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  1. P41R47

    Doom in other genres

    This will be somewhat controversial to some, but the second part of SUPER Columbine Massacre RPG, that takes part in hell, have the doom bestiary as the enemy encounters and it was a really neat experience to fight in survival style against them. Again, controversial, i know, but i really liked the message the author of the game tried to tell. So i wondered a lot if there are some Doom related RPG, and yes, there are two, soo far, made in RPG Maker: Doom - Evil Unleashed that goes for the doom bible style of story and is unfinished, and ENTER the DOOM a really neat RPG were some of the memebers of the community are sucked into the game and have to fight their way out... or something like that, also unfinished. There is also Doom The Rougelike, that is excellent. But i like the story segment of the jrpg we all love, so it would be interesting to play something like that.
  2. P41R47

    What are your hobbies?

    Why don't you try it, pal? It may be really liberating as snapmapping Its interesting to see what people that plays Doom do in their spare time. I don't know, but it seems like WE ALL DO ALMOST THE SAME SHIT! Like, porn, manga, porn, read, play, porn, anime, drawing, porn, writing, porn, music, porn, desinging games, mapping, editing things out: like dehackeds, mapinfos, etc. porn again, and a few more stuff. Mostly porn! Even if i had a wife! Porn is the norm! But interesting to note that, somehow, creative people relate a lot with their taste, maybe not specifics tastes (i don't like for example Naruto, Bleach, or any anime that is mainstream right now), but its interesting. For instance, i get into writing after reading a lot of mistery-police-crime novels and thinking that i can do it better. And yes, i do it better but i'm not named Dan Brown and thats a huge handicap its seems. Then i started reading E. A. Poe and my life changed as i relate a lot to him. His only novel ''The Narration of Arthur Gordon Pym'' is an underrated masterpiece, and well, his tales are the real deal. Even his not soo good ones. Then i get interested in what makes a writer a really good writer. For today standars a good writer is a bestseller, but some bestsellers are forgoten really quick, so somehow they relate to how discography produced band get a hit and the disappeard. In my research of what makes a good writer a good writer i readed a lot of differents authors from diferent genres, but i started to get a liking to no genre literature, the so called literary-fiction, and my research led me to the universal books of the literature since the biggining of time. Thats it the very first ever writen poem of all time, like 30.000 years before Christ era. We anime lover sure will know the name: The Epic of Gilgamesh. Yes, Gilgamesh, as far as the myth goes, was a real king of pre-babylonian times. And after reading that stone carved poem of ancient times, i get into poetry and epics. Whitman epic is outstanding, maybe USA people can't experience it as they have to study it in school, but reading Whitman for pleasure was one of the most rewardig things i experienced. And god, if we look at it, he was a lot like us. And that is one of the hints on what make a good writer a good writer: not the interesting story, not how descriptive is his/her prose, but if people can relate to what he/she is trying to tell in his/her writing. As of today, Ulysses by James Joyce is the heavyweight world champion, Salman Rushdie, Toni Morrison, Samuel Beckett, L. F. Celine, they are all heavyweights on their own, but no body fights like Joyce did. Only Cervantes and Rabelais are at that same level of greatness, maybe Chaucer ,too. Writing and reading right now, for me are like air. Without them i can't hardly go on. And what seems to be a relief is that great literature is still out there with interesting writers like D. F. Wallace, T. Pynchon. I dream to fight in the same ring with them someday. I don't have much friends. And i really don't care about them. My girlfriend/wife (10 years coupled together) is the only friend i have. I hate to socialize if i don't want to. So it really piss me off when someone expect that because i get along with them i have to go to party with them or take a beer with them or things like that. And if i don't do the things they do, i'm anti-social. I work as a newspaper boy, yeah the one that left the newspaper in front of your door, from 3 a.m to 13 p.m. And then i just want to get home, take a little nap, and study if i had to( i'm in a music school) or just relax a little with any one of the different activities listed above. Its interesting that i'm not autistic but we can relate to all the things you all also experience. Except for the boner! I always have the boner ready, somehow.
  3. P41R47


    Yeah! Hilarious! I feel that i had this same conversation before! Stop! We did that already, don't we? Yeah! Hilarious! I feel that i had this same conversation before!
  4. P41R47

    How do people get Jobs these days?

    I'm a writer. I write since i got twelve. I published some poetry and essays, and short tales. Do you know me? No? That what i thought :D So read between the lines of this comment, too ;) HINT: i'm pretty good at cynicism, but not the actual, the old one. Ancient!
  5. P41R47

    Xen0 DooM - A Modern Classic Mod

    Don't worry, Xen0, shit happens! Just learn of the little mistakes. If you were a texture artist an someone publish a work that has all your texture hard work an that someone not even name you, how would you feel? Well this is somehow what happened here, you are new and doesn't put yourself in the shoes of other before making your work of passion and love. No body is perfect, just credit the authors needed to be credited, ask if they like to contribute somehow as its they work you are modifying, and learn from the constructive critisism that some will leave in their respective comments. My only critisism to your work might be that, when you upscale the graphics, some of them, like the dead marine in the first screenshot, become somewhat muddled and distorted. Take that in consideration and made the proper fixes to the filters to don't damage the resolution of the source material. Cheers!
  6. P41R47

    How do people get Jobs these days?

    I don't have work... ...work haves me. On a serious note, there are two options once you reach the twenties: Tell your parents that you want to specialice yourself but you don't have the money and your stupid degree doesn't gives you anywork so please, feed me until i can made something of myself in my own... ... or get a lame job, in a lame place, with your parent being lame of how lame you seem and you should be happy for having a lame job in a lame place for bazillion hours of doing lame nothing productive and being harassed for being the new lame worker and be the lame bitch of the lame bullies that doesn't matured a little since being lame young bullies in the school... ...or find a really really good looking MILF that see that you have a third leg and wants you to be her partner while you, inteligent third leged boy, use her help to profesionalize yourself while showing her the great man you someday would be, if you are not that man right now, of course. If nothing goes well... You can always be an artist!
  7. P41R47

    Xen0 DooM - A Modern Classic Mod

    @kknot5889, @nexxtic28 i agree with you both, but i think its better to be the big guys here and don't be to harsh on new members. Ok, he made a faul, but, instead of accuse him of stealing, i think its better to tell him that the ''borrowed'' material needs to be credited properly, even if him modified it. And it would be nice if he ask for permission before submiting something. I would mentioned XLightningStormL but, for some reason, after the first two @ my pc don't let me mention anybody else. Just my two coins.
  8. P41R47

    My first wad (test)

    Really glad you give us your first map atemp @Mischings. You just joined the community and your already mapping. Impressive, indeed! Its not a masterpiece, but in really short time you learned quiate a lot. Keep working, pal! In no time you will be able to offer something of pretty good quality.
  9. P41R47

    TNT 2: Devilution (Clean thread, new updates)

    Tarns, i really appreciate your humor as i usually made some ironic statements like yours. And in some joke there are some hints of the truth behind it. But, please, can you answer this, seriously, as a member of the development team: We know the standar the team usually try to achieve, how far are from it right now? And look, Tarns, not only nobodies like me are asking this. The good Bucket here is also worried as the develpment is taking a really long time, seriously.
  10. P41R47

    TNT 2: Devilution (Clean thread, new updates)

    Supposely, that time was a roughly 4 or 5 months ago, when Marcaek solicited some playtesters. Seems like there is a lot to fix giving that, aside from real life going on, there is no update as how things are going on. This is a work of the BTSX team, so we know how they love to make bug fixes, but... Well, I hope it get released this year at least. Some screenshot are really juicy and enchanting, but, If after 12 years in the making, we found that this doesn't deserve all the waiting... it would really be a shame :/
  11. P41R47

    New to the Doom community.

    And so a new acolyte is born! Rejoyce brothers and sisters! nah just kidding :P get use to the irony here as WE are somewhat an irony group of people (old timers playing a game from 26 years ago? goddamit guys, just play the last COD, i got a really realistic walk in the park with it, but then a dog scared me and i can't play it anymore. So get a life, guys!) Great that you liked the original DOS experience, some people get soo frstrated with it that didn't bother with trying it more or even trying a source port. I recommend you, if you haven't already try it, to take a look to Doom Retro. Its my port of choice and the one that i feel gives a neat vanilla experience but also let you have some little enhancements like more blood, fluid liquids floors, brigthmaps and some good modding possibilities that let you try new things in it and other ports can't. You can configure it via config file. As for me, i like to play it as vanilla as possible. And it is a blast!
  12. P41R47

    Compartmentalising for the sake of sanity?

    This remains me to when i helped the nurse of the fire treatment clinic of my city. GODAWFULSHAMLYUNFORTUNATESHITPLEASERAPEMYEYESOUTOFMYASS!!!!!!!!! I run crying after see the first patient chonking with his own... blood at least, because others... hell! You know what? After that, FICTION of every kind, seems like a walk on the park. I started thinking about that experience, and i felt very overwhelmed by how things happened. But i understand, with a lot of cry in the middle, that i can't do nothing about it. Yes, there are lot of campaing making trying to made people aknoledge about this kind of issues. But some times, you got to understand also that, you can't make people care if they don't want to. What you need to have in mind, is that it isn't your faul, that its a shame that it happened to someone, its a shame that it had to happend, but as it happened to that poor victim, it could have happened to you also, so embrace life as it is... absdurd some times, smile every time you can and appreciate what life put in front of you, fight against the things you believe are wrong and for what you think is right. At the end of the day... hug your dears an try to do what you can to not let them had to experience something soo hellish like that.
  13. Trent Reznor Quake vinyl release is gold! I don't know how much HE knows about quake coding, but he sure know what kind of sound the code base was able to reproduce, taking that in mind, let you made the music. Its like being a director of an orchestra, you will reproduce strings section IF you had a string section, or a wood section IF you have it. Metals section can't reproduce the sound of a wood section, even if they are somewhat similar (air) instruments. They can try to make it sound similar, but it WILL BE different, no matter what. Thats the same for making the music for a game. Once upon a time, in the fareway land of Argentina, a group of enthusiast celebrate a game jam, and i was honored with the oportunity to made my work in it. I don't have a laptop at that time, so i wasn't able to work in computer, but i asked what was the dynamic range of sound that the programs (flixel and unity) were able to reproduce, and i wrote music with that in regards. After that, om kind soul let me use his laptop and i made it in a simple piano roll midi for the Flixel game converted to .wad i believe, and using VST for the Unity, coded, if i remember right, in .ogg. It wasn't soo great music, but it really was a good experience. And i had to speedwrote it, because it was a jam celebrate during a weekend. Just 4 songs, but even if they were simpler in approach, they worked just fine. Unfortunately, the flixel game flash code base changed with the new browsers and is unplayable right now. The unity one is still playable i think, but i don't have a copy of it because there were two teams (flixel and Unity) and i worked mainly in the flixel one and did the writing and mixing for the unity.
  14. yeah crazy stuff i imagine sometimes hahaha They got really different styles in their music, but i would love to see a collaboration like this. I always thought that some of Rammstein songs are perfect as bacgrund music for maps. And NIN songs are perfect fit there, too. Maybe i will do something with that in mind, but nothing in the inmediate
  15. P41R47

    New to the Doom community.

    Welcome aboard, @Mischings! This is a really great place to spend your time! You can expect what you can expect of a group of good old friends and you being the new on the group. At first there are a lot of things you will don't understand or missunderstand, but as you start to know the different personalities of the forum memeber you will start to see the things coming around the corner, you know, like, here comes a joke, here comes a serious opinion, here i am trying to be polite and peacekeeper but also i made my joke and put my opinion. There are a lot of members here, just remember that WE ALL love Doom, and if you got 100 different people, well you will got 100 differents forms of love. Also you will get notices and information about sourceports, you will get to know the most beloved megawads and the least ones. You will see a lot of ideas here and there, and that will give you ideas for your projects, and maybe, this will motivate you to start mapping and be able to know what the joy of mapping is. All in all, just have fun and let people have fun, too. And here are my first question for you, my friend: how do you get to know Doom? And how do you experience it for the first time?
  16. Why not BOTH of them? Just imagine the creative force that Trent Reznor is with the catchy sound that Till Lindeman and his crew are, united for a soundtrack. oh, shit i'm drooling just by imagine it...
  17. P41R47

    Original doom platform?

    Doom Retro, my friend, vanilla experience enhanced a little to be more refined and whats best is that all the little changes made are toggleable in the config file to taste that vanilla flavor. It has a launcher that let you select iwads or pwads and it one of the sourceports that is constantly updated with new possibilities to make it even better. And for taking the first step into the modding community, here are a list of some excellent pwads that don't deviate much from the original Doom experience: Demonfear (load it with this MIDI pack for an amazing experience). Doom 2: The way Id Did Icarus: Alien Vanguard Revolution! (with MIDI pack is even better) 2002: A Doom Odyssey (needs doom.wad) Crimson Canyon Congestion 1024 Wonderful Doom (needs doom.wad) Whispers of Satan Reverie Bloodstain No End in Sight (needs doom.wad) And when you tasted all of the vanilla flavor, just try this ones, as they are enhanced and meant for experienced players (hence, they are pretty hard, but are some of the best out there): ETERNAL DooM Alien Vendetta Plutonia Revisited (needs Plutonia.WAD) Back to Saturn X EP.1 TNT: Revilution (needs TNT.wad STRUGGLE: Antaresian Legacy Eviternity With Doom Retro you can play all of this from the get go. So don't waste more time searching around. Go and play! Rip and Tear!
  18. P41R47

    Is Doom Pixel Art?

    Pixel Art, or Pixel Collage, for sure if you like. Id used real models, yes, but they had to redrawn some, if not almost, to make it visualy coehesive. The cybies stand out from the rest, because they needed more details for the bigger bosses. All in all, they used the clay model as inspiration, because if you look at the models, there are quite some differences to the ingame sprites. Just used them as a canvas to made their in game counterpart. That for the sprites, now the textures: some are well made pixel collage, but other are too real to be pixel art, so yeah, they might have digitized some things. I suggest you to take a look to Harmony as it creator, Thomas van der Velden, used the clay model approach and frame per frame animation to digitized things. It is an excellent work of art. He even draw a prequel mini.comic as a companion for this wad. BUT that kind of work is not made in a few days. So take the approach you feel most. Art is a matter of feeling and expresion, so let it go with what your hand really feel good at working on. Also, there are some thread where you can post your edits, new sprites and new textures. I recommend you to take a look at them as they are full of interesting works, from pixel art, to somewhat unveliable things.
  19. P41R47

    How does one go about making music for Doom WADs?

    thats depend of your writing posibilities, in part. If you got a good midi controler, you can use a lot of programs, like Anvil, Sekaiju, Guitar Pro, and others i don't remember right now, to make midis. In fact, every program that had a midi sequencer can be used to write midi music. Reaper is a free one that let you write some MIDI and more. The other way araound if you don't have a midi controller, is doing it by hand, clicking everything note by note, it takes time, but the other way also takes time, so its depend on what you have or not. If you are good at writing in pentagram, you can download Sibelius, a sheet editor, that let you save your composition in midi format. Finale is the free choice and it practically works almost the same and have the same save midi function. And don't worry abount .MUS. Vanilla Doom can read MIDI files properly.
  20. P41R47

    Doom and Doom II 2020 re-release

    I just wish Bethesda takes Hell 2 Pay and Perdition's Gate out of copyright limbo and make them public again... if they are free add-on, better, but i really like for this to happend. Hell2Pay is an underrated masterpiece and Perdition's Gate, too.
  21. I think that mostly, it comes as a simply a choice of gameplay, as Doom 2 maps are a lot less atmospheric than U.Doom. Maybe its like @Nine Inch Heels said, being Doom2 a lot more rushed than the original game. And if you think that while playing it, you start to think its right, and the principal factor for arguing that is the sector light. Doom 2 is a lot more dark than Doom, probably to mitigate the rushed way of working and to not let the player see the low level of polish or details of the maps. Then comes Sandy in the equation. Sandy's philosophy to map is quite different than that of Romero. In Ep2 and Ep3 we saw how he departed from what Romero did, but still maintaning a proper degree of aesthetic similarity to make the game heterogeneous. In the other hand, Doom 2 comes totally from the mind of Sandy Petersen, who brought the demon reality and its abstract style with him for Doom2, then, after seeing how easy it was to make totally mind blowing maps centered around the gameplay mechanics, Romero and McGee get on board. To close my post, i think that the difference is the same as TNT and Plutonia. U.Doom and TNT give a lot of details to enviroment and a loose form of storytelling via the context and by level progression. Then we got Doom 2 and Plutonia, with a defined aesthetic but more centered in a gameplay oriented output and less coherent unfolding narrative. Its a shame that Id didn't have the time to offer us an IWAD with this two styles mesh together, like Alien Vendetta, BTSX, Reverie, and No End in Sight, and possibly, every great mommunity awarded vanilla megawad, achieved.
  22. P41R47

    the megawad called MEGAWAD?

    Guys and girls, i was researching some old sites for Doom stuffs, and i found this one while checking Doomwiki: http://toastytech.com/doom/ This is the page that Nathan Lineback, the author behind Mars War use in the old days. What is Mars War? Well, an awesome (old standars) vanilla megawad for Doom 2 that was practically ignored for a long time until our good old Xaser found it and uploaded it to /idgames. Well in this page, if you scroll down a little, there is a megawad for Doom (yes, not Ultimate Doom) called MEGAWAD.wad (hilarious!) that, supposely, its a compilation of ''good know maps by the community'', as Nathan Lineback himself said in his page. Unfortunately, there is no .txt in the .zip along the megawad MEGAWAD (hahahaha) so its really difficult to know from where are this maps. Anyone know or recognize them? All that i know is that the status bar is from The Invasion by Paul Fleschute, and it was somehow, a popular megawad back in the old days . Well hope you can help me, guys! Some random screenies from the megawad MEGAWAD (HAHAHAHAHA): EDIT: Here is the information that @Memfis and @Never_Again compiled in a similar thread. What its in need of clarification now its the music used in the megawad called MEGAWAD.WAD (HAHAHAHAAHA) E1M1 — BRAVE.WAD d-f/dmbrav.zip E1M2 — DJW11.WAD d-f/djw11wad.zip E1M3 — MAZE1.WAD a-c/amazed.zip E1M9 — PANIC!.WAD p-r/panic.zip E1M4 — THEKEEP2.WAD s-u/thekeep2.zip E1M5 — DANCDETH.WAD d-f/dancdeth.zip E1M6 — RIKER11.WAD p-r/riker11.zip E1M7 — E1M1SAS.WAD d-f/e1m1sas.zip E1M8 — JADML1M1.WAD deathmatch/j-l/jadml1m1.zip (expanded version) E2M1 — STONES.WAD s-u/stones.zip (alt version?) E2M2 — RS_OOZI.WAD p-r/rs_oozi.zip E2M3 — REDRUM.WAD p-r/redrum.zip E2M4 — PROCESSR.WAD p-r/processr.zip E2M5 — JOHANN1.WAD /j-l/johann1.zip E2M9 — remake of Wolf3D E1M1 (also in MarsWar as MAP31) E2M6 — PUREEVIL.WAD p-r/pureevil.zip E2M7 — TREE2.WAD s-u/tree2.zip E2M8 — JAL_DM1.WAD j-l/jal_dm1.zip E3M1 — TTADOM11.WAD s-u/ttadom11.zip E3M2 — OUTLAND.WAD m-o/outland.zip E3M3 — XENO11.WAD v-z/xeno11.zip E3M4 — UAC_DEAD.WAD s-u/uac_dead.zip E3M5 — CORTYR_B.WAD a-c/cortyr_b.zip E3M6 — GOTCHA3.WAD g-i/gotcha3.zip E3M9 — ACASTLE2.WAD a-c/acastle2.zip E3M7 — OPOST21.WAD m-o/opost21.zip E3M8 — ARENA.WAD Ports/d-f/dmarena.zip
  23. P41R47

    the megawad called MEGAWAD?

    At least, IT WAS from an Invasion, hahaha. Thanks for the clarification, @NiGHTMARE.
  24. The worst part about this is, jokes aside, a young one get a bad notion of how the world is. Come on guys! Didn't you see Deadpool 2? We need a Cable to fix this ASAP.
  25. P41R47

    the megawad called MEGAWAD?

    F***! I feel soo idiot! ... Thanks, as always, for the link and for your time, pal! PD: Now i know that i don't have to marry you, @Diabolución, you will make me cry everytime i said something :(