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  1. Miss your positive outlook around here, mate. Hope you're doing well wherever you are.

  2. Been playing this, and man! Wow, the abstract nature of this maps seriously screwed my mind. I'm loving it! :D Even when the maps are the ones we know, they are really different thanks to all the debris and destruction. I love the concept, great work @hervoheebo ;) I'm surprised nobody even mentioned this one on other threads. It almost went unnoticed, so i will help a bit tagging some friends. @Doomkid here is another great mapset for the Big Vanilla WAD Pack. @Scypek2 you may find interesting the abstract nature on this mapset. @Maximum Matt come enjoy this old schooliness!!! @Endless this one need to be covered on the wadazine. Probably a new hidden gem!!!
  3. Not much activity here, i miss you @DCG Retrowave. Would love to see more of this mapset :)
  4. maybe ''featured'' means that it is the thread of an awarded project?
  5. the ''star'' at the left of the name of the thread? it means that you participate on it already. The other ''rounded star'', that this is a featured thread. What featured is, baffles me.
  6. P41R47

    PSA: Review Trains Fucking Suck!

    clear, my good lady, its clear as your nice smile! I been warned so its clear for me. The review panel comes to have almost no activity for more than a week, sometimes. And then, someone resurface and old wad and there is activity for a few days. So, its purpose is still being fullfilled, just in a way that you don't like. You can still use it, no body stops you, and even be purposelly usefull to the forums posting your own review on a file you like :D On a side note, be polite, my good man. You are a moderator. I agree with most of what you say. But as you say, different places for different people. Why this place can't be fun for some? You are the MagicMushroom man, don't you like to have fun? Respect other people way of having fun. Seriously, they are not hurting anybody. i agree. good night all!
  7. P41R47

    PSA: Review Trains Fucking Suck!

    different choices, different people, different likings do you wanna tell other how they should like to do?
  8. P41R47

    PSA: Review Trains Fucking Suck!

    so member that likes to have fun between them are idiots. Good to know! ;)
  9. P41R47

    PSA: Review Trains Fucking Suck!

    or post a review in the review section, as they want and as they like :)
  10. P41R47

    PSA: Review Trains Fucking Suck!

    I don't see any problem on this. People likes to have fun, just let them have fun. If someone comes here, see the good reviews train and then goes to try it, worst thing that could happend is don't liking it, and realising that the previous reviews were jokes. As just very few suggested, the review panel brings more joy than problems to most people. And if veteran members don't like it being used in some way to have fun by other members, just ignore it. They are harmless and they aren't breaking any kind of rule as they are free to review as they want.
  11. How i miss a release from the author of ''The Journey'', one of my all time favourite mapsets ever? Going to try this right now!!!
  12. Now, this is a surprise! StupidBunny and speedmaps doesn't lined up on my dictionary...till this moment! And what an amazing moment to be a fan of his mapping style!!! Thanks for this, pal! This maps are a total blast! Now i want more :P
  13. P41R47

    What are your favorite memories with MS DOS?

    i had a dos pc from 1992 up to 2001, and then pentium 1.33 until 2006. Then a pentium 4 from 2006 up to 2010 or 2011. I had a memory from the very first time the PC comes to my house, playing on the black and white theme of the old windows a solitaire or something like that. I was 3 years old. Then a few years later, when the hacker friend of my dad installed installed win95 and upgraded the PC to be a bit more powerful, up to pentium 1. That time the hacker friend of my dad brought a really awesome game based on ''The Lawnmower Man'' film. I still remember looking at those amazing graphics and thinking, ''wow! so that is virtual reality!''. And then obviously, when i completed Doom 1.666 for the very first time.
  14. P41R47

    OMEGA release!

    you can always make a dummy sector with a crusher, a barrel on the crusher sector, and a voodoo doll near it. When the player cross a linedef at the start of the map, it will activate the crusher, making the barrel go boom and damaging the voodoo doll. You can even make the damage different for the different difficult settings if you put some candelabra or something behind the voodoo doll so it can't back up from the splash damage, or put the voodoo doll on different possition depending the difficult setting. For certain, the whole barreled start is a bit...asshole-y. I read your intentions, and i understand what you tried to achieve, but yes, not lot of people know that you can survive a barrel explosion by running back and moving it a few inches after shooting it. Try the approach i explained above. At first the player will be at 100% but after moving a few inches, the health will drop. You can explain the drop in the health as breaking the shackles that imprisoned him :D
  15. P41R47

    Worst way to die in any doom game

    Someday, good Xaser, there will be a new standar of art. The art of dying by self-rocketing. You already know you will be the messiah of that vanguardist art movement.