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  1. Darkstalker

    Who do you miss?

    Still alive and checking the forums a few times a year but I haven't played the game in such a long time. I recently thought of creating a map out of nostalgia but haven't found the time to sit down and do it. It's nice to see some old members popping in here. I still wonder what happened to Doomboy. Talked to him often on msn and one day he just vanished :/
  2. Darkstalker

    Other Doomer's who went AWAL

    I'm still alive if anyone cares. /goes back hiding behind the curtains...
  3. Darkstalker

    post your desktop

  4. Darkstalker

    Interesting battles "character A vs character B"

    [url='http://www.googlefight.com/index.php?lang=en_GB&word1=darkstalker&word2=Doomworld']I win[/url]
  5. Darkstalker

    Username game

    Picture from 2 years ago http://zarkyb.mancubus.net/dpa/darkstalker.jpg And where I got my username : http://tartarus.rpgclassics.com/staff/som/images/enemypics/darkstalker.gif
  6. Darkstalker

    Fast paced pc game suggestions?

    [url='http://www.trackmaniasunrise.com/']Trackmania Sunrise Extreme[/url]
  7. Darkstalker

    most played song

    I don't know my most played ever but recently I often play : The Pillows - Funny Bunny Myst 4 - Haven's full theme Des-Row - Cobalt F-Zero Arranged version - Dream Chaser Baten Kaitos - The True Mirror Baten Kaitos - Violent Storm
  8. Darkstalker

    Best game 2005

  9. Darkstalker

    Silent Hill movie teaser!

    I'm refering mostly to game remade to theater and other horror/action movies. I'm not saying every US movie sucks but many recent movies that I've seen from the states are just cheap scares and/or big guns and a few lines of story. I've seen too many of the "sorry your flashlight is out of batteries so you die kthxbye" or the "Oh there's nothing here" line so you're sure to die in the next 5 secs. I'm tired of predicting events before they happen. I'm aware that other countries make bad movies but they also make excellent ones and we barely ever hear about them. In my case if I want to see movies from other countries, it's in a cheap underground theater. I have to say that some of the movies that I've seen there were much better than what I've seen in any Famous Players/Cineplex/whatever. Beside a few exceptions, I think most american made movies are crap but that's just my opinion. Maybe this movie will be good but I'm just tired of raising my hope for nothing.
  10. Darkstalker

    Silent Hill movie teaser!

    The teaser looks promising but the movie will surely be crap since it's made in the US. After seeing the hospital part of One Missed Call (excellent movie BTW), my friends and I thought it would have been great if the movie was made by Takashi Miike.
  11. Darkstalker

    Why Did You Choose Your Avatar?

    Made mine a good while back and never bothered changing it since I barely post nowadays.
  12. Darkstalker

    Nintendo Gamecube games

    Well at home I have : Tales of Symphonia Baten Kaitos Super Smash Brothers Melee Mario Kart DD F-Zero X Metroid Prime 1 and 2 Zelda Windwaker Soul Calibur 2 Zelda Collectors Edition Mario Party 5 and I enjoyed every games.
  13. Darkstalker

    FF7: Advent Children

    I've watched it quite a few times since it was leaked on the Internet. I don't know if it follows correctly the game since I only played a few hours of it but I found it to be a very entertaining movie (especially the fights :P). If it ever gets release here, I would suggest seeing it in it's original language with subtitles because english voices are normally very bad with asian movies/anime/whatever IMO.
  14. Darkstalker

    Where Did Your Title Come From?

    I asked for it in the last custom title givaway.