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  1. I have Doom 2. I got it on CD from a thrift store a few months back for about $5.

    Then I went to a Best Buy then realized they had a Doom Collector's Edition with Doom, Doom 2 and Final Doom.

    Most certainly this peeved me because I had been looking for original and Final Doom for a while, and now I could easily get it anywhere.

    But is it worth the cost for have two copies of Doom II?

    Oh yeah, I have various versions of Console Doom: SNES, 32X, N64 and GBA. My next quest is to hunt down Sega Saturn and Sony Playstation Doom, and maybe PSX Final Doom.

    I'm gonna start playing the Dooms I have (or at least the ones I can run) and get myself prepped for the upcoming Doom 3. w00tastic.

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    2. Bashe


      Yeah, I REALLY don't like the fact that the Collector's Edition uses Doom95. That right there made me take it back. It was moronic of me but I had no clue about ports back then (2001). I still used DOS. I thought it was 4284023 times better than Doom95.

      Oh well, I have all the dooms now, but TNT and Plutonia are fucked.

    3. Quast


      Bashe said:

      but TNT and Plutonia are fucked.

      why's that?

    4. Bashe


      Oh, they just got corrupted and I don't have the original CDs. :-(

      I could try to get my friends CDs. He has it.