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  1. Doomguydude

    Coding newbie's first dabble into sourceports

    So, did you make GZDoom and ZDoom? Or just GZDoom, I'm kinda never pay attention to who made it, so a simple answer would be great.
  2. Doomguydude

    (WIP) Remixed STRIFE Music

    M'kay, I finished my bullshit strife music, Feel free to use this in any mod that you desire
  3. Doomguydude

    (WIP) Remixed STRIFE Music

    Included Files (So Far) (STRIKE, DRONE, TAVERN, And FAST) Download Now Available, Remember, This is WIP, There is more to be added soon STRIFE_REMIX_V1_WIP.zip
  4. Doomguydude

    Usage of MP3 music in SLADE3

    Maybe try using .WAV instead of .MP3?
  5. Doomguydude

    Best Retro MIDI SoundFonts

    Aka, Normal windows midi music
  6. Doomguydude

    Best Retro MIDI SoundFonts

    I do remember goin' around Musical artifacts and looking for some of these
  7. Doomguydude

    Doomseeker Problem...

    Doomseeker will not display any servers for me, I recently updated to the newer version and well, nothing is being played, at least to my consent. p.s I didn't change anything in the settings
  8. For people coming from my channel, hi. thats all i needed to say

  9. Doomguydude

    Brutal Strife

    I wish
  10. Doomguydude

    Brutal Strife

    My dude, I know, i was just looking for an interesting topic
  11. Doomguydude

    Brutal Strife

    Same goes with the cyberdemon, spider mastermind, and archnotron.
  12. I tried that already
  13. So i was wondering, Hmm i was trying to look for gus classic patch set, But atlas i couldn't find anything Help
  14. Yeah i mean i got that but i'm not trying to be a copycat, but hey realm667 is pretty good for new projects so thx Kappes :)