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  1. TonicBH

    Patrick Versus Media Players

    The problem is that they sound absolutely like ass in Winamp's module plugin. I recommend un4seen.com/xmplay.html]XMPlay for MOD-related files.
  2. Ziff-Davis has been pretty much getting rid of their gaming-related assets (1UP.com, EGM, Filefront). It was inevitable.
  3. Damn right. Even though I came down with pneumonia one summer while visiting a convention of game show nuts, I enjoyed being in the Price is Right audience. Surely it's an experience somebody has to do once.
  4. TonicBH

    Is SNES doom bad?

    Sadly, I have played SNES Doom. And I'd hate to go against the majority here, but I have to say it sucks. Out of all the versions of Doom I've played (which amounts to 32X, SNES, GBA and Doom 64), SNES Doom is pretty low on that totem pole. I think it and 32X (with its no-BFG-episode-3-missing-skewed-3-button-control-scheme) would be fighting for the top spot in terms of craptitude. Seriously, people: PC or bust. If you absolutely need a perfect PC-to-console Doom, go with the one in the Xbox Doom 3, or the XBLA version. Or just work with Doom 64, which is pretty good. Heard PSX Doom's pretty good as well.
  5. TonicBH

    R.I.P. Jason "Amaster" Masihdas

    I sadly never really got to know him very well, but he will be missed. It's weird, I even have logs from #zdoom and #unidoom that chronicle the last things he said. I was gonna post it, but then I realized it would be in bad taste, so...
  6. TonicBH

    id Tech 5, Still Alive!

    So wait... does this mean they're tossing the Doom 3 engine and making a new engine, or what?
  7. TonicBH

    Looking for help identifying DOS games

    Looks more like Bob Goen, actually.
  8. The PS3 needs: - More games that warrant a purchase of the system (Sorry but playing just Motorstorm and Resistance, and shoddy 360 ports won't cut it) - A more unified online service like Xbox Live (No, Home is not the right answer, try again). - To be cheaper (Then again they lose about $200-400 per unit sold) The Wii needs: - Same as above, more games. And games that aren't shoddy ports of PSP games (I'm looking in YOUR direction, Ubisoft) - To be in stock regularly now (Seriously these system droughts five months into the console's lifecycle is fucking retarded) The Xbox 360 needs: - To keep its current pace as the leader - To convince people that the Elite is worth a purchase (Which can be boiled down to: "If you like using the Marketplace for downloading TV shows and movies, then get this damn thing because you can watch it in HD and you'll have plenty of room!") - To make Live cheaper ($50/year is a bit much, but drop it down a bit and we might get somewhere) - to stop nickel and diming us (Seriously, Microsoft won't let Epic release a Gears of War map pack without a price because Microsoft needs the money. Especially since they lost four billion last generation.) Speaking of the Wii, I haven't tried it because I don't know anybody who has one (haha why isn't that a surprise), plus I can't try one in stores because GameStop is retarded and keeps the controller/nunchuk in a fucking box in the storage room. How do you expect people to TRY the thing?
  9. TonicBH

    MGS VS. Splinter Cell series

    Both. Who says I have to choose favorites? MGS is fun, and so is Splinter Cell. SC is more frustrating though, I didn't really enjoy it until I played Chaos Theory. That reminds me, I should play through SC1 again one of these days.
  10. TonicBH

    Doom 19th Best Tech Product of All Time

    In my time, we had early Windows 3.1 machines. Before then, Macs and Apple IIs. We never got to experience C64 over here.
  11. TonicBH

    End Game

    Heh. Now I remember why I hate April Fools' Day...
  12. TonicBH

    John Romero beams announcement STRAIGHT DOWN

    I anticipate this. Only because it's backed by Romero and Tom Mustaine, two fantastic PC game designers. Here's hoping they can somehow mix the frenetic action of Doom/Quake with a little Counter-Strike flavor to it. Hey, I think it could be done...
  13. TonicBH

    Doom On The Ti-83

    mmm... That looks like Wolfenstein 3D to me. Even down to the sprites.
  14. TonicBH

    white n' nerdy

    anyone ever heard of a bloody wig? I mean, his hair in the video's straight, Al's hair is curly in real life.
  15. TonicBH

    How do you like your Doom?

    I'll play any mod that doesn't put you fighting 25 archviles with a pistol or has the level structure of a Wolfenstein 3D level (unless it's BASED off a Wolf3D level, then that's okay).