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  1. Hey man, you doing ok?


    Working on some project or smth?

  2. @P41R47!!







  3. Are you alright dude? Been a while since your last post :-)

    1. TheNoob_Gamer


      He seems like a cool guy. I'm a bit confused about his sudden disappearance...

  4. P41R47

    Do you ever get tired of Doom?

    been playing a lot of mapsets, recently, and no one satisfied me. For example, i started replaying 50 Shades of Graytall and made it up to map09, but i get distracted a few times while playing it and had to restart the map, so i get bored and changed to Hell Revealed 2 but made it up to map15 and get bored again, now i'm replaying Cyberdreams and near completing it, and Doom 2 with MidTheWayIdDid, and for certain there are some great track that infuse new life to the original mapset. Aside from that, i become totally burned out from making graphics and status bars, to the point of feeling my art is not that good, so i'm taking a time away from that. Been pushing myself a little, i guess. Also, i realice that playtesting new project make me get burned out pretty easily as i explore the maps and try different things to see if they break somehow, so i'm not gonna playtest more mapsets aside from those that i'm still helping out. As i work more than 8 hour a day, i usually don't play much Doom, and i just read a book or play some RPG during the spare time on my work, so i thought it would be hard to get burned out, but it happened. Hope it doesn't last much and let me review some mapsets that i played and didn't reviewed the first time. Usually i find myself replaying the mapsets i love, like Fragport, Doom 2 Reloaded, TNT: Evilution and Revilution, The Journey and Doom: Damnation. Its strange, i rotate playing those without getting bored :/
  5. P41R47

    Struggling with D3 retro texture set

    is there a link to download it from other place? i don't seem to find it for some reason
  6. P41R47

    Struggling with D3 retro texture set

    share the texture pack so we can see whats the problem with it.
  7. P41R47

    Tips for e4m6?

    Pretty much, make use of the rad suits, explore to get ammo, and once the cyber appear, run from it, later you will get a invencibility sphere and, if you are playing continuous, you will have the BFG already, so dispatch him while you are invencible, after that, the map just ends. The central teleporter lead you to four different areas depending from wich direction you take the teleporter. North lead you to the north area where the red, blue and yellow bars are, east takes you to a balcony near the north that leads you to a skull key if i remember right, west leads you to another balcony where some imps are and where the yellow bars are, and south leads you to the start of the underground maze. For certain, its a tricky map, but if you have problems solving the puzzle, here is a walkthrought:
  8. P41R47

    Cobweb textures?

    don't know from where you get that information, as the .txt doesn't say anything about the textures being ripped off from somewhere else, but probably the one to ask is one of the mappers from it that is still around. @Steve D, if you had time, could you share some info about that?
  9. i see a great arena map beside an Alien ship with really cosmic visuals and the Ancient Aliens texture pack coming from that rug ;) Go for it, cowboy!
  10. Strange you didn't find them, i just put psx doom music wad and those were the first one to appear :/ Here is the music: https://www.moddb.com/games/doom/addons/psx-soundtrack-replacement-high-quality here are the sounds: https://www.moddb.com/addons/playstation-doom-sounds-for-the-brutal-doom Beside that, i still found the original sounds and music entertaining. Strange that those four mapsets, besides Scythe, has the regular doom music. Here another one that may interest you: https://www.moddb.com/mods/doom-64-vanilla-for-mods-1pk3-only-out-download It change the textures, monsters and guns to those on Doom 64.
  11. 0/10 what better than learn with the gods themselves :) Great oportunity to become a god myself ;)
  12. P41R47

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Playing Metal Max for NES. Having a really good time enjoying the dystopian setting mix of Mad Max, Terminator, and with a really goofy nature kinda from Earthbound. Here is a vid:
  13. vanilla doom means the original doom game, where you can only look sideways, not up or down. The only way to make a rocket jump was a rocket explosion thrust from a place to another of the same height or a lower height but far away and needing a heavy boost on difficulty to reach it. In the place you were standing on TNT map30, its could be possible, having god mode on, that a rocket from the cyberdemon pushed you onto the window, but its nowhere feasible by a normal rocket jump as there are no walls nears to make the explosion push you.
  14. by definition, something that is highly regarded of being of good quality can't be a Guilty Pleasure. Guilty Pleasure means that you found pleasure enjoying or liking something that its not liked by most people around, and cosidered bad by most. Since Scythe and Alien Vendetta are community staples high quality maset that almost everyone like or love, where is the controversy or guilty pleasure of liking them? Guilty pleasure on doom would be, as another member said, loving E2M9, for example. Or liking Anti-christ Doom, for example, that is all made of maps blatantly stolen from the IWADs and other pwads, with just recolored sprites to look ''evil'' :/
  15. P41R47

    What's your greatest Doom accomplishment?

    who else would make something so oopart as Rowdy Rudy's Revenge and Rowdy Rudy 2: POWERTRIP! and still make it fun and awesome? Non other than our crazy vanilla wadist deathmatcher oldscholexual ;)