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  1. Yesterday I finally decided to buy my computer. I'm tired of waiting for D3, there are some other great games I want to play (UT2003, vice city,etc..) at a descent frame rate. Right now I'm waiting for the guy to send me an approx. of the price it will cost me via e-mail so I got to check my junk folder since he's not in my contact list. Stupid debt consolidation, I DON'T NEED IT DAMNIT !

    I'm still not 100% of the parts I'll get. Between the 9800 128Mo and 256Mo, he told me that righ now, there's not much diff to see between those 2 so I'll surely get the 128 to save some cash.

    He also told me to get a ASUS p4g8x deluxe motherboard which I'm also not sure to get. I've been looking for some time the ASUS P4P800 Deluxe and it looks better and doesn't cost much more than the p4g8x. I'll prolly get a 120go HD, I'm tired of this 28go and found out it's quite small for my needs.

    Enough of computer, I feel my head is gonna explode. I've been to the arcade yesterday too. I didn't do nothing new at the DDR, maybe just another name entry but it's not important since it's my name everywhere. At drummania I did a few new personnal record. I finished To the IST, Fireball, Mikeneko rock and Right on Time on extreme for the 1st time. I created a fun course : Mikeneko rock, Heaven is a '57 metallic gray and Fireball. Those are the best 3 songs of Drummania and DDR combined IMO, especially Fireball, I can't get enough of that song :P

    RL has been shitty for the past week. All I've been doing is working/sleeping. I just finished my 3rd and last day off then it's back to 5-6 working days, 1-2 days off, 5-6 working days...until school starts again. I miss school, without it, I wouldn't have a life.

    I need to draw more. I haven't done anything for a while and fear I might get worse at it. My cousin came last week-end. He brought 3 sketch books with him. He sure made progress since I visited him last time. His stuff totally owns, they were of the best drawings I've seen in my life. I scanned a few and still have them on the computer. I'll try to color them in photoshop some day...

    Darkstalker out...