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  1. Hi, just for to say; if you want you can to modify "Endless Torture" if You Want.


    Have a nice day !

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    2. Datacore85


      Already for example I noticed that the doors were not in "Door Repeatable" but in "Switch Repeatable" which disturbs the gameplay, some also told me that there was too much ammunition and that it made the wad too easy ...


      So Good Luck and Have Fun.

    3. P41R47


      I was thinking on ''opening'' the maps, somehow, and interconnect them.
      They are a little linear and cramped. So by simple expanding the area of movement a little, it will change a lot. In E1M7, for example, there are two sides to go, and both need backtrack to continue, maybe adding a little way to go back without backtracking may be a good way to enhance it. Maybe just a teleport, or adding teleporting monsters to the areas that were already cleaned, so they are not empty when you backtrack them.
      I like how you map, most of the time the difficulty comes from the map itself and how you locate the monsters.
      Its a tight balance, but it think there is a way for this to be vanilla and more fluid.

    4. Datacore85


      If you want to change the maps for a better wad you can.


      But you should just rename the file and maybe the titlepic.


      And the Vanilla compatibility is  not maybe a good idea. I don't Know, limit removing works fine too.