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  1. Was that not what the 'dragons' were though? Okay, they're larger and with legs instead weird tentacles and a couple more horns, but they're not that far off. They at least seem similar enough they might be related.
  2. I'm getting that too. I wouldn't install anything that's showing as positive. Though with that said, it's quite common for anti-virus software to accidentally tag libraries a virus is using as part of the virus itself. So when another piece of software uses that library, it gets flagged as containing a virus. I submitted the download to VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/9641cdd6848cfaf23bbba707e293267c5f73c6e2c18f54ce403c921bec6a91f5/detection As you can see, five seperate positive readings. That doesn't mean it isn't a false positive, as I've said. But it does mean it wouldn't be wise to install it until it's either resolved as a false-positive or the devs confirm it actually is clean and not the result of hackers gaining access to the build. Edit: Checked their discord. The server owner Boris states that it's a false positive. You'll still have to wait until that gets ironed out before it'll let you install. However the older builds don't trigger this warning, so your best bet would probably just be to install an older version and wait.
  3. From an overhead view, you can make whatever shapes you want. From a first person perspective, classic doom does not support any shape other than 'flat wall, floor, or ceiling'. No slopes, no ramps, certainly no arches. It also can't have floating geometry. You might be able to have a raised section of floor that sort of vaguely resembles a statue but that's it. It won't be able to have any overhanging sections. If you're mapping in GZDoom's UDMF map format, you can have floating platforms, or in this case perhaps just have it display a straight up 3D model of a statue. But in the classic doom you only have 'lines' and 'sectors' that have a floor and ceiling height, and everything you see in a level is a result of that. So every wall is just a straight line, though lines can be arranged into a curve from a top down view. Essentially, other than height changes for the different sectors, anything you couldn't design in from a top down perspective isn't possible in Doom's mostly 2D engine.
  4. I'd question the merit of making custom maps for a game you can't just play for the fun of playing it. But beyond that: If you're making deathmatch maps, who cares. If you're making singleplayer or co-op levels, then knowing how the various elements of Doom maps work is kind of imperative. That said, playing custom maps will fill in those gaps too.
  5. So I've been altering the palette to give myself some darker reds that make some custom textures not resolve down to three whole colors at lower light levels, and I did so the 'smart' way by reclaiming the duplicated fully white entries in the pallette, but as a result the imps are missing teeth and the centres of fireballs and muzzle flashes are now see through. Okay, I get it, those sprites are using those altered pallette slots. So I can easily make a translation to fix that, and it's not even that hard to copy out all the sprites and textures from the iwad and apply it to them. But then... I now have to rebundle *every* image from the original game? Is there a way to only copy over altered files? Slade has a maintenance script for this, but it doesn't handle it properly, I think the act of applying the translation to the sprites counts as an alternation even if no colors were actually modified. Is there a better way of doing this?
  6. The sector lowers correctly for me on both GZDoom and PrBoom/UINFO. I pick up the blue keycard, the sector lowers to 8 above the sector behind the platform, showing me that there's something there. And then upon triggering the line behind the wall that lowers to the left/south, the platform lowers completely. Perhaps it's a bug in the sourceport you're using?
  7. Gradius

    Custom Textures & Vanilla Source Ports?

    You can, but you still need to generate a PNAMES file containing both the old textures and the new ones, so TEXTURES2 is functionally a bit useless since it doesn't really save any work. Now if DOOM had a PNAMES2 file, that'd be the easiest solution for custom textures. But since it doesn't, it's more of a curiosity than anything that useful.
  8. Gradius

    Custom brightmaps for crispy doom??

    Had a look, looks like the brightmaps may be hardcoded for certain colors on certain textures, rather than just being texture files loaded somewhere.
  9. Gradius

    ult doom builder title sreen

    Doom Builder can't do that, but SLADE can easily. Just add a graphic with the name TITLEPIC to your wad.
  10. Match the floor if you've got the textures to do so (or you're rocking UDMF).
  11. Which was why I added notches, so that the actual sectors' nearest floors were still at the correct height. Which make the behaviour, that effectively looks like it triggering twice, odd. Still, the generalized action route seems like less of a headache. Edit: Lower by texture just causes weird wiggling before it finds the correct height. Now I'm wondering if my woes are from the voodoo doll legitimately retriggering the effect. Thought I had the timing down enough that this couldn't happen that quickly, so I'll cut a window between those areas and... yeah. The lift I have to let the doll move isn't closing in time to trap it back in the starting area. Argh. There's probably workaround I could do to prevent the doll from teleporting to the start before the lift is closed, but the amount of time the puzzle will take should even that out. It's always the simple errors... and I thought I'd accounted for that too. :/
  12. So I'm trying to use voodoo-dolls and merged sectors to create a fairly simple effect in Boom-compat Doom 2: You hit a switch, and through some walk-repeatable trigger lines, it triggers some platforms to raise to a specific level, then descend back down to a set level slightly above the floor. Except with either Floor Lower to Nearest or Floor Lower to Lowest (which particularly confuses me) the floor will lower to my desired height... then after a second it drops down below that to the lowest floor. I even tried adding slightly higher surrounding sectors to the sectors around the 'real' floor instead of relying on my dummy floor... but it still descends past them even though they're the nearest floor. It's like by having dummy sectors the line gets triggered a second time after the first second finishes moving. Is there any way to avoid this behaviour? I'll attach the wad. plattest.zip
  13. Gradius

    Notice for Kappes Buur's Tutorials

    If you have the time and energy, throwing them on a free Wordpress blog wouldn't be the worst experience.
  14. I mean we can't exactly forget the wads by one of the columbine shooter just on principle alone.
  15. Gradius

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    The actual specifications for the info are a little hidden on the github page. Would there be any objections to adding the barebones of this to the doom wikia, or is the specification for it still a work in progress?
  16. Gradius

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Smooth texture filtering will cause the edges of transparent objects to have a gradient from opaque to transparent, which can cause sorting issues (presumably pictured above). There's also a speed penalty to semi-transparency. So turning it off simply sets a hard cut off threshold for transparent edges (i.e. any edge >0.5 transparency is fully opaque, any pixels below that threshold are discarded entirely), which won't cause depth sorting issues or create graphically taxing overdraw but may look worse.
  17. Gradius

    DOOM Eternal - Render Modes | Update 2

    Well, they do seem to have some reduced number of colors effect going on. It just isn't very strong.
  18. Savegames are: Seperate files from the .wad or .pk3 file Are unique to the Sourceport used Are specific to that version of the Sourceport (at least as far as ZDoom goes)
  19. Sure, but it's *highly* unlikely there were mixes to mess with. Seems like Mick had only completed 11 tracks, so Mossholder was left to quickly piece together the rest in a few days so that Bethesda could rush a sudden release.
  20. Gradius

    I'm a bit confused by the lore tbh

    Time loop / alternate reality jumping, that or DOOM 2016 is so far into the future that humanity has had to restart from DOOM II so there being a second UAC and Icon of Sin is practically conincidence.
  21. 2048 is already very long line, and even then it's questionable if that bug will affect any source ports. Just use the curve tool to subdivide any lines over 1024 units, if they're causing issues. The size of the room also isn't an issue, just any non-solid lines intersecting through it, which aren't likely to be over 2048 units in practice.
  22. A couple of things: Firstly, that game was originally made in Game Maker, so that's the code for a port and likely more intent on making sure everything functions the same. The second is that it's a free indie game, they're focused on the design of it, not on making beautiful code that abides by programming conventions. You're welcome to enjoy making sure every bit of code you write is as Pythonic as possible, but if your intent in creating a functional program is the code before the function you're doing something very wrong. With bigger, newer, games there's multiple factors: Stopping the DRM from being circumvented, stopping the multiplayer from being hacked, stopping the achievements from being cheesed. Getting permission from legal, especially since the code will involve multiple programmers. Cutting out middleware you are unable to redistribute. Not wanting to provide technical support if users can't compile it easily. The code being so vast that it's useless to modders. Being unable to license the engine now that the code is just out there. Etc. It's nice when a dev can do it, but even if you saw the likes of the Frostbite engine opensourced tomorrow, I'm doubtful you'd see much done from it in practice.
  23. Gradius

    whats the best most up-to-date map editor to use

    For the 'doom builder' side of it, you'll want either 'Ultimate Doombuilder' (formerly the flakily named GZDoomBuilderBugFix) or Doom Builder X, with the former being a bit more feature rich if you want to use GZDoom specific features. The other variants are mainly just older and more out of date. Neither is horribly hard to learn if you ignore the features you don't need though.
  24. If you're working with a map for Z/GZDoom, MAPINFO can do it easily, see: https://zdoom.org/wiki/MAPINFO/Map_definition If you're looking at another port like Crispy/Chocolate or PrBoom you'll need to use a DeHacked Patch: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/DeHackEd The latter isn't too complicated once you get into it, but looks a little more intimidating. In both cases it boils down to having the right text file embedded into the WAD (easily done via SLADE). A minor addition is that the level name graphics on the intermission screens are generally just images, so you'll need to replace those images (CWILV00 and up) to update the text. But updating the internal text screen will change the text on, say, zdoom's console.
  25. Gradius

    What happened to Prboom-plus?

    With crispy and chocolate providing and extremely authentic experience and GZ/Zandronum providing the extended destinctly non-vanilla experience perhaps there's just less of a niche for it.