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  1. For people coming from my channel, hi. thats all i needed to say

  2. Toxicmega.101

    Brutal Strife

    I wish
  3. Toxicmega.101

    Brutal Strife

    My dude, I know, i was just looking for an interesting topic
  4. Toxicmega.101

    Brutal Strife

    Same goes with the cyberdemon, spider mastermind, and archnotron.
  5. Toxicmega.101

    Does anyone know a soundfont or sf2 that sounds like xb360 doom?

    I tried that already
  6. So i was wondering, Hmm i was trying to look for gus classic patch set, But atlas i couldn't find anything Help
  7. Yeah i mean i got that but i'm not trying to be a copycat, but hey realm667 is pretty good for new projects so thx Kappes :)
  8. maybe doom builder??? but it does require a 3d card and directx v11 but... well i tried
  9. So I have been wondering about what kind of a doom project I can make using slade 3 and eureka. thx