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  1. Gradius

    What happened to Prboom-plus?

    With crispy and chocolate providing and extremely authentic experience and GZ/Zandronum providing the extended destinctly non-vanilla experience perhaps there's just less of a niche for it.
  2. Does Repercussions of Evil count?
  3. A mischief of Imps. A sty of pinkie demons. An ossuary of Revenants. A suffering of Pain Elementals. A rage-quit of Archviles. The term is 'collective noun' by the way.
  4. Yeah. It (the editor, in this case) recycles the thing numbers in a slightly annoying fashion. So just deleting and then re-adding doesn't cause the player starts to reflect the last created start.
  5. Gradius

    Change Intermission Map Names

    Just by using the actual text graphics (the text isn't dynamically composed, probably due to the processing cost back then, but is instead static images). CWILV00 and so on. Use the text generator I linked set to 'menu graphics' and left with the color white and save the image with the file name "CWILV" and then the corresponding number to the map (i.e. have graphic CWILV01 for MAP01).
  6. Gradius

    Post your Doom textures!

    Some pillars available in large, half-size, and a 'clean' version without any grain or scratchs. These were made completely from scratch in GIMP and are free to use however anyone would like, with or without crediting.
  7. Gradius

    Teleporting monsters

    So we're clear: Boom here means the level format (also sometimes called MBF, there's technically a difference, but they're largely interchanged). GZDoom has it's own level format, UDMF. There's also the plain vanilla Doom1/2 format too, but they don't allow anything fancy like scrolling floors. As for your actual question: Make sure you're using the line type / tag to carry things/objects and not simply to scroll the texture.
  8. Gradius

    Need help restoring version of a doom level

    Look for .bak files in the directory you saved to. Rename them something different and end them in .wad.
  9. Gradius

    How Do I Edit Pk3's?

    No, Doom Builder isn't built for that. They're literally just renamed zip files though, so you can change the end and just unzip the files that way (7-zip will also open it fine without you renaming it). Or use a tool like SLADE, which is designed for editing non-map data.
  10. Gradius

    Change Intermission Map Names

    https://c.eev.ee/doom-text-generator/ does the same thing as DoomWord too.
  11. "and join servers" Unless they're a sadist and connecting through a commandline, they're using Doomseeker.
  12. Options > Configure > File Paths Make sure the folder your doom2.wad is in is there. If you've simply downloaded the game on steam, add the installation folder to it, or copy it from there to your a folder already listed.
  13. Gradius

    Buying copy of original doom - approx values?

    Well, the point of the shareware releases is that they were free to share around in order to promote the full, paid version. Was there even a 'boxed' version of that at all? Offiical floppies, perhaps. But why would anyone have paid good money for the free part of it? I think you might be seeing unofficial 'shareware' (in quotes because they took free content and charged money for it) releases that bundled up usermade wads onto a disk/floppy. I was born too late for that area with doom, but definitely lived through the era of shareware game collection disks full of stuff anyone with an internet connection could simply download for free.
  14. Gradius

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    In my defence, that's a newer option. But yeah it seems you're right. Consider that a point in 'these names are misleading' though. Considering the purpose, surely they should have replaced Software with it, or marked Software as being outmoded? In any case, names like 'Standard' vs 'Vanilla' vs 'Doom' give no indication of which one of those actually indicated standard vanilla doom lighting.
  15. Gradius

    Which Doom sound effects do you like/hate?

    The plasma rifle, of course, has to die in a fire. It's just deafening in source ports. The pinkie snort and double-barrel shotgun are both incredibly satisfying though.