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  1. Because - 1. I did a TC of "Dungeons of Kremlin" due to the fact that the original DOS game was partially unplayable (many bugs) and 2. Remastered not made by original developers of "Dungeons of Kremlin"
  2. If I find time, now busy with other wads :D
  3. Finally, we made total-conversion of DOS-game - "Dungeons of Kremlin" ! Dungeons of Kremlin - 1995 game for DOS by Gelios Software, made in Russia. The Game with three levels: “Mansion of the evil spirits”, “Underground river” and “Cellars of the Kremlin”. The hero of the game explores the dungeons of the Moscow Kremlin and destroying evil spirits. Story of the Game (all on Russian): Site Screenshots: >> Download: DoomWorld /idgames << Credits: Thanks to everyone who participated in the development! FoxPlays - creator of the Total-Conversion Void Weaver - help with code of TC DukeNukem4ever - help with localization Morthimer McMare - help with code and testing of TC Doomstalker, Nailzx128, Zveraboy - testing Gelios Software - DOS Game (misspelling in CREDITS image - NewCom is publisher of the original DOS game)