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  1. I could have waited and got something else.  But I noticed just recently the one who worked on making FINAL DOOM posted here and is doing demos for his youtube channel.  Decided to add more fuel to the fire and get this to celebrate his return to the forums.


    I don't know him, but im glad I supported him.  FINAL DOOM on pc was hard but I finished it (with save spamming) but for some reason I couldn't remember ANY maps like I did with ULTIMATE DOOM & DOOM 2 :(


    The music is good on both TNT and Plutonia (with jimmy plutonia midi wad when running Plutonia)



  2. Other then this site,




    YOUTUBE.COM   (been here since 2005! when it first came out!)






    http://theshadowlands.net/places/ (it actually has locations from all over the world that is haunted)








    tekkenzaibatsu.com   (its now down, but I been here lots of times on/off for years, great tekken community from back then!)


    newgrounds.com (I can't believe this site is still up, I remember watching my first brutal gory animation here.  Search Dead Rain Episodes.. its about a virus and the undead)




  3. Slipknot. I don't remember why I got it, I saw people in class in middle school have these patches of the "S" logo and then these SlipKnoT patches.


    I remember the first one I got was SlipKnoT IOWA, the first two songs gave me a headache and I had to turn it off (keep in mind... I had NO IDEA WHAT they where saying in the songs! but now i do because google)  After 7-8 years I gave It a go again because I was soo over-weight and I needed some music to help me lose weight while I try to get better at cardio running.


    I did and would run 1hour nonstop on the treadmill with slipknot music on.  Got self-titled, vol. 3, all hope is gone, and even the disasterpieces dvd.


    Offcourse I don't listen to them anymore, but this is my story how the first time in my life I got skinny.  Because of slipknot.  Now... the only thing I own from metal is a slipknot iowa cd in the silver case in japanese.  I wanted the silver case because thats how I first got it last time in middle school.  Only ones they had left where imported sadly.  But in that nice silver holographic case!


    Memory purposes only.  The only music i listen to these days are in doom custom mods or commercial doom music from the 90s.  Some video game music and break dancing beats.


    I also own a iron maiden shirt but its for display only.  Got it because I saw somebody online break bricks online wearing that shirt.  I thought wow... I got to get me that shirt!

  4. I done this jump without the strafe trick (or i think I did, don't remember but it was map 21) on doom 64 retribution.  +1 For playing DOOM 64... that game is hard.  I have the brightness a little brighter and i still barely managed to finish the whole thing.  I just wish the fist was first before the chain saw like in PC doom, because I use next/previous weapon switches on shoulder buttons on this pad. 

  5. On 10/17/2021 at 10:34 AM, Azuris said:


    Haha the Game alone wans't enough :D?

    But you know, now you're obligated to also buy some Shooters as Gradius :P




    I do ewgf using jin ( move notation f, n ,df +2 ) better on stick.  That stick is also very rare.  I think DOOM is the only FPS worth playing, I tried quake and I didn't get into it.. I'm going to get FINAL DOOM on pc someday, I have the wad only and well I feel like I need to give back to id softwares.

  6. Right before the top of the rocket launcher reaches his chin, let a rocket out.  I found this out somewhere online on a text.  Think it was classicdoom.com or somewhere else. 


    I do it this way and works everytime.  Yeah I did the idclip too to go where romero is, im shure alot of people did.  One day I just wanted to finish the last level the other way and I finally did.



  7. DOOM because i kept coming soo close to throwing up.  Untill i found rugby travel sickness pills now i realized what I was missing.  ID softwares... thank you.  I beat ULTIMATE DOOM, DOOM II, FINAL DOOM, NRFTL, SIGIL and some other mods. The music in these mods people made sound better then the music nowadays.  It gives energy.  I have played DOOM in the 90s and it's important in gaming history.  First  game EVER to go online right??


    Almost abandoned Tekken... because I usually just stick to games that i'm ok at and not suck, but then I realized tekken is a good game.  It has deep gameplay and i DID actually play it in the 1990s I believe.  Its a classic i cant miss!  Now I'm hooked... my favorite move in the game:  WD & EWGF ( f,N,d,df , f,N,d,d/f+2 )


    I came back to king of fighters 2002 off/on but then i just dropped it altogether.  No way I am going to get better at that game.


    Pokemon.  I know people still play it but i was done after i completed red version.  It was a fun game because it was something new at the time.  Catch things with circular things.  Actually I did play gold version and finished that too.  I'm not a pokemon fan though anymore.  I ended the craze in early 2000 i think.  It was soo much fun.


    Tomany to list... but the last ones worth mentioning:


    Wolfenstein 3d - Tomany motion sickness.  Stopped and never came back.  Been SOOO long.  But I have these pills.  Maybe one day but for now It's DOOM.

    Duke Nukem 3d - Tried to get into it, but DOOM was just..... better :(

  8. 2 hours ago, AlexIsBadAtDoom said:


    Consider it qued


    I was joking.  I know for shure If I played that map before I even completed the commercial doom games I wouldn't ever stand a chance.  That map has F*** this level written all over it.  Only seen couple people on youtube try it.


    Good Luck!


    If you do manage to beat it, then you are no ordinary gamer!

  9. I never used the menu to load the save.  When I die which I do a lot in custom wads I let the game load itself.  Many times I have saved in bad situations but kept playing it until I escape.  Because I save spam.. I don't really know what to do about it other then just keep doing it this way or else I will turn the game off.


    Some people are ment to just save every time they move couple steps.  Even if the save is in a bad situation.

  10. The one at carls Jr is good.  I use to ride my bike with my dad to that place at night when I was in elementary school at the old street we use to live in.  We wen't to Carl's Jr somany times I remember crashing unto a wooden telephone pole and crying.  It was in the middle of the sidewalk and it was dark.  People driving by probably got a good laugh!


    Super star burger.  The sauce is out of this world....