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  1. Linearity to me, is the absence of player choice in progression. That is, either the map has only one path, or there are multiple paths, but only one is ever open at a time (i.e., Quake 4). Whether the options are necessary or not, is another matter. Some levels allow the player to make a choice, but one choice is superfluous (i.e, it takes them somewhere they could have avoided to finish the level). I think having the player be able to choose where to go is an important part of gameplay and level longevity. In DK Shrine Remastered, there was a deliberate design choice to make the level in such a way, that the player can complete sections in different orders, so when they play it again, they don't have to play it the same way. It can be a different experience each time, and sometimes you had to go explore, just a little, to find weapons, ammo. Navigating the level can be fun, as long as the level is not so complex the player cannot map it in their head. Linear levels can be good here and there, but when its linear level after linear level, I don't feel like I'm playing Doom anymore, but rather something more "arcadey". I don't really like levels which are clearly built to create scripted and specific gameplay. I much prefer levels where you feel like you've been dropped in this area, building, whatever, and have to find your way around and out to the exit to survive. Levels which first represent a "place", even if abstract, are more immersive. I want to feel like I'm somewhere, and some non linearity and ability to explore and move around helps. That being said, I'd rather linear to hideously large and complex labyrinthine levels.
  2. Borax Man

    DK Shrine - Remastered

    At the end of this corridor where the Arachnotrons are (screenshot below), there is a teleporter which takes you back to the start. Take the same route you took last time to progress. Soon after you enter the first "sewer", the yellow door is on your left.
  3. Borax Man

    DK Shrine - Remastered

    Yep, that's what I intended. I wanted the player to have to plan and evaluate what to do a little more, than say in a wad were all the ammo and health they need is always just in front of them. I hope it never cryptic or frustrating to get at it, its always not far, but the idea was to make the player make more thought out choices. Obviously, this wad is not designed for speedrunning!
  4. Borax Man

    Is Final Doom Canon???

    I view it as a kind of addon pack, or a mission pack, not as part of the Doom story arc.
  5. Borax Man

    DK Shrine - Remastered

    The unbalanced health/ammo is actually deliberate! I wanted it just unbalanced enough, so that the player at times feels under pressure, other times, feels they can just mow through, but never unbalanced to the point where it becomes too easy or too hard. You'll find the same with ammo. The idea was to vary the pace so the player would have to "adapt", and at times and to allow a variety of gameplay 'experiences'.
  6. Borax Man

    DK Shrine - Remastered

    Thanks for that. I missed those issues with MAP09, and being able to skip the map is a big problem (this map is my favourite). What I really wanted to avoid, was doing an "update", because then there are different versions floating around, and that would irk me, but I think I do have to fix these up and do a v1.1
  7. I'll get around to playing this, as soon as my graphics card is fixed. It does look quite good, and I'll admit I have a preference for a more "classic style" Doom wad. Looking forward to trying this.
  8. Borax Man

    DK Shrine - Remastered

    Cool! I didn't think many people would have played it, or found it all that great. This release is quite different from the original (it only has the first 10 levels) in that the levels have been expanded and refined quite a bit. In a way, this is more like a remake than a touch up.
  9. Borax Man

    DK Shrine - Remastered

    DK Shrine Remastered is an "old school" Doom II WAD, based on levels made in 1994-1995. As a result, it has a layout and gameplay style familiar to people who played levels coming out in that era, but with a fresh and appealing visual style. People looking for a WAD with more modern gameplay elements and style may be dissapointed, but those who did enjoy the more abstract, iD like levels which were around during DooMs heyday should find something to enjoy. This WAD is basically my original "The Shrine" WAD with significant cosmetic, design and gameplay changes. . It works with gzdoom, prboom, prboom+, crispy doom and doomsday, and has new music, a small number of new textures. Best played without any other mods, and without jumping/crouching. Download here. http://members.iinet.net.au/~dennisk@netspace.net.au/Doom2Levels/dkshrine_rv2.zip MOD DB page here. https://www.moddb.com/mods/dk-shrine-remastered/downloads/dk-shrine-remastered-version-2 *EDIT* Version 2 has been released. Download links are updated.
  10. Borax Man

    Doom's charm...

    Everything. It just got all the elements right. Most of all, the fact it was a labour of love, that it was the product of a small group of people making something cool, as they wanted it, and not the product of a mass machine, committees, etc.
  11. Borax Man

    Doom map tropes you love & hate

    Likes: Moody, creepy atmosphere. City style levels Horror elements. Exploding barrels with enemies around them. Simple, but effective level design and visuals. Dislikes: Mass horde combat where you cant utilise infighting or can't move away. Overproduced levels (too much detail, too much eye candy and glitz) Confusing and overly large levels, especially when there are many similar looking corridors.
  12. Borax Man

    The Shrine - Remastered - Feedback requested

    Oh, and the cyberdemon is not supposed to be there! On one my kids snuck that in! ;)
  13. Borax Man

    The Shrine - Remastered - Feedback requested

    The gameplay does get more varied in later levels, and I was considering mixing things up in the first two maps. Is is simply because its too straight forward?
  14. Borax Man

    why people hate [doom/2] monsters so much?

    After you've had to deal with the Spawn in Quake, Lost Souls seem A-OK in comparison.