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  1. 25 Years on Earth by @Phobus

    Completed on HNTR on 26/09/2020


    Rating ***** (5/5 stars)


    I really enjoyed this megawad, Phobus make it in celebration of Doom 25th

    birthday and as a love letter to the 90's, but with better mapping designs.

    One would expect that a limit removing project would have some really big

    maps and a lot of detailing and Doomcute, but no, Phobus just offers a 

    good short to medium mapset full of neat and challenging encounters.

    There are a lot of neat details and beautiful visuals, but they are not

    overdone and thats a big plus.


    The story of the megawad is kinda silly at first but then becomes the usual

    invasion to face. Still, it offers a quite dose of humor and details on

    the maps to give it enough deep.


    The music is a good point for we old school doomers as is a collection

    of catchy rock/pop/metal songs from the time Doom was born.


    When i downloaded this mapset and seen that it doesn't has a new status bar

    i send Phobus a message if he wanted one for the project. And yes, he wanted

    exactly one like i was struggling to make for a long time. I like the final

    form of it, and so, i want to thanks Phobus for trusting on my abilities to

    deliver a good work. ;)


    After all, this is a really awesome megawad, above the difficult of Doom 2

    but less than Plutonia and the likes.

    Short, punchy and chalenging maps with really catchy songs.

    A total win for me :D


    Thank you Phobus for making this outstanding megawad!

    1. Phobus


      Thanks for your support and contribution with this P41R47!