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  1. I really appreciatte your time for this, thank you. I will try this out later! since I have no rush :)
  2. Yes I uze Gzdoom, Gzdoombuilder as well. Thx for your help. Edit: But does it work for low pass filter effects?
  3. I wanna make a low pass filter effect on my Map, whenever I'm closer to an area the music gets louder and more closer. And vice versa if I move away from it. Is there a script that can make this work? Thx for your time and reply. Edit: My Game Data is UDMF and my wad is ran with GzDoom.
  4. Yeah i'm only planning to make 7 maps in total hence the lengthy map. And yeah I figured, the Demo isn't fully polished but thanks for the feedback!. The railroom with the big door and two other doors left and right is a Resident Evil esque moment, since you have to use two switches to open the door fully. Tho don't expect the full episode out soon, since I applied for a job. And Yeah romero inspired me alot to make the 1st map super hard, if it annoyed you then I succeeded hehe but finding the secrets is key! though I will see if I can tweak the 2nd map a tiny bit shorter, tho imo my goal was to make it 20 minutes. Since again 7 maps is a bit short I don't want everyone to have like a 1 hour experience haha. But again I'm all for feedback that's why I uploaded this demo as well. Edit: Also! the red spheres are a teaser to "Something" ; )
  5. My Fan-made hobby episode called Plug and Play is a simple 2nd episode to Doom 2's Hell on Earth my fav game of all time. The story is very simple and Doom ish, new demon rises in hell to finish the Icons work, the uac is invaded again Doomguy is ready to kick ass once again. This episode is made with 3D Floors en Slopes so it is HEAVILY recommended to run this on GzDoom with Vulkan/OpenGL, Mouselook is allowed but it is build for vanilla gameplay! The IWAD used for this mod is Doom 2 obviously, so run it with Doom 2! You might get stuck on the platform section with the CacoDemons on level 2, if so feel free to use No-Clip. On the menu you will see my terrible titlescreen and when you press on new game, you will see the Episode ready and set for you, Recommended difficulty Ultra Violence, a true hellish experience. Levels are two both UAC-Earth Themed. New custom-monsters added to give it a fresh new experience! they're very tough so be prepared ; ) This episode was heavily inspired by the PS1 Duke 3D episode Plug and Pray which was my favorite episode in that game, it might have been a ok episode in level design but it was so fun and challenging! Below are some preview images! Again thank you so much for playing and feel free to leave feedbacks! It's my first time making serious maps in Doom so I wanna always improve! Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ssttfqrr9v341wz/Plug+and+Play+(Demo).rar/file
  6. D12


    Ooooooh my bad!
  7. D12


    gonna give my wad more info!
  8. D12

    Randomsound lump help. (FIXED)

    Yeah sorry for wasting your time : ( but thank you regardless! you guys are always a great help!
  9. D12

    Randomsound lump help. (FIXED)

    Edit: I fixed it nvm, apologies.
  10. I'm making a boss that I wanna give 2 active and pain sounds. But whenever I use this code on SNDINFO he doesn't make any of the sounds anymore.
  11. Since i'm making a boss map in my wad, after I defeat the boss I can see my custom textscreen but when I click further it shows the doom 2 cast. What I want is a custom picture pretty much not the Doom 2 cast screen. Can it be edited via mapinfo? Edit: I managed to find it out! but I can still use some advice for scrolling haha.
  12. I did the exact same thing haha. But now I sucessfully converted my current maps into UDMF and work with GZDoombuilder now :)
  13. Read what Empyre said, he explained it well.