better than one that hasn't. This is especially true in deathmatch where the players are a major part of the gameplay.
  16. Interconnected maps give lots of routes, which tends to work well with deathmatch, as it gives opportunities to do flanking and the like. Lots of deathmatch starts just means there's just a bunch of places you could theoretically respawn in. It doesn't imply the amount of people deathmatching, and more than even 4 players joining a single deathmatch server at the same time is kind of hard without asking people to join. I wonder if I have misunderstood what you meant by big, but usually the later maps in each episode of doom are worse due to their size and thus generally dull deathmatch gameplay. If we're going by the size of, say, E1M7 or E2M7, it would absolutely suck for deathmatch, let alone anything bigger. E1M1, on the other hand is pretty small and works pretty well for deathmatch due to the secret switch at the start(exclusive to ultimate doom). If there's a lot of players, a big deathmatch map could work, but that's sadly a big if. Even if you had bots on it wouldn't work out that well since they usually get stuck on stuff, meaning they're basically worthless as opponents.
  17. You have multiple methods of making a continous mapset with more than 32 maps... MAPINFO/ZMAPINFO for ZDoom-compatible ports, UMAPINFO for "boom-compatible" ports (It works in gzdoom and this special version of PRBoom+, but not much else currently.), And finally EMAPINFO for Eternity Engine. I wouldn't recommend making even a 32 map long megawad on your own though... You'll easily burn yourself out if you do that, seriously. If you still want to make a mapset, stay small. 10 maps at most, and less if you feel burnt out. In regards to your question about deathmatch maps, big maps suck for deathmatch. It can take ages for two players to meet, and then the deathmatch gets drawn out because of it. What you can do, however, is to put deathmatch spawns in a separate, otherwise inaccessible area. That way, it actually plays well. It could even be a small chunk of the real map if you want the deathmatch map to feel like it actually takes place in the singleplayer map.
  18. Alper002

    Dehacked patch don't work in-game

    You need to put the qoutes around the whole filename like so: "mydehpatch.deh" Otherwise, it'll try looking for a file called ' "mydehpatch".deh ' which obviously doesn't exist. Same issue with the -file parameter. The .wad part needs to be within the quotes there as well.
  19. To remove the fog from fading in when using the line horizon action, you must make the sector in front of the line have the highest brightness possible. That way, the fog won't appear since the floor and ceiling rendered by the line horizon action will be at max brightness and not render fog. Same thing with darkness iirc. If you want only the line horizon lines to have this, you need to put a really thin sector in front them, and give that sector the full brightness. Getting better at texturing is something I have no exact idea of, although Doomish Den of Design has a section in which it tries to help with getting better at just that. I'd say experimenting with how textures look with each other would also be a good idea on that front.
  20. Alper002

    Changing map's name

    You seem to already have set the name of both levels, and MAP01 seems to lead to MAP02 according to the mapinfo... I have a feeling I am misunderstanding you...
  21. Alper002

    Various plugins

    These days, most mappers don't use DB2, but instead use gzdoombuilder-bugifx. It's like Doombuilder 2, but with those plugins pre-installed, as well as some extra features ontop of that. If you are completely unable to use that, I recommend using doombuilder X, although it has less features than GZDB-BF.
  22. Alper002

    Question about .deh files

    A .deh file is a DehackED file. DehackED was an old method of modding doom which involved patching the executable itself to change text and enemy behaviour. These days, most ports still support .deh files, and they are usually loaded with the -deh command line parameter, followed by the name of the .deh file.
  23. Alper002


    Well, just because he said that it was a wad rather than a pk3 doesn't invalidate his argument you silly ;). Anyhow, testing on twitch? What's the issue with that? Please tell me. Then there's the length... That's the only thing I give you he maybe shouldn't complain about... If he even did that lol. Another thing of note is that this guy streams a lot of wads made by newbies. It might be that you aren't a newbie, but you seem new to doomworld at least... And for the sake of giving feedback, he plays through most of if not the whole thing even if he doesn't like it a lot. It's that simple, really. Sorry for the text wall, there just was a lot to say...
  24. Alper002


    If you're just gonna say "play something else" at someone who is trying to give you feedback on your thing, then I don't know what to say, honestly. What he's talking about during the stream is at least worth considering, IMO.
  25. Alper002

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I know this is technically about Hexen rather than doom, but I found something interesting about the ending. (This was using chocolate Hexen by the way) What I found out was that if you saved during the ending screens and then loaded the save, you wouldn't be watching the ending, but would instead be back in the final map. Sadly there isn't much to do there except maybe kill the last few monsters there or mess with the mana-giving switches since you can't leave the area. The portal doesn't even function anymore, as its' special was set to not be repeatable. Not particularly useful(unless you make it so in a mod lol), but interesting nonetheless.