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  1. P41R47

    Doom 2: Sequel or Expansion Pak?

    are you feeling bad for starting the thread, pal? hahah quite a firestarter you are sometimes. Don't feel bad, that why we like you ;) In regard to opinions, yes it exactly as you said. Every person will have different opinion that calls out from their lives and experiences. Most people that lived during the golden age of the gaming industry will said it is a proper sequel as our experience with lots of sequels that are almost identical to the original game teached us, and some others that get used to today standars will think the other way, and thats it. Its a matter of context, put it on the 90's and it is a sequel, put it now and even being and standalone game it will be seen as an expansion. In the end, we all love Doom and thats the important. Also, in the end, we all know that Grezzo Due was the original sequel that Romero and Carmack ever wanted, but they feel it was too edgy for the time. ;P
  2. P41R47

    Doom II and where to get it

    Welcome aboard, pal! Hope you have a nice time on the forums! For making maps you will need not only the Doom2.wad you will also need to download the program for making maps: Doom Builder. And here is where things start to complicate a little. Let me explain you about. Doom is a game that is almost 30 years old. And as computers become more complex, a lot of sourceports were created to play Doom on more modern PC that leave the old DOS environment code base. With the different sourceport, some improvement were made to the original game, improvement not possible at all in the original executable, and thus different mapping format appeared. -Chocolate Doom is a sourceport that replicates all that was possible on the original Doom executable. Maps for the original Doom executable and for this sourceport are called ''vanilla maps'', because they work on the original vanilla flavored Doom and so they are in Doom/Doom2 Format ;). -Crispy Doom is a sourceport like Chocolate Doom but that let you work over the original limitations of the Doom engine. The original limitations are on different grade, visual bugs to gamecrashing, but with this sourceport, all limitations are removed, so a map that gos over the limitations are called ''limit-removing'', but they are still the original Doom/Doom2 format. -Boom-Derivative: on 1998 Team TNT, the team that designed part of Final Doom - TNT: Evilution, released a new sourceport that removed all the limits of the original engine and add some new features, and then Lee Killough, also member of team TNT, refined Boom even more and added more features and release it as MBF (Marine's Best Friend). But those sourceport worked on DOS environment, and so new sourceport for modern PC with them as a base appeared: DoomRetro, Woof, and PrBoom+. Maps for this kind of sourceport are called ''Boom Compatible'' and use the Boom Format map format. -ZDoom-Dereivatives: Zdoom is a sourceport that was released also in 1998 and it merged the codebase of the different Doom engine games (Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Strife) adding all the features onf this 4 games on a simple package, allowing the mappers to take things even further, transforming Doom on a new game if it is desired. And also creating a new codebase language to manipulate the different resources of the original game without changing them, this way plenty of gameplay mods were created. The sourceport had different incarnation: ZDoom, LZDoom, and GZDoom, they are just upgraded versions or versions for low end PC users. The trick is that you need to know for what kind of compatibility are you aiming when you make a new map, hence a little rule is apply to understand how this work: Most compatible--------------------------------------------------------------------------Less compatible. Vanilla------------------Limit-Removing------------------Boom-Compatible--------------------ZDoom-Dereivative Vanilla compatible maps are compatible with all the sourceport, but as you move to the right of the mapping range you will need different sourceport to play the different formats. For example, Boom-derivatives base sourceport can reproduce maps on vanilla, limit-removing and boom format, but they can't reproduce zdoom derivative map formats. Zdoom derivatives sourceports can reproduce all that comes behind it, but their zdoom base projects are only compatible with zdoom derivative base ports. And so, after all the explanation all that is left is what you want to do. To organize the different graphics lumps you will use as resources on your projects you will need this program: Slade 3 Now, is up to you, pal! Hope you have fun mapping and creating on the Doom Art Scene! ;)
    I really loved this mapset. There are just smooth details, just little neat hints about what is going on. And the music really take things up to eleven. The maps are not really complex, but they quitly fulfill the role for what they were designed. And it would be really cool if this was a full mapset. Maybe not, but two more maps to use the message screen after map20 would round up the experience quite a lot. The maps range from totally atmospheric maps, to sprawling with challenging but moderated encounters. Some are challenging, some are not soo much, but all in all, its a great mapset with awesome music and being a good farewell song to the mapping scene by this authors. Thanks Black Star Coven, you really know how to set the mood and to create a really claustrophobic and mysterious atmosphere.
  3. P41R47

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    happy birthday, pal! Take this cute doggo and cuddle it to death ;P
  4. P41R47

    unpopular retro opinions

    Stupid? not at all. Unpopular? yes! and thats the meaning of this thread ;)
  5. P41R47

    How does one get good at Doom?

    And talking about derailing the thread... Move on, people! Why caring for someone that doesn't hurt anybody? Seriously, move on. Let the man alone. About the proper topic concerning OP, and not the drama degenerated by constant trolling one member, the videos that @Doomkid posted are really awesome and helpful to any player. But the proper topic is more deep than one might actually think. How to get good at Doom? Everyone has his own way of playing, and no body can tell that this is the proper way or that is the proper way. At last, everything we learn while playing is subjetive, and it probably won't work with the playing style that one has. Being concerned about the own skills being low for certain mapset is not bad, but experience is the only real teacher. Keen eye and open mind helps with this matter. If one thinks playing Doom as a proper sport: for instance, Messi, the soo renowed best player of the current times is an Argentinian that has to live on the shadow of another great player of the same country: Maradona. because he plays bad in comparisson? Not at all, just because the other one has more impact on his time as a player. Does Messi cares about this? not at all, he already say that all the criticism he receive is about people that tend to compare things that can't be compared at all. Maradona was a good player on the past, Messi is a good player now. Change the roles in time, and Messi will be the greates player of all time and Maradona a nobody, maybe a good player. What i'm trying to say is all kind of advice about getting better is subjetive to what a player find fun as a playing style. Maybe all the advices given are good now, but someday, a new better player will appeard and all will say he/she is the holder of ''the proper way of getting good at Doom''. And that will be the truth? For instance, @Nine Inch Heels share with us her playing style and really good advices. And i'm really grateful for her advices and i really respect her for taking the time to develop her skill to that level. But if i has to face every mapset with all that in mind, i wouldn't even try to play them, why? Because playing that way bores me. I like surprises, i like to lose, i like challenge. Other players think that playing and replaying and remembering from memory a map and conquering it at max difficulty is fun. But that doesn't mean that its the only way for getting good at it. Everybody has their way at playing, and thats make this even more fun. So, if the OP is still reading this, i hope you found something on all this advices that helps you to have more fun at playing Doom while making you feel that you are improving your skills.
  6. P41R47

    How does one get good at Doom?

    Thats exactly what i just wanted to ask! Anybody plays Doom with the touch surface/mouselike thing that comes with laptops? i remember playing Amnesia with that on my wife's laptop and it was cluncky as hell...
  7. P41R47

    How does one get good at Doom?

    painful to see that you are soo good, pal!
  8. P41R47

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    i want to be the second around to say ''fuck you''! And have a nice stay ;)
  9. I like what i see, but i think it would have a great enhancement in atmosphere if you play around with sector lightning.
  10. P41R47

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Funny looking oldman that tries to feel young
  11. P41R47

    The Roots of Doom Mapping

    Fantastic work, @elend Now i can read it on my phone without internet connection :D I didn't notice that it was soo large, i read it like five times by now and just never get bored. Soo inspiring and soo insightful. Thanks @Not Jabba for this. Articles like this are what i love to find about the games i love.
  12. Take a read to this Lil :) You will learn a lot! https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2165988
  13. P41R47

    TNT: Renascence (episode 1)

    Eternal shows one more time how much he loves TNT: Evilution. Sincerely, i can't show him how much i appreaciate this love. It just made verything right, even the quirky designs of the original team are respected here, and impproves with hist vast knowledge an excellence on mapping. Eternal, i can only wait for you to, someday, revisit this project and make a full Renascence for this much beloved IWAD.
  14. P41R47

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    Really a lot of difference. I personally liked the different pieces, but they don't quite fit the game, for me at least. And are a little too prominent during gameplay.