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  1. CorzaX24

    [WIP] Portals of Doom

    Update 0.2 - New monsters have been implemented. - Weapons have had their damages tweaked to suit the replacement of monsters. - Map still being designed, and with more detailed enviroments to come. Below is an image of the new monster replacements. Thanks, CorzaX24
  2. CorzaX24

    [WIP] Portals of Doom

    Update 0.1 - The entire map has seen some details added and some areas have had slight layout modifications. - New weapons have been implemented (overriding all of the default Doom ones). - Some new monsters have been added (Previously they were the default Doom monsters). Still more to be added. - A couple new areas have had the basic layout created. - Some bugs/glitches have been fixed. - Some texture alignments have been corrected. On a side note, when this goes to an official WIP (Because I have to finalize my 'story' on which the game is based upon first), I will provide more detailed examples of the above and future updates through images and a short demo playthrough. Below are some examples of the details/changes throughout the map. Thanks, CorzaX24
  3. CorzaX24

    [WIP] Portals of Doom

    Portals of Doom - A WAD for GZDoom (Coming Soon) Think of this as a mention of a new WAD. A real WIP announcement will come as the WAD develops further. A work in progress, but I'd like to share a few teaser images. (I know a few images wont give much insight, but it's start. I may do a demo run through soon). So far, I've been focused on the basic map layout with switches and keylocks throughout. There is till a lot of detail to add to the map, along with new weapons and monsters. The idea revolves around Portals requiring certain keys or key combinations, whilst having to clear rooms and monsters to obtain them. It is to be a mixture of many types of game play types, such as run-n-gun/puzzle/maze/mild slaughter etc... This is being created using GZDoomBuilder, .WADs being edited using Slade 3 and testing with the latest GZDoom at this point in time. Oh, and I am the only one working on this. More to come in due time. Thanks, CorzaX24
  4. CorzaX24

    Maps are missing!

    I should've known to check for backups! Rookie mistake. Thanks, all recovered. CorzaX24
  5. CorzaX24

    Maps are missing!

    Hi, I've been making maps and saving them into a single wad file, named MAP01, MAP02 and so on. When I made MAP10, all 9 other maps have vanished from the wad. Only MAP10 is editable now :( Any ideas? I've spent so much time on these maps!. Thanks, CorzaX24
  6. CorzaX24

    A sneaky little peek into my WIP

    A few more screenshots for you to feast your eyes on. Playable demo is in the works. Thanks, CorzaX24
  7. CorzaX24

    .WAD to .EXE

    How can I do this, make my wads into one singular .exe file but also incorporating Brutal Doom into the mix. I've made 8 maps in 1 wad using GZdoom Builder, and is played using the Brutal Doom Engine. Thanks.
  8. CorzaX24

    A sneaky little peek into my WIP

    Indeed I did. Will get something up as soon as I can. Thanks, CorzaX24
  9. CorzaX24

    A sneaky little peek into my WIP

    I agree, but I'm currently working out some wad merging issues first before i release a demo. Once sorted, you'll get to test it out :) Thanks, CorzaX24
  10. Hey all, A few screenshots of my WIP. Maps 01, 03 and 05. So far a total of 8 maps made. Lots of work still to do though! Any feedback is welcome! CorzaX24
  11. CorzaX24

    Merging Map Wads, Mods and other Wads

    I've compiled my map wad and textures wad together, but when you say "...by dragging your mapset and brutal doom over GzDoom..." I litterally drag the wad and brutal doom pk3 files over GZdoom and it doesn't work. Any thoughts? I will read into your posted thread though, thanks. CorzaX24
  12. Hey all, Having some problems trying to merge everything together. I've created a map Wad (8 maps within so far) using GZDoom Builder. In the resources I'm using a Doom2 IWAD and 2 other wads for textures and things. When testing these maps, it uses the Brutal Doom.exe from Sargent Mark IV. My questions are: 1. Whats the best way to merge all of this into a single WAD or .exe so everything it together in 1 file. I've tried merging all these using Slade 3 but it doesn't really work properly, unless I'm doing it wrong. Basically I want my maps from my WAD, with the textures from another WAD using the Brutal Doom engine. 2. Am I even allowed to do the above? Using Brutal Doom for my maps in a single WAD and release it for others? Thanks for any help! CorzaX24