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  1. P41R47

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    yes i understand that you have less with the exclusive_fullscreen, but you had a lot of input lag without it, so have you tried without it if the problem persist on my configuration? As for the blurryness... i don't know, it looks like 640x400 with or without the exclusive_fullscreen on :/
  2. P41R47

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    thanks, mate! now it worked :D i tried it again with the help above, and i don't have any slowdown :/ or input lag. So its probably something that you changed on the config. Here, try with my config: prboom-plusCFGP41R47.zip
  3. P41R47

    Haunting Outbreak Official Megawad Release!

    you can always use dropbox or other filesharing pages like mediafire. People use dropbox generally, its easy and let you manage the files without adds convulting the download link. I will be looking for play that, too :D
  4. P41R47

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    probably i'm doing something wrong, cause after exporting all the .dll i still can't run that built :/ i donwloaded the vs_win32.
  5. P41R47

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    i don't seem to have it on my built :/ I have the latest 2.6, not the nightly built.
  6. P41R47

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    what resolution are you using? maybe i'm blind, but for me it doesn't seem blurry... its kinda look like the regular vanilla look. Not like Chocolate or Crispy, thats true, but not bad either. This is how it looks for me on 320x200, you are probably on a little higher resolution. EDIT: heck! i intended to put the chaingun for better comparison, sorry!
  7. P41R47

    Haunting Outbreak Official Megawad Release!

    crispy can play it without problem as far as E1M3, didn't have much time to playtest it more. PrBoom+ gives signal11 crash, unfortunatelly. So it wil probably crash or have map errors on Crispy, too. :/ Don't worry, on other ports that doesn't have dynamics lights things like that doesn't happend at all. Its really strange to have slowdowns on ports like Crispy or PrBoom+ Aside of that, its kinda unfortunate that you only tested it on those ports, it would be really awesome if, before you submit it to /idgames, you make a public release candidate, because testing with GZDoom and Skulltag let you go with a lot of little errors on the maps as they wasn't there. I know that those are kinda the most popular source-ports out there, but well, they are not good for testing things unless the maps are made on UDMF. With a public test, we could had helped you make your megawad reach all the possible players out there. Please, don't take this as a critique, what i said is not common aknowledge, unfortunatelly. You can still fix the problems it may had for working on other ports, but probably you are a little tired after nine years working on this. Its no big deal, don't worry. GZDoom players now have a new old school megawad to play :D
  8. P41R47

    Haunting Outbreak Official Megawad Release!

    Really glad you finally realease this megawad :) I would really like to give it a try! do you remember the mapping format you use to make the maps? That would help deffining what source-ports are able to play it. Hope it was made on Doom Format, that way, this mapset would be a limit removing mapset and thus being playable on almost all source-ports except Chocolate/vanilla :D
  9. P41R47

    You guys like philosophy?

    I like philosophy, too. Camus pretty much, Nietzche, too. And maybe the one from where Kierkegaard took ideas from, Thomas Carlyle, as Sartor Resartus is one of my favourite books. Glad to see other members liking philosophy, too. ''But you are covering Doom with your writing!''. HINT: there is a dog on that philosophy :) My favourite kind of philosophy is the one that appeard on a different form of a simple monologue. Thus, Francoise Rabelais's ''Gargantua & Pantagruel'' is not only one of my favourite novels of all the time, it is also a creative output where the man poured his philosophy in. In line with him where writers like Miguel de Cervantes, Lawrence Sterne, Johnathan Swift, Thomas Carlyle and Walt Whitman. More recent ones may be Gustav Meyrink, John Fowles, Umberto Eco, but over time, the satire loose steam it seems, and it become something more like a diatribe. And echoing Al Pacino on ''The Devil's Advocate'', i will go with this quote to close whats my philosophy: ''I'm here on the ground with my nose in it since the whole thing began. I've nurtured every sensation man's been inspired to have. I cared about what he wanted and I never judged him. Why? Because I never rejected him. In spite of all his imperfections, I'm a fan of man! I'm a humanist... Maybe the last humanist''.
  10. P41R47

    Mapping Formats... which one should you pick?

    Hope you don't take this bad, but its not deprecated. Believe it or not, there are some mappers still mapping for vanilla Hexen. And there are quite interesting things made on it, for sure. Yes, most people play Hexen on zdoom base port nowdays, but theare are also people playing it on Chocolate Hexen, Crispy Hexen, and other more conservative ports, too. It will probably come to be compatible with DSDA Doom, soon, and it will be on it vanilla format. don't worry, you don't need to know ACS from the get go to use it. UDMF stand for Universal Doom Map Format, and that because it let you do whatever you want with it. Evwn maps without ACS or decorate at all. If you are just learning, its ok, try making some maps without scripts first, then when you can handle properly how to change/add textures with slade, writing mapinfo or decorate/zscript entries, then you can jump to more complex things like ACS. ACS is not necessarely something you need to know, as there are a lot of great mods for zdoom base ports that doesn't use it at all :)
  11. P41R47

    Heartland - an episode for the Eternity Engine

    Skillsaw, Otex, Stewboy and Xaser on the same sentence is every doomer's wet-dream! instant download!
  12. P41R47

    Batman DOOM

    To play this mapset properly on vanilla setting i use these files together: batman.wad vbatman.deh original molotov behaviour I was a kid of around 9 or 10 years old when i first saw images of Batman Doom on some magazines and i rememer thinking ''holly heck, its surelly looks amazing and a Doom clone of Batman surelly will kick-ass''. But for some reason, when i finally got it on a bootleg wad CD-rom, i couldn't play it as intended as it was a break behaviour on vanilla, so i just played it on a source port, zdoom, like ten years after it original release. Be it the port, be it i didn't get much into it at that time, but i didn't enjoyed it much and i quit playing it just when i reach map21. Now, i replayed it completelly. And certainly, this mapset is pretty advanced for 1999. Maps varies from being pretty short, to awe inspiring big. The texture work is amazing with tons of midtext usage for amazing effects. Every map has it merits, so i will showcase them a little: -map01: we start on a rooftop, as our dark night is shown on every issue cover since it first appeared. After that, we jump to the street level and after taking some thugs, we take a subway to a different part of the city. The subway effect is just amazing, making you really feel like taking a train. After that we take down the gang leader and the maps ends. -map02: this is one of the most innovative things i've seen, especially made on a mapset from 1999, and this is non less than a Hub map. Yes, we see here the next objetive, take some health some ammo, a little secret, and then we go out onto the next crime thug on the run. Here start the episode of Killer Croc. More mapset needs something like this for awesome inmersion. Only other one i know that use something similar is Back To Saturn X made almost 13 years later, so yes, this was pretty advance for the time. -map03: we go down the sewers following the trail of Killer Croc, and we found some thugs down there, too. Theare are a lot of neat tricks in here. Thugs coming out of water and spilling it around, flowing water sound, raising water, some of the best looking fake 3D bridges. But there are also a few flaws, like an unobtaibale secret near the start, and some bumpty walk through the sewer area. -map04: is a Killer Croc's chase through some building complex and into the forest. Killer Croc fight is an outstanding moment, as it can really take the rocks from the ground and throw them to the player. Amazing dehacked work. -map05 we returned to the batcave for the next mission briefing, and it seems Tally Man is on the loose. -map06: we are now in Chinatown and we are able to look at first hand the warring conflict between two gangs groups. It ends with a colloseum fight with two gang leaders. -map07: Tally Man is escaping on a helicopter and we need to find our way to chase him. There are a lot of verticallity in this map, and its quite awesome at the end how we board a helicpter and have to fight our way with a lot of minions on a really tight space. -map08: we reach Tally Man's hideout an its non other than an abandoned factory. The map is big and there are a lot of interesting sights for sure. The combat is tighter and difficult here, too, with not only hitscanners all around, but also incoming projectiles from different sides. The fight with Tally Man at the end is just awesome. -map09: we are now again at the batcave, and we notice that the Penguin has a big criminal output. -map10: Oswal Cobblepot's casino is full of thigs and corrupt gaming, and after making some thugs speak, we found that the Penguin has taked hostage a whole hospital. We need to rescue them. -map11: but it was a trap!!! There is gas leaking on the whole hospital, and there are automated bomb penguins setting everything on fire as we move on. -map12: we finally found the trail of the penguin, but we reach to late to the rooftop, he already boarded the hellicopter. To our surprise, he challenge us to a fight. Exploding penguins around and a flying machine coming for us with only a thin spot to cover. -map13: we return to the batcave after seizing the penguin, and we found that the Scarecrow is rampaging through the city tunnels. -map14: we are on abridge leading to the tunnels of the city, and there are TNT bundles all around, destroying walls, and a lot of deadly traps taht can kill you on the spot. Scarecrow certainly is making his trail hard to follow. -map15: we reached a house of fear, and the scarecrow is hiding on it, but he also take Mayor Kroll as hostage and we need to rescue him before its too late. There are really awesome dehacked trick here. Like firebreathing walls that hit really hard, and the final fight against the Scarecrow with the Mayor in the middle, if he dies we lose. -map31: We defeated the Scarecrow but as soon as we are returning to the batcave there is call for help. The scarecrow escaped and is hiding on the city. We need to find him, but he is trickier than the last fight, he spreaded his confucing gas all around and we are under his illusion. -map32: we fall under the illusion of the Scarecrow and we are now being attacked by strange creatures on a surrealistic landscape. Awesome sight for sure, but really short map. -map16: thats it, we finally snaped from scarecrow trick and we follow his trail through a cornfield. But at last, we finally seized him. -map17: we return to the batcave just to learn that Two-Face has breakout from Blackgate prison and we need to stop him. -map18: difficult ramp from here and on, tighter spaces, island prison, new flamethrower enemy. The area is full of really neat sights, unfortunatelly we are late, Two-Face already escaped into the city. -map19: We arrive too late to the city, Two-Face already robbed a bank and go away with all the money. -map20: we are on the trail of Two-Face and we are up to catch him once for all. After fighting some thugs through the city, we caught Two-Face red handed and he face us with his rocket launcher. Fortunatelly, we made him explode himself. -map21: the crime lords are getting tougher, and we found at the bat cave that the Joker is planning something big. We need to find out what. -map22: gigantic abandoned factory map, awesome sights, marvelous details, and an ending that just made my jawd drop. At the end, we have to detonate a TNT to cross, but the chain reaction is bigger than we though and we need to reatreat hastly before the explosion kills us. Just amazing use of the IOS explosion effect. -map23: the Joker seized a whole mansion and is having fun there, we need to stop him. -map24: We found that the Joker has taken a whole theatre for his own amusement, and at the end we fight him but we are not able to seize him as a lot of thugs jump into the fight to stop us. -map25: the Joker run away into the Gotham Cathedral, and at last we are able to seize him once and for all. -map26: we return to the bat cave and found that Bane has breaked into an armory. -map27: the armory hit was just a decoy, we are now to late for the bigger treat Bane is planning. -map28: Bane break into the Arkham Asylum and let loose all the crime lords we captured, so we face Killer Croc, Two-Face and Tally Man on a rematch. -map29: we continue throught all the destroyed corridors of Arkham Asylum and we fight the Penguin, Scarecrow, and The Joker once again. -Map30: Bane break through our mansion, he knows who we are, and he challenge us to a final hand to hand combat. He is fierce and deadlier as a raging bull, but after a long fight, we defeat him. From the description we can see that maps are mostly linear, but there are too many neat details and secrets that let us spend time exploring around that we doesn't feel at all the maps being linear. In fact, there are a lot of interesting details to look into that we can lose a good chunck of time on just one map, even when it is kinda short. The sense of adventure on this mapset is something that must be experienced. All the changes make for a total inmersion like just a few other mapsets offer. After all, this is an amazing Total Conversion, and it surelly deserves to be among the best outputs from this community.
  13. -near the area where the nuclear reactor is, there is a hidden wall with the yellow key, that let you take the chaingun. -other one is on the first big room just when you come out after the corridor of the first lift, the room with all the computer terminals, the central one has a switch for one of the doors on the sides, its timed, so run for it. -The last secrets are near the exit, one is right before the lift, there is a bit off wall that hides a secret switch that let you take a soulsphere. -The other one is throught the acid pool, just at the side of the exit switch.
  14. joke wads when done right are a must. And this massive hack is seriously a work of passion. Congrats on relasing the first console joke wad ever (Maybe Doom Forever for PSX could count as one, too?)
  15. I will try to ''understand'' how to post on the Doomwiki and create a page for your megawad, pal! Then, i will try to made a detailed secret listing in there. I think every new item added needs approval from admins, so it will take a few days.
  16. P41R47

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    Its hard to tell, for sure what may be happening to you. I always try my ports to be as vanilla as possible, taking the chocolate config as a base for all. Thats it, capped frame rate, 320x200, just 1 or 2 point of horizontal sensitivity PrBoom+, Doom Retro and Crispy all felt exactly like Chocolate 3.0 to me With the same setting Cryspy has a little more acceleration than what i like, don't know why, but changing it on the setup helped become kinda like on chocolate. And its also not that hard to acommodate to it as its just slightier off than to what i am accostumed. Input lag is a serious thing for sure. Hope you find a way around.
  17. P41R47

    How do you set up a LAN game for DOOM?

    Our @Doomkid is netplay guru. I pray for your knowledge my friend! Aside from that, i think that Zandronum, Odamex and ZDaemon are the ports you may be searching for use as they are intended for netplay more than ZDoom. @Kokoro Hane look into this link, it saids that ZDL has some problem setting up a lan, and there are instructions on how to properly setting it. https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=775
  18. P41R47

    Newby question.

    interesting, now i'm hyped :D A complete full megawad to play, thats just fantastic!
  19. P41R47

    Good time of day

    good night, i will hug my bed right now :)
  20. P41R47

    Any good easier slaughter maps?

    well, the list is kinda streamlined to general public aknowledge and understanding, i think. Kinda like ''if you can complete this, you can complete similar things''. But yes, it could be benefical to have more entrypoint slaughtermaps, or a general list of slaughtermaps per difficulty. That would be cool, i wonder why nobody made it to this day? :/
  21. P41R47

    Any good easier slaughter maps?

    thats why Rush is in between other mapsets that, albeit not slaughter maps, they are pretty hard and could help improving for the later ones you listed, so i don't see why my recommendation is bad or not helpful at all? :/
  22. P41R47

    Any good easier slaughter maps?

    as a wad progression for skill improvement, it also list the entrypoint for start with slaugther maps, hence the usual, Rush, Speed of Doom, Scythe 2, Combat Shock 2 and more. Same as those you listed, so, you checked the list or are just saying for saying?
  23. P41R47

    Any good easier slaughter maps?

    nope, is a list for skill improvement tackling slaughter maps at the end of the spectrum :)
  24. P41R47

    Any good easier slaughter maps?

    easier is subjetive, i think, as i found slaughtermaps kinda exhausting. But check this thread, it will surelly help you polish your skills until you are able to tackle okuplok or dimensions someday.
  25. P41R47

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    try enabling it, sometimes it work the opposite, don't know why :/