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  1. 13/06/2020


    Doom Zero by @DASI-I

    Completed in HNTR 


    Rating: ***** (5/5)


    This is the self proclaimed third part of Final Doom, and it lives to that

    definition. The maps are atmospheric, with a lot of neat details and puzzles.

    And its also perfectly balanced for everyone to play.

    The Dehacked work DASI-I made for this is really interesting, alingning the

    weapons, tweaking the animation of the pistol, the sg and the ssg, and changing

    the sprite of the Plasma Gun, making it rapidfire without cooling in between.

    There are also new dehacked monsters and they are amazing.


    This megawad combines in a good way what made the Doom games soo good backthen,

    offering challenging encounters, neat puzzles, amazing secrets, and telling a good

    Also, the mapping design i really creative and using almost all the vanilla trick

    at hand. Probably  the best vanilla maps that still retain the good old

    Doom feel on them.


    I really enjoyed this megawad, and i would love to see more from this author.

    1. DASI-I


      I feel all warm and fuzzy inside ^_^
      I'd like to do more in the future but it won't be anytime soon.

    2. P41R47


      Take your time, pal!
      With your first project you made into the Cacowards :)

      Surely your next one will be seriously amazing!