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  1. Oh, Linguica! We are nothing without you! You truly understand what people needs and wants to play!
  2. I seriously hate not taken that mapping skill proficiency years back. Sorry, Noiser! I would gladly help you, but i'm not a mapper, still. I love the old vanilla maps and they NEED this gameplay mod to enhance them and give new life to the old. Also, I tried this mod with crispy doom and Ultimate Doom an it doesn't have any problem. But when i tried it in GZDoom, theare is no episode selection screen and, after choosing the difficulty level, GZDOOM crash telling that there are no MAP01 in the mapset. So at the moment, this is not compatible with Ultimate Doom in gzdoom. PrBoom+ doesn't detect it when doing the drag & drop way of starting. It just launch Doom 2. I had to move away the doom 2 wad to be able to play this mod with UDoom in PrBoom+ and its play just fine. Also tried it with Doom Retro, and it plays just fine, also. So only problem is GZDOOM with Ultimate Doom right now EDIT: This happened in crispy ultimate doom, the level don't ended as it have to, it just stay that way... Endlessly.
  3. P41R47

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    This one totally for gameplay mod. Just two words: VANILLA COMPATIBLE!!! The dehacked work in it is amazing! Also the sprite work is totally awesome! EDIT: So good mod that i didn't saw Hideous Destructor Guy's post. Sorry! ;P
  4. I'm actually playing it with Demonfear to test compatibility, and D4V changed the level. If you are going to make a map07 fix for the zillion wads out there that use map07 sector666/667, you will go insane! There must be another work around to the mancubi problem. Other solution would be to post an easy way for the users to make the map07 fix themselves
  5. P41R47

    D4V Single Map: Chrono-Displacement Labs

    Tried this map in crispy, then i remember it is only Boom compatible. Pretty cool so far. It would be awesome to have a vanilla or limit removing level pack for D4V
  6. Now this is pretty awesome!!! Making it vanilla is the ultimate compatibility mode. Thanks, Noiser!!! Your work is so much appreciated!. Diggin it in Crispy Doom with Demonfear.
  7. P41R47

    a "deluxe edition" of the Master Levels

    Maste ''Ultimate Masters Works'' could be a good name, as this compilatios is trying to be the definitive way to play this levels. Hope Xaser let you use his UDTWID E4M8 in this project. Check this out, it is a mock up, but gives the idea; could be the TITLEPIC or the BOSSBACK or some kind of EndPic: -As for the music, i know its just a compilation wad, but this deserves a totally new MIDI pack. This levels, although old, are gold. I dreamed a lot about playing the Inferno serie by Dr. Sleep and also Sverre Kvernm´╗┐o's Cabal serie. This NEEDS a MIDI pack. -Its a shame it can't be vanilla compatible as Doom 2 episode's textscreens will disrupt the levels set. -As for the ending text for the levels sets, if we knew how the story goes for them, we can write a decent ending text. -Chris Klie set of levels could be named CK_Triumph, aa little homenage and reference to the Chris Klie's BF_THUD!.wad (what's a BF_THUD?) -I suggest to add Mustain's Evilution maps, maybe retextured a little, to be independent of their TNT incarnation. -Although the original Masters Levels were intended for pistol start (bad move from Id, it surely would be better to be another full megawads), i'm with Kvermmo in this. Doom, whatever incarnation it takes, is meant to be played as a continuous play. But as dying and not saving, back in those days, was a natural posibility, they designed the maps with the idea of the player dying in the process. So, the maps as they are surely will be good as pistol start or continuous play.
  8. Thanks, guys! I was searching for a list like this for a long time. I like to play Ultimate Doom more than Doom 2, but there are not enough (yet) 36 levels megaWADS for it, so i was searching this one to assamble my own UD replacement. One amazing configuration i made by now is the one that can be assembled with the 4 episodes named in ''Top 100 WADs of All Time'' list. Return to Phobos, Slaughter until Death, The Evil unleashed, and Crusades make a totally new and interesting approach to the game. Also i want to mention the Death Tormention serie, by Paul Corfiatis. Every episode on the WAD was firs release individually. Death Tormention 1-3 are episode 4 replacement. Simply Phobos is a Episode 1 replacement.
  9. P41R47

    Phase 1 Ch 2 > Dev Thread (Bonus Map11)

    i will do a list of the things i spoted. Please understand that i'm trying to give a constructive feedback, so forgive me if i say something that sounds a little harsh. -The layout is okay. For a DM is perfect, but in solo play, every area looks the same making difficult to recognise one area from another. As i tried it in easy medium and hard i knew the layout from the previous plays and it was a little more easy to navigate, but still, i had to rely a lot in the automap to remember in wich area i was. -as this is a demo for now, the areas looks a lot cold and uninteresting, maybe more details will spicy it a little more. -I found 3 of the 4 secrets in all the runs, the berserk, the mega armor and the survey map. The berserk is easy to spot, hard to find, in easy i had to look around a little, but in hard i just hit the switch by accident. The mega armor switch is easyly misseable being in a corner of an s corridor and fighting all the way through it. The survey map, is definetively misseable. I find it by IDDT. I IDDT the map to try to find the one that i was missing but i find a lot of DM inaccesible areas. No luck finding the remaining secret. -the difficult is as follow in term of gameplay. Easy = boring medium = still a little boring. hard = a lot of monsters and boring. don't take it as a failure on mappmaking, i will detail why i feel that way. Most of the uneappealing things is on the aesthetic side for now, so if you add more variety and details to the different areas it will look a lot better. The most difficult area is where the yellow key is. In medium and hard i only died there once. The problem is that theare are a lot of monsters in the same place with hitscanners in hard to spot places and then the trilobites teleporting with the pain lord and fleshworms. The serpentipedes in the balconies make it challenging but there are also a few zombies in there. Thats the only really difficult place in all the map. Also this is one of the few ambushes on the map. A lot of monsters doesn't means more difficult. I read that your favorite mapset are Alien vendetta and other like that. Well, that kind of mapsets learn to do it from the Plutonia experiment. Plutonia had little monster count, even in hard, what make it difficult is the carfully designed monsters ambushes and how to place them on the map. -The other point of interest is the very very big open areas, i know that you said that it would be awesome to use and upside-down/inverted layout of the map as the e2m8. But there are a lot of open areas with uninteresting fights, just monsters around the place. The map progression is a little convulted and added to the difficulty to differentiate one area for another its make the map drags a lot. Maybe just left the starting area a little more big than the other for the future e2m8 and giving the open areas a different height, some kind of obstacles so its look like the interior and exterior of a training camp? Now the things that need to be revised: - there is a radioactive suit in the south of the map, where the sludge river ends. I think that it needs to be tagged as a multiplayer only, because there is no need to go into the sludge river as it is closed in solo play. -the caged pain lord, is somewhat ineffective, also, that place is somewhat optional, so it needs t be rearranged somehow. If the pain lord was in guard of an important map progression point it would be different, or a secret at least, but no. You can skip that area entirely. - the area where the blue key is is too big and empty. Maybe making all the floor damaging and adding a time switch to a door and making that area smaller could fix it. -There are a lot of backtracking. First is the red key, and the need to hunt down the switch to be able to grab it it, there is an ambush there, but with the vast openess of the starting area, that ambush don't hit like and ambush, just like a teleporting attacks. After that, you got to hunt down other switches for the other keys. Its good for the map to be non-linear, but when it make the progression a hassle is better to try a different angle. This topic might help a little; the topic named inside by Wraith777 is also pretty good.
  10. P41R47

    Phase 1 Ch 2 > Dev Thread (Bonus Map11)

    Thanks, Doomfighter! I really want to see Freedoom become its own entity, so i'm trying to play a lot of mods to see if they are fully compatible, and also see how they developed their narrative through the levels. By now i played a bunch of wads that have a really good story that unfolds contextually through the level. Revolution! is one of the most interesting. And also Xaser's lost episode has an implicit narrative, even though the levels are console only adapted for PC or alpha levels, they are placed as a cohesive story, and the inclusion of a properly episode intermission screen really adds to the narrative. Something like that can be made because everyone, consciously or not, knows the little story begin Doom after playing the vanilla game: As a simple soldier, we are punished to go to one of the mars moons because we refused to follow a direct order from a superior, and in the moon, we discover the plans of the UAC to set an invasion aided with some kind of alien entities. We all struggle to reach the phobos anomaly and felt totally surprised with that strange ending. But then we are teleported to the next moon, and found how the UAC was building a new Babel, with the menacing cyber-demon atop the tower, just to realice that we are floating above hell itself; it wasn't an alien invasion, the UAC didn't open a portal to another world, they open it to hell itself and we need to descend to it deeper reaches to eliminate the mastermind of the invasion and stop it once and for all. That is an epic story! A simple but epic story. And following that story, everybody made their own Doom. And that apply to every mod out there, also. If you take a look to the .TXT that comes with every wads, there are little details of the story that the mapper followed for that particular mapset. I'm trying to write a back story and to adapt it to the levels that already made, and for the ones to come. When its finished i will submit it. I really wish that the back story helps with the development of the maps.
  11. P41R47

    Show your Doom Icons!

    A folder with all the games i spent most time playing. (least for Quake; i can't make myself to buy it :/) Now the Inside: I usually spent all the time between the Doom folder and the Freedoom folder where i save resources and experiments i did for fun.
  12. Yeah, there are a lot of similarities between Hell to Pay and TNT: Evilution. The difference is the execution, i think. While Evilution flirted with context narrative, Hell to Pay do a (almost) full inmersion. An as you say, surely Doom community could have taken the way of partial to total conversion as a whole. OR maybe a more focused and inmersive contextual narrative. Perdition's Gate is really a hell of a ride! Not too difficult, not too easy, just carfuly crafted, and also, pretty good with the contextual narrative. We need more wads like this two, for sure.
  13. Everyone loves and hate Final Doom for their own reasons (Evilutions is interesting for the level narrative and inmersion and is a total bore for the awful third part of the game being too boring / Plutonia is a total pushover for not hardcore Doomers), but what if instead of Final Doom as we know it, Id Software decided to release Hell 2 Pay and Perdition's Gate, the two Wraith Corporation megaWADS as Final Doom? What differences do you think the community would be experimenting as of now? For me, i think that the new standard would be something more in the line of A.L.T. I think is a natural evolution of Hell 2 Pay level narrative and gameplay. As for Perdition's Gate, surely it would find it way to become the pinnacle of the cramped and meticulously crafted difficult but fair WADS. The first example of it that comes to mind is Revolution! (TVR!) but surely there are new entries to that type of gameplay. I imagine something in the way between Back to Saturn X eye candy and beautiful designed maps, and the first Scythe with the ton of fun and short levels. They are my two favorite (Revolution! fight the second place with Perdition's Gate for me). The introduction level of Hell 2 Pay is totally atmospheric and inmersive. The music helps a lot to the inmersion. And after reaching the courtyard... WOW! that was something truly spectacular for a 1996 megaWAD. Well people, feel free to leave a comment and to show your love for this 2 megawads. Have a nice day!
  14. P41R47

    What are you playing now?

    Struggle: Antaresian Legacy in Crispy Doom. Its a total blast to play and pretty difficult!!! The dehacked work that Antares031 made is incredible! Playes TNT: Evilution a few days ago... what a chore! i didn't remember it was that boring in the last levels. But well, now i had a fresh mind to tackle TNT: Revilution (although a little slaughter-ish to my taste, even in HMP) and the soon to come TNT2: Devilution. Also Eviternity in LZDoom... but it lags a lot (my pc is old) in the snow levels because of the weather effect. I tried playing it with Glboom+ but... don't know... It feels really different. Now i'm playing it with DoomRetro and it plays pretty good and feel really old-schooley (a little too slippery in the snow levels, something that doesn't comes as a problem in Glboom+ and LZdoom).
  15. P41R47

    [TEXTURE PACK] Wireframe Texture Pack

    Third one here!!! Would look great as matrix style levels for HACX if someday i learn how to map :P