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  1. DBP16: Cyb's Freaky Colonoscopy by Members of the Doomer Boards Forums.

    Rating:**** (4/5 stars).


    From the get go we have one of the best ideas in a long time.
    Making a colonoscopy to a Cyberdemon, yep.
    Serious thing!

    And @Big Ol Billy and company take it even further.
    This 11 levels mapset is hilariously difficult and grotesquely charming.
    The texture work is amazing! I want to use those textures right now, some of the best edits i've seen in a while.
    The maps are imaginative and viciously challenging, and they even have the time to implement some contextual storytelling to them.

    should I ask for more?
    Well good P41R47 likes some humor into the mix...and is there!
    Plenty of really humorous moments along the wad made me just smile and laugh while being raped on every angle by those amazing looking eldritch cacospitting towers.

    As most of the DBP already out, there are no difficult settings, just the right challenge.
    May be a bit over the top for some, specially when there are a lot of towers and it becomes Doomhou: Haunting those Demon Asses instead of the good old Doom, but still, it manages to be fair and fun all the time.


    Too short for a fast paced gameplay!

    Besides that, just marvelous!

    Amazing work guys!
    I hope you made more and more projects like this!