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  1. Necron 99

    Your thoughts on horror mods?

    If you wanna retain Doom's core gameplay but add various horror elements to it, then I suggest checking out some horror gameplay mods and combining them with some well balanced level sets. You got Shut Up and Bleed, which is probably the most complete survival horror experience you're likely to get outta doom as of now. If you like the base mod, be sure to check out the patch and addons too. Then there's Dr. Cosmobyte's 2 survival horror mods. First is Nightshift, which has a more conservative arsenal, but more bells and whistles and heaps of customization options. Then second is Nightmare Logic, which has faster paced gameplay (by comparison) and a bigger arsenal than Nightshift, but is more simplistic in it's overall design. Super tiny file size too. Neither of these mods come with custom monsters, so feel free to throw some enemy mods in there! There's a bunch of other ones, but my post is already too long. I also suggest checking out some more subtle ambience mods, which you can find in spades in the threads I linked to you
  2. Necron 99

    Half-Lifey WADs?

    To be fair, Midnight_00 recommended paranoid about 3-ish hours before you Anywho, Lambda is a pretty good gameplay mod that seeks to replicate the weapons of Half Life and it's expansions, and Samsara Extra Heroes has a class that allows you to play as either Freeman or Adrian Shepherd, and even fight against Half Life enemies if you wish
  3. Oh cool, I was actually considering taking a whack at something like this myself. Not too shabby, considering what's here, but there's certainly some room for improvement. Hey, if you want some help, I could certainly give you some tips and help ya where I can, since I'm actually relatively familiar with DeHacked and interested in what you're doing. Feel free to DM me if you wanna collaborate! Regardless, I'm pretty interested to see what you got planned for the other weapon sets
  4. Necron 99

    Does anybody know about this type of mod?

    You could look into Abysm: Dawn of Innocence or Inquisitor 3. You'd be hard pressed to find precisely what you're looking for, but those are close
  5. Necron 99

    Pistol Start Questionare

    - I'm not too partial to pistol starting, mostly because it doesn't make sense to me. Like, did doomguy just toss his guns in the trash between maps, or? I am however totally cool with when mappers force the player to pistol start via something like a death exit like in Scythe 2 or Estranged. I do pistol start on occasion for the sake of challenge, though. - Absolutely not. - Oh sure, but I can't say I'd mind feeling a little op. It gives me a sense of progression.
  6. Necron 99

    The Perfect Enemy topic.

    I always thought Rylayeh had really solid monster placement. For example, the first level utilizes pinky demons super well in that initial first encounter, rendering a whole area of the map unusable and creating a very frantic start, complimented by the imps on the towers serving as area denial snipers. The whole mapset also utilizes groups of former human type enemies extremely well too, and really forces the player to prioritize their fights
  7. Necron 99

    Gameplay mods - Do you like or dislike them?

    By and large, yeah I dig gameplay mods. I'll give most gameplay mods a try if they look interesting, and I think it adds a lot of replayability to mapsets I've played through before. Vanilla is always fun too, but I find myself going through phases as to what I prefer
  8. Doom Roguelike Arsenal has something pretty similar to that. You can find little boxes randomly in levels, and when you break em open, they give you a bunch of random shit like guns and armor
  9. Necron 99

    Things that mappers do that annoy you.

    The things that really bug me, are overusing revenants and forcing the player to take damage. I feel like too many mappers just use revenants as a "filler" enemy, when they don't know what else to place. This usually results in very frustrating moments unless the map design compliments having to fight 4 of those screaming bastards at once. I may be slightly biased since I generally hate revenants in their vanilla form. As to my other pet peeve, which is forcing players to take damage, thay just seems like a cheap way to add urgency or lazy design to me. Like forcing the player to travel over excessive amounts of damaging floors without any environment suits or a way to avoid them. Like, why can't they be a hazard instead of a vibe check to your health bar? Is an environment suit or two really that hard to place down? I dunno, I just don't understand why the player should HAVE to take damage to progress.
  10. Necron 99

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    As far as I know, as long as you don't distribute the edited files online, then you should be fine
  11. Necron 99

    Am I the only one that doesn't like crushers?

    I'm a bit on the fence with crushers, but I'd say I'm leaning on the side if disliking them. Often, when I come across a crusher, it's the centerpiece of it's own encounter, like in map 2 of Doom 64. Basically, when the encounter is just a series of crushers, it tends to be boring, tedious, and nothing more than something to pad out the level. ON THE OTHER HAND, when a crusher is used in conjunction with something, like an enemy encounter (like in e2m2 of Ultimate Doom) or as part of an interesting puzzle (Like in the Guardian of Steel in Hexen), then they can be fun. In fact, I find that crushers have a better place in Hexen, rather than Doom. All in all, I rarely find crushers fun, but I believe they can be done right.
  12. Necron 99

    Hexen: Arcane Dungeons [RELEASE]

    I really dig this! This really seems like something that would fit Hexen super well. I really like the idea of unique enemies and bosses, but I also kinda hope it retains compatibility for other mods, mostly because this would kick ass with something like Samsara or Wrath of Cronos. But making this into its own thing could rock too. Either way, good luck! You're doin' god's work
  13. Just downloaded the newest version, and I think the headcrab zombie attacks may still be bugged. They still try to swipe at me even when I'm not close enough
  14. Nice to see another DeHacked based mod! Always had a soft spot for those. I've played it a bit, and found a couple errors however: -The headcrab zombie swipes at you even when not in melee range. From what I understand, this is because his claw attack is an attack state rather than a melee state. This means he'll swipe as long as the player is in sight rather than when he's within swiping range. -The mod doesn't seem to work with Chocolate Doom. It gives me an error which reads "P_SpawnMapThing: Unknown type 2005 at (-480,848)" when I attempt to start the game. These are the only glaring objective problems I've spotted so far, but I'll let you know if I find more. Good luck!
  15. Necron 99

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    Little bug report: I can't switch to the chainsaw when out of bullets on the GZDoom version EDIT: The Cyber-Mancubus' obituary says I got killed by a Cyberdemon, but that could just be DeHacked being fucky