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  1. Revenant!

    any way to contact idsoftware?

    You could ask SyncError on #quakelive IRC channel in quakenet. He is working at id and would probably be even somewhat of the right person to ask about this legal stuff. I chatted with him when testing quakelive during close beta once, he seems like a nice guy. EDIT: I believe i just logged in the first time in 9 years :O EDIT2: OK, from searching forum posts it looks more like 5 years but still feels like ages.
  2. Revenant!

    Why doesn't ID revisit Hexen?

    Uh, so true ! I loved Hexen2 back in those days... You just make me wanting to play it again :P It think it has a nice mix of interesting puzzles, fast action and somewhat unique ideas. If you like the demo i can only recommend the fullversion !
  3. Revenant!

    Nukage rhythm

    Indeed interesting !
  4. Revenant!

    Doom 3, (and all FPS games) one-handed

    Am I the only one that wants to know what actually happened to your hand ? Did you manage to cut it off ? :/
  5. Revenant!

    Do the Doom... Movie

    please not "the rock"...argh If he plays the Doomguy they already messed it up :P
  6. Revenant!

    Original Doom trailer???

    Almost forgot about that one. It's so awesome. Gives me gooseflesh everytime I hear it. So much cool sounds in there....
  7. Revenant!

    Sound problems with Doom 3 PLS help

    IF its a motherboard specific problem maybe you will find an answer in the nForcersHQ - Forum. Do a search for words like "crackling sound", "static noise" or "sound distortion". Someone wrote this, just as a pint to start: Maybe you have an usb mouse and walk around in DooM3 by moving you mouse ?
  8. Revenant!

    System Shock 2 mod

    true true.... Maybe this helps us with SS3 :P http://www.sshock2.com/petition/default.asp
  9. Revenant!

    Flashlight on weapons mod?

    I agree. An light attached to at least a few weapons would've been cool. To keep the darkness-scarefactor they could have limited the on-weapon lights to emit only a very small but intense lightbeam.
  10. Revenant!

    System Shock 2 mod

    Hmm yes, but because its possible to finish the game using totally different approaches in terms of charakter development (right word in this context ?) its something different everytime. Well, if you want it to be. Thats a thing I really liked on SS2. At the end of the game, even if you play damn good, you can only manage to have 1/4 of all the available skills, items and upgrades... at most.
  11. Revenant!

    System Shock 2 mod

    Hmm. As far as I understand the stuff on their page, they asked if a SS2 based doom3 mod would be ok. Its not that they haven't thought about copyright stuff. Thats what they send to EA: http://rebooted.purkaia.net/dead_letter/ss2r_letter.html Uh, Doom3 ? :) Reading that I'll just go and start SS2 again :)
  12. Revenant!

    System Shock 2 mod

    OMG! Just read it. That REALLY sucks. At least the development team decided to make an independend mod. I guess they will take a good direction with SS2 as a shining example.
  13. Revenant!

    Pictures of the Cyberdemon and Hell. (EXTREME SPOILERS)

    Argh, ultra-mega-super-spoilers everywhere ! o_0 Its REALLY hard to resist all that stuff. [slapping at my head)I will not look. I will not look. I will not look. I should cut my inet connection.... And I have to wait until August 12th...I am dying.
  14. Revenant!

    Well atleast it comes in a cd case

    Hmm, well...(box design - minor spoiler) http://img41.exs.cx/img41/5422/Box2.jpg http://img41.exs.cx/img41/6734/Box3.jpg
  15. Revenant!

    Doom 3 Hit By Software Patents

    Uh, how much THAT sucks. Carmack got it right.